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CallFire Auto Dialer

CallFire Inc. is a Santa Monica based cloud telephony service provider, offering VoIP (Voice over IP) services, with the products designed and developed by CallFire themselves. Their target market is small to medium sized businesses, with their customers being billed according to usage as opposed to contractually.


They have over 60,000 clients and have billed well over 200 million minutes of talk time since being incorporated in 2004. Their servers have over 14TB of storage which process 1.4 billion calls/texts, 80 million sound files and over 6 million business campaigns.


CallFire has received many accolades since being established a decade ago, having been named by as the 2012 small business influencer and #285 in Inc. Magazine's fastest growing private business list. Notable events that have added to the company's popularity include their providing services during Hurricane Sandy and the US elections.


In fact, the US Government has lately been making more use of predictive dialer software in its campaigns, both locally and on a national level, in order to reach an increased amount of potential voters, among other uses such as recruiting and fundraising. On a commercial level, CallFire is often used in payment processing, HR, e-commerce, and of course, the insurance industry.

How CallFire can improve your business

Here are just some of the ways that CallFire can make your business more efficient and Effective:

  • Call multiple clients simultaneously, without manually dialing

  • Automate answer phone messages to clients

  • Send notifications of due invoices or upcoming bills

  • Action polls and surveys

  • Call multiple clients simultaneously, without manually dialing

  • Integrate CallFire API with your existing technology

  • Send alerts and company notifications to employees

  • How will CallFire help you improve efficiency and increase sales?

  • In addition to these features, you get other facilities such as phone list manager, email marketing features, simultaneous calls on unlimited lines, call monitoring, conferencing, call transfer, choice of 10 digit caller ID and so much more.

The CallFire automatic dialer is a powerful virtual sales office which will revolutionize your telemarketing campaign. It works by eliminating the requirement for time-consuming manual dialing, only connecting your call when a customer actually answers. The software works in conjunction with your telemarketing solution to offer analysis and call recording, so you can keep on top of your campaigns successes and make improvements where necessary.

Setting up CallFire for your business

  1. Set up your sales script and voice recordings for your telemarketing campaign
  2. Upload your data in XLS or CSV format in CallFire
  3. Set up the schedule to start your calling/messaging campaign

It is this simple. With CallFire, you can easily start delivering VoIP autodialling, automatic messaging and confirmation calls to existing and potential clients. Used in conjunction with the CallFire dialer software and you can manage your campaigns more effectively, including opt-outs via the FCC's Do Not Call Registry.


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