How to Approach and Speak to a Client: Tips for Insurance Agents

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Closing in on your first sale as an insurance agent can be easier said than done. Even with the Internet, which has further enhanced and simplified the process of selling for millions of agents, there are some protocols that need to be adhered to derive the best out of each lead.

One of the primary aspects to selling is to gain the buyers trust. If that is not established at the outset, no amount of leads will be enough to reach your monthly targets. Many agents are unable to close in on promising leads because of certain flaws in the way they address and approach prospective clients. This may be due to inexperience, lack of confidence, impatience, lack of knowledge on the products you sell or other factors.

Learn to handle all aspects of your work with an air of professionalism. This would prove to be your greatest asset in what could be possibly be a very rewarding career. Here are some tips for insurance agents to help you address clients better and win their trust:

Make scheduled appointments

Contact your leads and book an appointment with them. Many agents tend to drop in at homes unannounced, which is very unprofessional. This makes the client more guarded and wary of the agent. This leads to a sense of distrust right from the outset and you may end up squandering a perfectly genuine lead from the very outset. Fix up a timing that is convenient to both you and the client and visit them as per what was agreed upon. Scheduling an appointment also gives the investor a choice to decide to do some background research and prepare a list of questions he or she would like answered regarding various insurance policies.

Be eloquent and calm

A lot of people tend to observe sellers before making a purchase. Be eloquent and speak with confidence while talking about your products. It is important to be calm and composed at all points even if you have had to pursue a lot of leads on a single day.

Patiently answer client questions

Every agent needs to be able to satisfy all the queries of their prospective clients if they want them to buy the product. Insurance products don’t come cheap and many of them require the client to allocate considerable part of their salary every year for decades at a stretch. Hence it is natural to expect people to have several doubts before they pick a policy that caters to their demand. Answer all their queries and make an effort to show that you would want to get them the best insurance package possible. This helps build trust and gains the confidence of the investor on the agent.

Know your products

Learn all there is to know about the products you are selling. This is include all information pertaining to what the product does and does not provide in the form of coverage and the specific list of services that can be derived from it. It is also important to know about the prices offered by competing rival agents and where your product stands with theirs. Clients often to tend to research on various products before they hire the services of an agent website, so better be at you’re ‘A’ game while approaching them.

Following up

Another crucial step to effectively closing in on a sale! Once you have explained the product in detail, it is crucial to follow up with the client to know if he would like to go ahead with the purchase. Even post purchase, a courtesy call from the agent is always appreciated by the client. To ask and enquire about their feedback on the product makes the client feel valued and will improve customer-agent relations. This will also prompt them to refer you to other friends and colleagues who are on the lookout for insurance. Please feel free to leave feedback on our tips for insurance agents, as we hope to improve our service and help more agents to succeed!

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