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  • This is necessary step for your site to a. look good on a smart phone b. have your site move up google, bing, etc. search engines c. have your site be on your domain name in the web page address bar d. your domain name will be placed on thank you pages. Must be in format of
  • As your properly formatted website URL is in the box - press 'Submit' below and your website will be created in NAAIP's hosting servers.
  • Step #2 - Edit A Records to - host is @ and is the pointed IP address (wait 11 minutes till a few hours and the site will be SECURE and UP).Click here for a YOUTUBE explanation how to change IP address in A Record DNS for GoDaddy.
  • The Green 'Secure' (SSL certificate) in the address box is a 'must have' for any financial website.

  • Agents that use a business email with their domain name will have to input the MX records in DNS (your email company will do that for you).
  • to see your A record IP address propogated in the WWW.
  • Your DNS A Record IP Address should only be listed one time. Delete any forwarding and/or additional IP addresses.

  • It is recommended that the subject line in auto respond emails should be changed by you to include your website domain name.
  • Click here for NAAIP page on recommended domain names and link to 99 cent GoDaddy domain promo code.
  • * Use proper State abbreviation for your State to show in the life insurance quote engine on your website. If you use anything besides a State abbreviation then Alabama will appear instead.