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American National Insurance Company (ANICO) Overview:

The American National Insurance company is headquartered at Galveston, Texas and was founded in 1905 by William L Moody Jr. The insurance firm controls multiple subsidiaries with operations in Glenmont, New York, Springfield, Missouri, San Antonio and League City, Texas. American National Insurance is considered to be one of the largest insurers in the country.


American National has a unique underwriting process called Express Underwriting, non-medical underwriting is available for face amounts of $250,000 and less through age 65. 85% of cases are approved in 5-7 days with no further requirements. American National automatically includes Terminal, Critical, and Chronic Accelerated Death Benefit riders in all of the life products. American National has been in business since 1905 and they have maintained an A rating with AM Best since 1941(the only carrier that can make this claim).


The ratings are further indicative of the fact that American National enjoys considerable profit margins, leverage and liquidity portfolios which allows American National to provide comprehensive life insurance policies to millions of Americans. The better the financial ratings of the company, the more likely it will make payouts for claims as soon as promised.


The Moody family continues to play an active role in American National operations and the company is currently headed by CEO Robert L Moody.


Product Overview:

American National operates in all 50 states and is regarded by Forbes magazine as one of the “100 Most Trustworthy Companies” in its 2015 listings. American National is a publicly traded company that employs over 3,000 people and generates over $3 billion in revenues each year.


American National today offers a wide range of insurance policies and services and these include annuities, life insurance, health insurance, pension plan services, credit insurance and property and casualty insurance.

ANICO Benefits Include:

Why American National (ANICO) for Life Insurance Business?

ANICO Signature Guaranteed UL

  • ANICO is non medical for all products that are $250,000 or less - till age 66.
  • Age 66 and over - ANICO will request APS (medical records).
  • MIB, pharmaceutical and motor vehicle report determines acceptance.
  • If medical issues discovered underwriter can order paramed.
  • 3-4 days to issue policy if no issues.
  • Risk Assessment via iPipeline, ANICO's risk assessment or NAAIP.
  • Paper apps have automatic paramed if over $250,000. If eApp will be determined by underwriter.
  • Paper applications available on ANICO's website
  • Rates available on iPipepline. Illustrations on WinFlex or NAAIP.
  • To stop payments at age 100, add 30 cents per month to premium. As per illustration.
  • On 15th, 20th, and 25th policy anniversaries client can Cash-Out - Get their money back
  • First app usually on paper. With agent code all products can be sold on carrier eApp.

  • What is a Living Benefit? In insurance terms, Living Benefits are Accelerated Benefit Riders (ABRs) which provide the option of receiving a partial or full accelerated life insurance benefit if the insured experiences a qualifying medical condition.

    What can a Living Benefit mean to a family? To an individual or family facing the trials of a critical, chronic, or terminal illness, a Living Benefit can mean the freedom to make choices, provide for a family, and peace of mind.

    American National's Accelerated Underwriting programs keep speeding up the underwriting process!
  • 44 Percent of Xpress Plus eligible cases are issued without an exam.
  • 50 Percent of Xpress Plus eligible cases are issued without an exam for $750,001 to $1,000,000.
  • 81 Percent of Xpress Plus eligible cases are approved in 5 days or less. This was only 7% prior to Xpress Plus!
  • 86 Percent of Xpress eligible cases are issued without an exam or APS.
  • 76 Percent of Xpress eligible cases are approved in 5 days or less.

ANICO Smart Underwriting Keeps Getting Smarter!

  • ExpertApp computerized underwriting evaluation has improved to allow for higher face amounts!
  • Cases $250,000 - $500,000 (for ages 0-17 & 51-60) and $250,000 - $1,000,000 (for ages 18-50) have more potential for computer approvals.
  • Automated evaluation available for Standard through Preferred Plus underwriting classes.

What does that mean for you?

  • More computer approvals for Xpress Plus cases!
  • Faster processing and turnaround time!
  • Faster commissions!

We are ANICO - American National Life Insurance Company

  • Non medical term life policies
  • Approvals of applications in less than 15 minutes with certain products
  • Products for all ages
  • Widely respected insurance company

Why American National for Life Insurance Business?

Ease of Business

  • eApplications through ExpertApp: Available with tablets & desktops
  • Accelerated Underwriting: Xpress & Xpress Plus: no automatic exam required


  • Three Accelerated Benefit Riders with FULL and PARTIAL benefits
  • Terminal Illness: Death within 24 Months
  • Critical Illness: 16 different illnesses. (13 in CA)
  • Chronic Illness: 2 of 6 ADLs
  • Available on all life products


  • Full suite of permanent life insurance products including
  • Indexed Universal Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
American National Life Agent Login Portal

ANICO's Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Leads the Competition (7/4/2019)

  • Male Age 50 - Preferred Best Non-smoker, $1,000,000 to Age 100
  • American National (ROP) $6,333
  • American General (ROP) $7,920
  • Symetra Life (ROP) $8,161
  • Penn Mutual $8,208
  • Nationwide Life $8,243
  • Protective Life $8,243
  • Nationwide Life (ROP) $8,380
  • Prudential Life $8,539
  • Male Age 60 - Preferred Best Non-smoker, $1,000,000 to Age 100
  • American National (ROP) $10,990
  • American General (ROP) $13,034
  • Lincoln Financial $13,149
  • Penn Mutual $13,188
  • Symetra $13,200
  • Prudential $13,287
  • Nationwide $13,536
  • Protective $13,562
  • Symetra (ROP) $13,731
  • Male Age 70 - Preferred Best Non-smoker, $1,000,000 to Age 100
  • American National (ROP) $21,846
  • Prudential $23,925
  • Penn Mutual $24,029
  • Lincoln Financial $24,213
  • Symetra $24,430
  • Protective $24,634
  • Principal $24,859
  • Symetra (ROP) $25,184
  • Nationwide $25,386
  • Engaging Business Owners about Retirement Plans

    • Talk to business owners - Present illustrations on how to set up a plan and make contributions
    • Solutions and strategies to create wealth accumulation for retirement

    ANICO Contracting, Appointments & Submissions:

    • Pre-Appointments required in PA and PR only.
    • Dual Contracting not allowed - 6 months of non-production to contract again.
    • E & O Required.
    • iPipeline: Quotes available for Term and UL. After quote, paper forms link from Term, but not from UL. In iPipeline Forms The Guaranteed Signature UL not available. Get paper forms for GUL above via link higher up on this page.
    • Contract via NAAIP's SuranceBay Link on our eContracting Portal Page.
    • Your first application should be sent to NAAIP's contracting department for processing.


    ANICO no longer use iPipeline for electronic submission. Electronic apps are submitted on their website, The agent must be contracted first and then can submit via Anico's ExpertApp system. There is a tutorial on the website if you hover over ExpertOffice, then under Quick Links, click on ExpertOffice Training and then ExpertApp. See pdf brochure link above. To submit an electronic app, hover over ExpertOffice and under Submit New Business, click on ExpertApp and Start New Case.


    ANICO Contact Information

    • Address: 1 Moody Plaza - Galveston Texas 77550
    • Main Office Phone: (409)763-4661
    • NAIC Number: 60739 & Texas Department Of Insurance Company Number: 4500

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