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Buying Your Own Website Domain

NAAIP helps agents succeed by providing free websites, quote engines and sales tools. Buy your own domain (e.g. instead of and your NAAIP website will be more successful.

Buy your domain through Godaddy at a discounted first year price by clicking here. Be aware that the 2nd year and afterwards on that contract will be $10 and then it will be $18 per year with GoDaddy. Below, under Helpful Links/Tools, You see that Cloudflare does similar for $8.03 per year. Alternatively, come to our Conference Call and we'll help you make the purchase.

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Buy a domain name and we will host your site for free. We conduct Monday to Thursday Noon & Weekends 2pm ET conference calls with specific emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is fancy words for moving your site up on Google.

Buy a domain name and NAAIP will take care of hosting your website. As you follow the instructions which take a few minutes and are listed in your NAAIP back office, your domain name will be shown in the browser's address bar. If you implement the proper techniques of SEO, you will see your income increase.

Let us host (for free) your free website on your own domain and your site will rise on the search engines. For assistance or to find out more, join our Monday to Thursday Noon & Weekends 2pm ET Conference Call.

Do Not Forward & Mask Your Website - Do Proper Hosting with IP address. It is imperative that you do this proper. We are here to help.

How do I choose a domain?

Your domain is central to your internet sales campaign. Agents with their own website earn over 70% more money. By having your own domain on your business card you look more professional.

Your domain is unique to you. It must look good on your promotional items. Choose a domain that will impress. You sell by being impressive.

How NAAIP can help you promote your business?

NAAIP owns over 50 insurance website domains. Our team has been successfully promoting these sites to reach #1 in Google for over 15 years. Click here for an informative study on moving up Google. Join our Monday to Thursday Noon & Weekends 2pm ET Conference Call and we will help you better understand internet marketing and tell you how to promote your website. You can also get help with buying your own domain and find out more about NAAIP services.

Helpful Links/Tools

  • Free Logo Maker (NAAIP recommends putting your photo, but you decide.)
  • NAAIP YouTube Video - Moving up Google
  • Cloudflare Domains - .com for $8.03/year - if new with GoDaddy - you must stay with GoDaddy for at least 60 days and then you can move to Cloudflare. Currently, Cloudflare only accepts transfers. Purchase one year with Cloudflarewhich will be added to your time with GoDaddy. 2nd Year with Godaddy is $18 per year - ouch. The payment to Cloudflare will credit your domain when the GoDaddy expires.

Examples of good domain names

Avoid using a first word ending in vowel and the second word beginning with vowel. As well, 3 words maximum in a domain name.

  • (brokers)
  • (consultants)
Consider putting first initial, instead of first name
  • (brokers)
  • (consultants)

Instructions for putting website on your domain name with proper hosting

Step #1 - In DNS Settings in your domain registration account (i.e.Godaddy). Edit A Records in DNS to - host is @ and is the pointed IP address. Click here for a YOUTUBE explanation how to change IP address in A Record in GoDaddy.

- Your DNS A Record IP Address should only be listed one time. Delete any forwarding and/or additional IP addresses.

Step #2 - In NAAIP Profile Settings (at bottom) insert your Website URL in format of Wait 11 minutes till a few hours and the site will be SECURE and UP.

If you cannot implement proper hosting then email [email protected] or text 561-440-9245 your godaddy username/password.

  • The Green 'Secure' (SSL certificate) in the address box is a 'must have' for any financial website.
  • If you use a domain registrar other than GoDaddy instructions are at NAAIP Tech Help Forum. If you don't see the answer at our forum then ask us.
  • Agents that use a business email with their domain name will have to input the MX records in DNS (your email company can do that for you).
  • to see your A record IP address propogated in the WWW.
  • It is recommended that the subject line in auto respond emails should be changed by you to include your website domain name.
  • Google "best linkedin profile photo" for expert advice - Your face should be 60% of the frame.
  • We do not recommend forwarding and masking your site.

The IP Address technique will:

  • 1. Have your site look good on all smartphones.
  • 2. Be better for SEO because it will create new pages.
  • 3. Put a 'Secure' Green Padlock on the address bar.
  • 4. Join daily conference call at 12 Noon Monday to Thursday or Weekends 2pm ET for a full discussion websites, etc.

*The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance companies to the general public.

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