What is Smart Client Data Capture and Why is it So Important?

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NAAIP will soon be introducing free insurance agents business websites with sales tools such as quoters. The insurance agent website is designed to be the best in the business with the most features to assist agents, all free of cost.

NAAIP, in the past, has helped multiples of sales professionals succeed in their chosen industry with various technological wizardries. By joining our network of accredited insurance pros, an agent will not only have a fully functional online business with embedded quote engines, but a whole host of other features. These include adding affiliate companies graphics, social networking, a choice of styles and a business management database (soon to be extended into a complete CRM solution, exclusive to NAAIP).

So imagine you have signed up for a free NAAIP insurance agent website and it is attracting visitors. The client clicks for a free quote – and sees that your site provides a real quote engine. The client is prompted to provide their info to receive a customized quote.

This simple prompt means that every visitor that requests a quote will convert as a lead in your NAAIP back-office and email.

With a standard data capture system, 1 visitor in 406 will input their contact information.*
With Smart Client Data Capture, 1 in every 8 will submit their info.

NAAIP sites are designed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from its services. Agents who sign up for a free agent website will profit. Compare this to paid agent websites such as Norvax and Quotit and there really is no reason to part with your money.

Join insurance agents and become a part of the NAAIP family with a free website with embedded Life Insurance, Medicare Supplement and auto quote engines.

NAAIP will even host your website for free on the domain name of your choice (e.g. steveinsurance.com instead of naaip.org/steve). All you have to do is purchase a domain name and we will handle the rest!

To sign up for a free NAAIP website with embedded quote engines, go to www.naaip.org and register. We are expecting to roll out the product on January 1st. It will be best site in the business and it only takes a minute.

NAAIP will impress you! Visit our Monday thru Friday, noon ET conference call to find out more.

Dial 1-888-532-9320

Add a quote engine to your website for Free! We'll even create the website for you for Free!
There are No Catches! It's free and always will be.

"Best system in industry for insurance agents - anything less in not acceptable."

Step number #1 - NAAIP's technology helps producers project themselves as top level professional with minimal time and effort.

Step number #2 - Being among the largest brokerages in the insurance industry, allows agents access to top commissions and resources on every case.

Commitment to growing this relationship is nurtured by providing best in class service. Our attorneys, underwriters, case managers and sales experts will help you grow your business - one client at a time. Welcome to our team, a system that is uniquely suited for insurance professionals in this new millennium."

Aaron Levy - CEO, NAAIP.org

David Gordon - Digital Marketing Evangelist, NAAIP.org