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Company Overview:

Allianz Life Agent Contracting

Allianz Life is headquartered at Golden Valley, Minnesota., Texas and was founded in 1896 as North American Casualty by Henry Little of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1910, The company then merged with North American Life Assoc. and became North American Life & Casualty, "NALAC".

NALAC was purchased by Allianz of Munich, Germany, and became part of the Allianz Group. The Allianz Group is worldwide financial services organizations with operations in more than 75 nations. The Allianz Group is currently ranked as the 33rd largest corporation in the world based on revenue. (Forbes Magazine - February, 2018)

In 1993, NALAC was renamed Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America and is now known as Allianz Life.

Allianz Life Benefits Include:

Allianz Life Sample Illustrations

Allianz Life Contracting & Appointment

  • Allianz does not allow dual contracting/transfer required
  • Allianz requires E & O
  • MT & PA are pre-appointment for Allianz Life
  • All Contracting MUST be completed prior to new business being submitted
  • Allianz Preferred is pre-appointment in all states
  • Allianz in all states
  • No appointment fees
  • NAAIP Commission Grid at footer of page under "Information"
  • iPipeline: Life Pro and Life Pro Survivor - forms, product and underwriting information via links at footer under Information.
  • eContracting via SuranceBay at eContracting Portal - below Submit button or at Footer of this page
  • Producer code needed to use the e-ticket/accelerated underwriting program. One may take a paper app and then transpose later. E-apps pay an additional 5% until the end of 2018. Allianz takes 4 or 5 business days to appoint.
  • Illustrations for Allianz's IUL, Annuities, etc. Please request from us at [email protected]

Product Overview:

Allianz Life operates in all 50 states and is regarded by Forbes magazine as one of the “100 Most Trustworthy Companies” in its 2017 listings.

Allianz Life and its parent company are publicly traded that employs over 150,000 people and generates over $98 billion in yearly revenues.

My favorite stratgey for the Pro Plus Elite Indexed Universal Life:

The Bloomberg Dynamic Balance Index II annual point to point uncapped with 135% participation rate and a 7% crediting rate. The Blended Monthly Average Index uncapped with 155% participation rate is also a great option. 50% in each is also a good strategy.

Apples to apples, Allianz shows more death benefit, more income, and a lump sum death benefit. Allianz also has a good chronic illness rider.

Allianz is number carrier for getting cash out of the policy. IULs is all they do. For overfunding and cash accumulation, Allianz is my favorite carrier. There are other IUL carriers I like more for guaranteed death benefit, living benefits, LTC riders, etc.

But Allianz is King when it comes to overfunding and pulling out tax free income.Allianz got rid of all of their other products and only offer IUL (now they offer term on Banner Life Paper, so clients can convert to IUL.)

Allianz owns PIMCO and they trade more in a given day than most carriers do in a month. Allianz has several uncapped strategies (all of which can be changed on an annual basis).

Allianz has standard load of 2.9%, indexed loan rate of 5%, massive retention limits, hands on personal training (they even put their actuaries on the road). Allianz is totally transparent, and pay good commissions.

Client can drop death benefit each year after 2nd year by 25% to a minimum of 100k. Must have minimum target premium payed for 5 years to keep policy in force.

Allianz's accelerated underwriting program has streamlined the underwriting process along with their e-apps. Finally, they offer a 15% persistency bonus paid out on day one, contractually guaranteed.

For young people looking to build cash and take it out, Allianz is my go to carrier. There is nothing wrong with the other carriers in the industry, but Allianz is my favorite.

NAAIP will prepare an illustration for you and give you our expert tips on how to sell.

  • Attached is Allianz and XYZ side by side using the exact same crediting rate of 6.86%. Let me start by stating by no means is XYZ a bad carrier. On the contrary, they are a good carrier and have good products, but this client is looking to use the policy for supplemental retirement income, Allianz is going to give her double the income assuming everything else is equal.
  • Allianz offers a 15% crediting bonus on day one, contractually guaranteed. That means if your client earns $1,000, Allianz will actually pay her $1,150. That obviously has a very positive impact on her cash value.
  • Allianz Life requires target premium to be paid in the first 5 years. That's the minimum premium.
  • Allianz offers a competitive cost of insurance allowing for higher cash value.
  • IUL is the only real life insurance product that Allianz offers. Allianz puts every resource they have into this product. Again, they own PIMCO and trade more in one day than most carriers do in a month.
  • Term Life is also offered on Banner Life paper for clients that would want to convert to IUL later.
  • Allianz Case Design/Underwriting Team Call: 800-950-7372 - Hours 9am-7pm ET. - press 1 then 2 for illustration.
  • Example case - 30 year old male - pays 4,000/year as target for 500k of Life Insurance.
  • NAAIP Agent commissions are 110% of target and 2.5% of excess.
  • Maximum premium would be 13.5k/year before policy becomes a MEC (modified endowment contract).
  • Client pulls out 3.8k/month at age 65 while still retaining 450k in Life Insurance.

Allianz Life specializes in retirement planning for the upper-middle and upper class markets. Offering various types of life insurance and annuities to secure its clients a comfortable retirement.

NAAIP Guarantees You Highest Compensation on Allianz Life Contracting and Appointments

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