Innovative Ways of using Facebook for Insurance Sales

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Website integration with Facebook

Make sure to add Facebook icons like ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ on each post of your website so that visitors can recommend them to others if they find it useful. Sharing really helps to substantially increase the number of visitors who come to your site on a daily basis. And if the quality of your content is engaging and interesting, it has the possibility to to go viral on social networks.

Create your Facebook page to sell insurance

If you are serious about using Facebook as a marketing tool, then create a Facebook page to promote your business interests that has details about the insurance policies you agency deals in. Keep your page up to date on regular intervals with interesting and funny posts that are both informative and precise.

You can use the Facebook Content Dashboard, which is a free service where you can get new plans and ideas to update your page. The more the effort you put in, the better the results you will reap at the end of each month. Ideally invest at least 10 minutes 7-8 times every week to your Facebook page.

Posting client testimonial videos

This is a very productive method of building confidence in the minds of prospective customers with regards to your product. From time to time post videos of happy products on your Facebook page and website. When a former client vouches for you as an agent, it adds a touch of credibility and makes the visitor more curious about the policy you are selling. While not all clients may be keen to figure on your promotional campaigns, you would definitely have a fair share of people who would be sporting enough to help you on this regard.

Importance of vanity URL

Ideally the URL of a newly created Facebook page is a string of long numbers and characters, which is more or less impossible to memorize. Change the webpage address to something that is short and easily identifiable with your business operation. A good vanity URL also makes it possible to print the address of your Facebook page onto your visiting card and other marketing paraphernalia.

Integrate your Facebook for insurance sales page with LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows users to feature up to 3 outbound links to any websites of your choice. Apart from including the URL of your insurance website, make sure to also feature in the address of your Facebook URL.

Questions and Answers

This is a crucial and important part of Facebook for insurance sales marketing. Be approachable and friendly to visitors when they have questions to ask of you and answer them in your forum for free. Time and again you will have visitors who will ask you interesting questions which might be of use for other readers as well. Post the answers to these questions with useful information and make sure that you contact information is easily reachable in case a customer feels he wants to find out more about the insurance policy. Encourage people to write out funny and witty captions. Create fictitious accounts of incidents with regards to insurance and its coverage to better explain to people what would fall under each policy. At the same time be careful to not make the insurance company not look fraudulent and claim denying enterprise. This could possibly elicit a lot of negative reactions from the readers.

Be up-to-date on the insurance industry

Share the latest news on the workings of the industry and other information pertaining to new or improved polices. Post ads (both videos and posters) of insurance products that you are planning on selling to your clients. YouTube has thousands of amazing insurance ads, which can be routed to your Facebook page. Encourage people to share your page if they see any thing that interests them.

Signature links while sending emails

Include Facebook links for your emails while you are mailing clients. These could be in the form of individual mails to respective clients or in the form of weekly newsletters that you send to subscribed customers. If there is any piece of news that manages to grab a customers attention, then the visitor would immediately check your website and Facebook for insurance sales pages to gather more information. You could announce small contests with prizes on your page to capture the reader’s interests.

Be their source of information

Most people know very little about insurance products and have several unanswered questions they would like clarified. To do that make sure you thorough with the workings of the industry and well versed with the pros and cons of each product that you are selling. Explain complex and little known facts about particular insurance laws pertaining to coverage and other factors, which will help promote greater consciousness among the public. Such measures will also make you look like a professional agent and add to your credibility.

More the comments, the busier the page

It is crucial to encourage your readers to let them post their thoughts in the form of comments. This would make the whole process dialogue and conversational in tone. Accepting comments from users is better than sending out one dimensional messages which will deprive your readers of having their say. Facebook’sEdgerank determines which news feeds need to stay at the top the page. To quite an extent, this is done taking into consideration the number of comments received per post.

PPC ads of Facebook

There is an ads column at the right hand side of your Facebook for insurance sales page that will feature different kinds of ads. You can advertise your company by going in for a PPC campaign after tying with Facebook. Following which ads can be featured on the basis of zip code, interests of people, their age and sex as well. This makes it possible for insurance agents to target niche localities of their choice. However care must be taken to ensure that different sets of ads are created to market on a periodic basis in the event the click through rate is low. Or else Facebook might not feature your ad on the above-mentioned column. Take a look at their ad strategy to better understand to better utilize its resources or else hire the services of an expert who can help you out in these matters.

Share other forms of content as well

Just because it is a page on insurance, does not mean you cannot put in information on other subjects as well. Insurance in itself can be quite boring and it may be a good idea to introduce some fun elements from time to time. You can include funny pictures, riddles, jokes, videos and quotes to amuse the reader. Wish your readers on joyous occasions such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. These small steps can go a long way in promoting customer loyalty towards your business. You can also put in info that captures the latest news events of the locality you live in. However take care to ensure these posts do not show affiliation to any political group or religious group in particular.

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