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How much would you put into a ROTH IRA, if there were no limits?

What if you could become your own bank, funding life’s needs from tax free money?  Do you think tax rates will go up, down or stay the same in the future?  How will taxes affect your retirement savingsor college savings?  What if you could use tax free money from another source on years that your retirement accounts have negative returns?  How could this boost your retirement savings?

The insurance industry is constantly evolving.  They have developed new versions of existing types of products.  These aren't your father's insurance policy.  Their primary purpose is to accumulate cash.  They are very flexible allowing you to turn on and off a tax free income stream.  
Imagine being able to turn on tax free income for a few years to help with college.  Then turn it back on when you retire.  Or maybe you turn it on only when there is a down market to help your other retirement savings last longer.  Maybe you turn it on for special situations like a family vacation or a new roof on your home.  You get to decide how you use it.  I call this living benefits.  Does your current life insurance do this?  If not, it might be time to exchange it in for a product with living benefits.  As an independent agent, I have the experience to help you find the company that best suits your needs and your budget.  
Watch this video tolearn how people are accumulating tax free money for their futures.  


John Girouard at had the following to say.    

"Cash value whole life insurance can be helpful in enhancing your income in retirement when your greatest worry is running out of money or not leaving enough for your dependents. For example, suppose you have $500,000 in an IRA and your tax bracket is 35 percent. That means you really only have $325,000 to work with. If you wanted to live on the interest income, assuming for the sake of this illustration a 5% return, you will only receive $25,000 a year pre-tax, or $16,250 in spendable dollars."

"If, instead, you had a $350,000 life insurance policy that you use as your bank account, you could spend down your IRA over your lifetime and still have assets for long-term care or inheritance or for living."

 For the full article visit Are Your Dollars Really Worth A Dollar? It Pays To Know. Though this article was written in 2013 it still on point today.

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