State Farm Auto Insurance Benefits

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George J. Mecherle started the State Farm auto insurance company in 1922 with the objective to provide better insurance than other companies, with better coverage at better prices. Mecherle’s vision was right, and more than eighty years down the line, the company has strong financial standing and is growing in leaps and bounds.

From a small farm mutual auto insurer, the State Farm auto insurance company has grown into one of the biggest financial institutions in just over 80 years. In spite of the remarkable growth of the company, it has never compromised on its founder’s original philosophy to provide insurance coverage at a reasonable price along with fair settlement of claims.

The company is operating from 25 operation centers spread across thirteen zones, and employs more than 79,000 people plus more than 16,000 independent agents. With its presence in Canada and the United States, the company has more than 71 million active policies.

State Farm auto insurance company has received many awards for its policy of equal opportunity employing, and for the amount of employment created by the company. State Farm make every possible effort to return favor to the community that has enabled it grow in such a big size. It participates in many programs that further safety and education, including scholarships and grants.

The Future of State Farm Auto Insurance

The vision of the company is to be the customer’s first with best choice in services and products provided by them. The company wants to become a leader in the insurance industry and also in financial services arena. The needs of the customer will determine the path of the company.

State Farm auto insurance is determined to take care of the needs of the customer. There are numerous insurance products provided by the company which includes supplemental medical insurance, life, home and auto to name a few. The company also provides long term care, condo, and Medicare supplement. The company reaches its customer through its easy to use and user friendly website. Through the website, a consumer can find any type of policy, get the quotes and find an agent. You just have to answer few simple questions to get online quotes.

Current Trends in Auto Insurance

State Farm auto insurance has strong financial standing and it has built its reputation by being a good neighbor company. People like it because it is able to deliver the promise it makes to its policy holders.

The company serves current and new business policy holders through numerous discounts on auto insurance. Here are some salient features about the company:

  • Your family has a new driver? If a new vehicle is not added, you will have to rate the new driver as the primary driver of your family vehicles.
  • When a new driver is added to the policy, the insurance rates increases.
  • You should educate your teenage drivers about safe driving and how to prevent any traffic violations that can affect your rates.
  • Find out which vehicle can be covered at lowest rates. At times brand new vehicle don’t fetch affordable rates. You can get cheaper rates through Personal Liability Umbrella Policy Insurance.
  • You could be sued, in case your teenage driver injures someone accidentally and/or damage their property. There are substantial liability limits in your State Farm auto insurance policy. It is common for juries to be given damages that exceed those limits. You should be aware of the fact that amount of coverage is written in $1 million dollars increments and your present policy is supplemented.

The company is very popular among people for their considerable discounts. The discounts rates are different in every state, therefore a former member or a potential customer must contact their local insurance office or their insurance agent to find the applicable rates in their area. You can pick from some well known discounts provided by Farmers Auto Insurance Company such as driver training, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft, passive restraint equipment – air bag, good student, good driver discount, senior defensive driving course and a host of other offers.

If you have any confusion related to auto insurance, you can simply go to the website of the company and most of the questions will be answered. The Farmers Auto Insurance Company website is equipped with calculators than can answer almost all the queries of the customer. These calculators can determine the amount of deductibles associated with purchasing automobiles and the cost of car insurance rate depending on your budget.

What is worth noting is that Farmers Automobile Insurance Company has made major contributions to communities around them from the time they came into existence. According to critics they have been active partners and have significantly improved the lives of people in society.

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