What is NAAIP and What Do They Offer?

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Many agents are guilty of trying to generate leads solely through the process of cold calling or randomly contacting. The method will not help you maximize your returns and will also become overwhelming after a certain point of time. Time is of the essence and you have to constantly approach the right kind of clients to make good your campaign at the end of the month.

Here at NAAIP, we help insurance agents develop meaningful leads to help close in on sales. Our free agent website has been embedded with med-sup quote engine which can be used by agents to track down on potential clientele. The site is free to use and the services can be customized to generate area specific leads for all agents.

At NAAIP, we generate a variety of leads to help agents gain access to the best possible clientele. We offer a wide array of insurance packages inclusive of annuities to cater to all kinds of requirements across a vast demographic. You can receive higher levels of commissions based on performance. Our site will also help you receive real time updates of medical and health insurance leads on your cell phone.

Types of insurance packages we offer to our agents:


These can be described as a form of contract drawn between the insurer and the insurance company. The insurer here makes a premium investment or a series of smaller contributions, which can be withdrawn on a set future date or even on an immediate basis. The amount accumulates taxed deferred and can make for valuable additional income for individuals for on looking for additional income post retirement.

Some of the annuities we offer are Foresters Life Annuities, Sentinel Life Personal Choice Annuity and UOO annuities.

Critical Illness

This kind of cover is used to address any major form illness that falls under the plan. The cover is usually fixed for a fixed period of time upon diagnosis and the insurer can avail the use of specialist help to receive treatment. Is a very useful form of cover considering the escalating cost of medical treatments.

Some of critical insurance covers we offer include MOO critical Illness insurance, Heartland National First Cancer Cure and Heartland National hospital Indemnity.

Dental Plans

Comprehensive Dental plans help the insurer save up a lot of money in treatment costs and can be used to cover services like checkups, cleaning, cavity filling, braces and other forms of treatment. Agents stand to make up to 30% in commissions followed by another 10% during renewals.

Guaranteed health plans

Important for people known to be suffering from an existing form of illness like diabetes, heart disease or kidney trouble. This plan will help cover various medical costs like check ups, hospitalization, lab tests, emergencies, prescription drugs amongst others.

Term Insurance

This is a kind of insurance package that provides coverage only for a specific period of time but generates very good premiums. The insurer can choose the kind of package that falls under this type on the basis of duration term length and coverage price.

Some of the term insurance policies offered by us include Foresters Term Life Insurance, Stonebridge Term Life Insurance and UOO.

Whole Life Insurance

One of the most popular forms of insurances covers which has been there for a long time. This form of coverage offers a lot of financial strength and security to families. The coverage is for life provided the insurer pays their premiums on time. This kind of insurance package is very popular with a lot of people.

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