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                            Representing Several Carriers

                      so You get the Best Plan at the Best Cost


Throughout the vast number of Insurance Carriers in the United States there are specific plans that best fit your lifestyle and budget.

Carriers that do not allow an Agent to offer other carriers and insurance plans are a BIG Concern to me, as they should be to you.


I believe that people need choices. In order to offer those choices a broker or agent needs to offer a wide variety of Carriers and Plans.

What this means for You, is the ability to shop for the best benefits and costs that meets your needs.

Medicare Insurance

Aging into or Qualifying for Medicare Rules:   

You have a 7 month window for your Initial Enrollment:

3 months prior to your birth month,  This is the best time to sign up 

Your Birth Month and

up to 3 months after your birth month.


Call me so I can help you obtain the Right Plan for you. I Make House Calls!                        

Senior Health Care 

Supplements, Advantage & Prescription Drug Plans

Licensed in Indiana and Ohio

Medicare by itself only pays and average of 80% of eligible costs.

An accident or serious illness could cost you thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The highest reason for Bankruptcy filings is due to Medical bills the consumer cannot pay.

A Medicare Supplement policy (LETTER PLAN) covers most out-of-pocket medical expenses which would be cost prohibitive to the average citizen. With a Supplement: 

You are still required to pay your monthly Part B Premium, and your plan premium.

If you want a Drug Plan, a separate monthly premium in addition to your Part B and Supplement premium payment is required.

Yes that is 3 separate monthly premiums. The highest percentage of the populace that I meet with could not afford the Medications they need without a Drug Plan.

Advantage Plans, Part D Plans and Special Needs Plans

Starting January 1st, 2020:  Advantage Plans will no longer be offered to those aging into Medicare (After December 2019).

Those already in an Advantage Plan will be allowed to keep that plan or elect another Advantage Plan offered for the Plan Year.

Open Enrollment is October 15 to December 7th

Special Enrollment period exists for qualifying events:  
(Disabled for at least 24 months,  moving outside of the current plan area, becoming a resident in a nursing home or being discharged from a nursing home are a few)

Please consider your options carefully as policies, drugs, and coverage benefits change annually.

There are differences in drug pricing, drug tiers, doctors and health care facilities with each plan even if they are with the same carrier.

I am confident that I can offer you a plan that fits your needs not the other way around. 

Life Insurance and Final Expense 

Don’t leave the burden of the cost and preparation for your funeral and final expenses to your loved ones left behind.        


There will never be a charge for our assistance or for a friendly, no-obligation chat. 

Reasons You Need Life Insurance

Click the link for the full article

By Carla J Mattingly  |   Submitted On September 11, 2017  EZINE Articles         

For Final Expense Quotes Call the number listed on the top of the WEB Site    



Individual and Group Health Insurance

If you are fortunate enough to work for a company that provides a lower cost to employees to obtain health insurance, count your blessings. An added bonus is dental care through a cost reduction employer insurance. It is amazing how many individuals do not know that dental infections can lead to death. Vision insurance is also an added benefit to employees.


Dental Plans

Go to: to obtain your dental plan costs. You can use theses plans right after to purchase a plan.


                         Don't Wait for the Tooth Fairy. Buy Your Dental Plan TODAY!


Individual and Family Health Care 

Go to the link for Obamacare ACA to obtain costs

Everyone needs to understand that the enrollment for the ACA is November 1st to December 15th.

Your alternatives to these dates is obtaining a SEP “Special Enrollment Period”.

Obtaining coverage within 60 days of losing “credible coverage” is one of those qualifying events.

Unfortunately, losing your employment and not being able to afford insurance is not a qualifying event.

Short Term insurance is an alternative to being outside of the ACA Open Enrollments or qualifying events. There are a variety of month durations and premium costs to choose from. You can click in “Individual  Coverages”  to get coverage and choose as many as 3 options to compare.

Long Term Care, Home Health Care and Short Term Rehabilitative Care 


No Health Insurance pays past day 100 for Long-Term Care.

Many carriers require a co-pay for days 21 to day 100.

The cost to cover a Skilled Nursing Facility is either long-term care Insurance, self-pay or selling your assets until you meet the qualification for your state Medicaid.

The U. S. average cost for a semi-private room is $225.00 per day.

Home Health Care is an option for some. There are carriers that offer Home Health Care Insurance. Most people that I know want to be home as opposed to being in a Nursing Home.  Home Health Care can be used for a temporary recovery period. Some individuals can afford the co-payment or full cost of the duration of care needed. Most families and individuals that I meet with cannot afford to self-pay. Many do not have Long-Term Care Insurance. Some of the policies in effect pay only after day 100 and have a term limit. However, I have met individuals and couples that are no in their late 70’s and 80’s that do have good Long-Term Policies. They purchased their policies in the 60’s, and 70’s when monthly costs were low and the life expediency was also low. Now that our seniors live a good life into their 90’s and over 100, costs to pay for long-term premiums is much higher.


Short-Term Rehabilitative Care is another option for some individuals. Not every illness requires a permanent move to a nursing home. Joint replacements sometimes require after surgery care. The patients recovering from a joint replacement are expected to become able to return home and be on their own with limited oversight. They may need supervised care for a short time but are expected to recover. 

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