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Buying Your Own Website Domain

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NAAIP helps agents succeed by providing free websites, quote engines and sales tools. Buy your own domain (e.g. instead of and your NAAIP website will be more successful.

Buy your domain through Godaddy for 99 cents per year by clicking here. Alternatively, come to our Conference Call and we'll help you make the purchase:

Monday thru Friday Conference Call at 12pm ET. Dial 1-888-532-9320

NAAIP agents have two options:

Buy Domain

  1. Buy a domain name and use domain forwarding to direct it to your NAAIP address. This allows you to market your business using your purchased domain and have it redirected to your standard NAAIP URL.

  2. Buy a domain name and NAAIP will take care of hosting your website. Your domain name will be shown in your browser's address bar and you'll receive additional NAAIP benefits.

NAAIP recommends option 2. Let us host your free website on your own domain and you will be able to promote your business better in search engines. You will also receive more features and add-ons. For assistance or to find out more, join our Monday thru Friday Conference Call.

How do I choose a domain?

Your domain is central to your internet sales campaign. Agents with their own website earn over 70% more money. By having your own domain on your business card you look more professional and your business looks more credible.

Your domain is unique to you. It must look good on your promotional items. Choose a domain that is as close to your business name as possible. If that name is taken, try adding the words 'agency' or 'insurance' to make it unique.


How NAAIP can help you promote your business


NAAIP owns over 50 insurance website domains. Our team has been successfully promoting these sites to reach #1 in Google. Join our Monday thru Friday Conference Call and we will help you better understand internet marketing and tell you how to promote your website. Here you can also get help with buying your own domain and find out more about NAAIP services.


Examples of good domain names: (afterwards forward domain with masking)

Avoid using a first word ending in vowel and the second word beginning with vowel. (brokers) (consultants)

Monday thru Friday Conference Call at 12pm ET. Dial 1-888-532-9320



* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public.

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