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Summarized View:

EMC National Life is based in Des Moines, Iowa and is an affiliate of EMC Insurance Companies (EMC). The company has one of the largest property and casualty groups in Iowa and figures as one of the top 60 insurance companies in the country, based on premium volume sales. The firm partners with over 9,700 independent brokers who sell their insurance products to various consumers across the country.

With $2.9 billion in assets EMC provides excellent financial security to its customers and is noted for coming up with innovative insurance products that are superior in terms of affordability, service and financial stability. The company has been awarded with a rating of “A-” by the A.M Best Company which speaks volumes of their financial abilities to sanction genuine claims made by their policyholders.
The company’s total adjusted capital and surplus exceeds $86 million in value and has also demonstrated a strong financial standing with total assets to the tune of $1.95 billion as of 2012.

Agent Benefits Include:

  • Excellent commissions
  • Rating of A- by A.M Best
  • Extensive product line

Client Benefits Include:*

  • Products for all ages
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Flexible underwriting
  • Quick approval of policies
  • Services based on customer requirements

Product Overviews:

EMC National Life offers a wide range of insurance products to families and businesses. These include life insurance, personal insurance, business insurance and loss control products. They also provide a number of policies to small-midsize industries some of which include workplace life insurance, industry specific insurance, excess and surplus lines, critical illness, whole life, term life insurance, auto and motorcycle insurance, homeowners insurance, surety and fidelity bonds, umbrella excess liability insurance, group term life, universal life insurance, increasing whole life, critical illness, group disability income and workplace permanent life insurance.

Life Insurance Policies

Here are some types of life policies that are being offered to individuals

Universal Life Insurance 

This policy offers permanent coverage with flexible premium payments and adjustable death benefits. Costs like insurance protection is factored into the premium payments to help create considerable cash value for investors. To add to that, tax deferred interests further enhances cash value and investors can also take loans or make withdrawals during emergencies.

Whole Life Insurance 

These permanent life policies offer guaranteed premium payments and guaranteed death benefits. Tax deferred interest rates add to the cash value of the principle amount and the costs of insurance protection are also added to the premiums.

Term Life Insurance 

This type of policy is usually purchased for a specific period of time and if the policyholder dies before the expiry of the policy, the proceeds from the insurance are paid to his or her beneficiaries.

Instant Issue Term Life Insurance

The policy is instantly obtained when the client is at the agent’s office and works similarly to term life policies. Coverage lasts until expiry of term and has to be renewed if the policyholder outlives the policy.


These act as retirement saving products which provide tax qualified and non-qualified funds. It should be noted that in this type of policy, the premium payments increase with tax deferred interest rates. Savings made by the investor can either provide guaranteed income for a specific period of time or for life.  Policyholders can make withdrawals when required.

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