Combined Whole Life Insurance

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Insurer Summary:

 Combined Whole Life Plans

Founded way back in 1922 by W. Clement Stone, Combined insurance has gone from strength to strength. Now part of the ACE Group, it has repeatedly been listed among the 50 best performing insurers in the United States by the Ward Group.


Combined Agent Benefits:

Combined Client Benefits:*

  • Immediate coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Choice of plan options
  • No Claim form necessary
  • Final expense coverage provided
  • Excellent customer service facility
  • Choose your own doctor

Detailed Product View:

Combined Insurance whole life insurance plans are client friendly, no-nonsense plans that are easily comprehendable.


Policyholders will have various policy options to select from, so personal requirements are provided for. In addition, you will be able to choose doctors and health care providers, without having to undergo a waiting period. Payment is made direct to you to avoid delays in payment.


The Combined whole life plan does not require you to fill a claim form. A policy number and Explanation of Medicare Benefits (EOMB) is all that is required to claim. Combined's excellent service facilities stand above the competition, with a dedicated agent on hand to take your call around the clock.


As part of their whole life coverage, Combined Insurance offer final expense coverage to complete their comprehensive package.


Final expense insurance is for those that wish to make sure that the end of their life isn't a burden on their loved ones and that their finances are protected for those they leave behind. It is therefore imperative that a final expense policy is carried by an insurer that is trusted and respected. Combined is one such carrier.


Combined Insurance whole life insurance plans are user friendly, straightforward plans that are easy to understand.

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