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Banner Life insurance was founded in 1949 by Government Employees Life Insurance and is currently headquartered at Fredrick, MD. The company is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Legal & General America following an acquisition in 1981. Its current home office is administered from Urbana, Maryland. Banner Life is extremely popular in the insurance agency community and has generated over $415 billion in cumulative life insurance coverage.

Banner Life is licensed to operate in 49 States in the US and the District of Columbia. It however does not operate in New York. In fact its subsidiary William Pen Life Insurance offers and sells policies in New York.

Banner's parent company, Legal & General Group Plc. has been in the insurance business for over 175 years and is currently ranked as the ninth largest insurance provider in the world.

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Agent Benefits Include::

  • Excellent agent commissions - via NAAIP - Guaranteed Highest Commissions!
  • Risk Assessment, Agent & Customer Service Phone: (800)638-8428
  • Fast applications via Quick Ticket, eApp, online or paper applications.
  • Over one million clients.
  • Rates appears on NAAIP term life quote engine
  • Rates and eApp/drop ticket appear on iPipeline (see links below) - Make your first sale right now!

Client Benefits Include:*

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Wide range of life products - Term Life Specialists
  • Among the lowest priced providers - especially for those not in perfect health.
  • Unique Short Pay Guarantee with whole life policies
  • Flexible Underwriting
  • Parent company is 9th largest insurance company in the world

Product Overview:

Banner Life has been selling comprehensive life insurance policies for over six decades. Since 1995 they have used the services of independent brokers and have also partnered with the National Association of Independent Life Insurance Brokerage Agencies. Today over 70,000 brokers across various states are selling life insurance products on behalf of Banner Life.

Banner Life Insurance Products

Example policy 200k 20 or 30 Year Term with for healthy 49 Year Old Male: Banner offers a drop ticket system via iPipeline and on the Banner site. Agent fills out a section and the carrier does the rest.

Banner sells term life policies for a period of 10, 15, 20, 30, 35 & 40 years. It should be noted that coverage for term life products ceases upon expiry of the policy. The premiums however remain constant for the entire length of the term and can be renewed upon expiry at higher rates. Another benefit is that these policies can be converted to universal life policies within the first 20 years of the policy or before the 70th birthday of the investor. Some of the term life policies being offered to consumers are Op Term 10, Op Term 15, Op Term 20, Op Term 25, Op Term 30, Op Term 35, Op Term 40, Life Value Term 20 and Life Value Term 30.

Only Banner Life Offers 35 & 40 Term Life - Only Banner Life

  • Needed because People are Living Longer
  • Laddering with 10, 15 or 20-year Term Riders
  • Child Rider Option
  • 35 Year Term for ages 20 - 50 all NT & till 45 for tobacco
  • 40 Year Term for ages 20 - 45 all NT & till 40 for tobacco

Universal life policies provide people with a more permanent plan and is expected to last for life as long as payments are made regularly. With this type of policy, the investor can either pay higher premiums for life time coverage or lower premiums with shorter coverage guarantees. Short Pay Guarantees is a feature unique to Banner Life where the investor gets to choose the number of years he would like to keep paying premiums in return for a lifetime of coverage. This enables the investor to make higher premium payments for a period of 10 or 15 years in exchange for lifetime coverage without additional payments.

Banner Life is also popular for providing one of the most competitive diabetic insurance policies. With 8 per cent of the American population being diagnosed with diabetes, the need for a comprehensive diabetic insurance is crucial. Add to that the fact 2 million new cases of diabetes being registered each year in the US alone reinforces the benefits of purchasing a diabetic insurance policy from Banner Life.

Who Is Banner Life Insurance? : Life Insurance & More

Banner Life - Over One Million Strong

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* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public.

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