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  2. insurance, driven by newer data channels, better data processing capabilities and advancements.
  3. We are in the same boat. We want to excel in our chosen profession. A big part of my job is to appear 6 days a week on video conference call. I use Uberconference.com and not Zoom. Zoom has become the generic word for video conferences. Oh Well. Here are the bullet points: Uberconference allows me to send out voice broadcast, sms and email invitations. This is why I will stick with Uberconference. My research on video conferencing had me make the following changes. Position of the camera is now at e
  4. Hello , For the longest time I have been shouting from the rooftop that agents should: Seek out the highest possible commissions. Figure out a lead system that works and then cut out the middleman/vendor. Let's talk leads. Here, I created a page that could be considered the Wikipedia of insurance agent lead generation. Join one of our six day per week conference calls for an in-depth discussion on this topic. I have learned the following vis-à-vis insurance agent leads. D
  5. To Compliance Department & Marketing Dept of XXX, Subject Line: Game plan for NAAIP, NAAIP and XXX to beat BUU, XYY, RY Life, DDFFDDF Marketing, et al. 1. The goal is to lessen agent appointment fees recruiting expenses from agents that sign contracts but don't learn or sell your product. 2. I appreciate the fact that XXX is properly appointing agents that fill out contracting but the fact is that my system can easily bring in 10,000 in the next two years with a staff of two and not much investment. Then 25% to 50% of all insurance agents in the USA
  6. [b]Захар Беркут дивитися онлайн 2020 хорошій якості #579[/b] [url=http://dfeli.xyz/64217][IMG]https://i86.fastpic.ru/big/2019/1009/79/bf11018d51af0b71dba9180ee5972179.jpg[/IMG][/url] [url=http://dfeli.xyz/64217][b]Дивитися фiльм Захар Беркут[/b][/url] [url=http://dfeli.xyz/64217][b][color=red]Дивитися фiльм Захар Беркут[/color][/b][/url] [url=http://dfeli.xyz/64217][b][color=green]Дивитися фiльм Захар Беркут[/color][/b][/url] У проекті узяли участь також і голлівудські колеги. Продюсерами фільму з американського боку є Джефф Райс, Юр
  7. [b]Захар Беркут 2020 дивитися онлайн кіно #581[/b] [url=http://dfeli.xyz/64217][IMG]https://i86.fastpic.ru/big/2019/1009/98/fa51da913e1baab8b3a620f940e93b98.jpg[/IMG][/url] [url=http://dfeli.xyz/64217][b]Дивитися фiльм Захар Беркут[/b][/url] [url=http://dfeli.xyz/64217][b][color=red]Дивитися фiльм Захар Беркут[/color][/b][/url] [url=http://dfeli.xyz/64217][b][color=green]Дивитися фiльм Захар Беркут[/color][/b][/url] Історичний екшен «Захар Беркут» став найбільш очікуваною українською кінотеатральною прем'єрою цієї осені. Від самого п
  8. Subject Line: The Most Exciting 90 Minutes in the Insurance Industry: NAAIP Conference Calls. You are in a tough business. It is imperative that you brainstorm/share ideas. I now share my screen and have a camera pointed on my face during the six day per week conference call. Apparently, this technique of unfettered transparency is working. My conference calls now last well over an hour. People don't want to leave but I usually head out after 90 minutes. See my face and my computer screen at www.uberconference/naaip or you can call in at the phone number listed at the footer.
  9. Hello , For the longest time I have been promising our white label website builder which will be the ultimate team builder agent recruitment tool. The reason for the delay is that I Googled "financial advisor websites" and am seeing that financial salespeople are paying between $100 and $200 per month for their website. My programmer and I are literally going through every feature of these various web-building companies and implementing the important features. The header is huge and a video looks great on a header. 5 of the 6 templates (not t
  10. With Disability insurance, you are protected against any loss of revenue. Once you are covered under such policy and become disabled for earning, you will get a monthly payment after passing of a particular period. If you get this insurance from a reliable insurance provider like us you will get this monthly payment when you are unable to support your family.
  11. This project is huge. I would consider it a success if over 25% of all financial sales professionals in America use NAAIP's technology, contracting or lead services. A very ambitious target to meet. Wish me luck. Currently, the NAAIP project is a two man operation. Myself and a programmer. Obviously, our programmer is brilliant. He has done a great job. Another obvious fact is that we need regional managers and team leaders to take us to the next level. I welcome you with open arms. Let's talk. I have that 6 day per week conference call in which you can see my face and I share my s
  12. For the longest time I have telling NAAIP members that we will be implementing "white label" and a "free will" on all sites. The reason for the delay is as follows: I Googled "financial advisor websites" and I have noticed that every website company listed was charging between $100 and $200 per month with a $1,500 or more setup fee. I said to myself: Self: Let's incorporate every good idea, every module, that I see from these companies charging $200 per month and when I feel that my programmer and I have succeeded then we make the "white label" live. In addition we will have multipl
  13. Hello , I am trying my best: Always figuring out what I am doing wrong. Super concentrating on what I need to do to make NAAIP the default website and selling system for America's financial product sales people. Your job is no different. Let's talk. I have that 6 day per week conference call in which you can see my face and I share my screen. www.uberconference.com/naaip. Next call is in a minute. You have noticed that NAAIP websites are constantly improving. We are here for you. I posted an additional bann
  14. Starting Today at Noon: Every conference call that NAAIP does will have the moderator sharing its screen and pointing the webcam to their face. Much more intimate, educational and reassuring. Next conference is in 60 minutes (NOON ET). We will figure out to live stream the conferences on the following Pages - Please friend/join Please click www.uberconference.com/naaip - This system is easier to use than Zoom. Just click. I will always include a link to our Uberconference at the bottom of NAAIP.org, in your back office and wherever you see the word conference call on
  15. Such a fantastic deal. You have to know this, especially if you're a independent agent. I'm thankful I came across NAAIP.
  16. Subject Line: More Template News, Video Creating Skills & My Favorite FEX Carrier. Here are the Bullet Points: The wide templates that we made default on your site look great on a desktop PC. An issue is that the original header image was created for the narrower "classic" website. The header image was stretched on your website. Not all header images look good. You can easily change in "change background/header image." To upload your own wide header image the dimensions are now 1400*616. As well, you can switch back to the "classic" narrower header images in "Templates."
  17. Hello , I am working so hard because I love you. My programmer made 6 beautiful templates and I have decided that the "classic wide" looks best. NAAIP agent websites with the "classic" template were switched over to "classic wide." Login to your NAAIP back office - https://www.naaip.org/agent/template-setting - to reverse that change or to chose any of the 6 template options. We can discuss websites, moving up Google, Leads, Incentive Based Marketing, Selling insurance, etc. at one of our six day per week conference calls.
  18. Hello Agent, Help at this critical time will be appreciated. I will not forget you and pay you back multi-fold. Here are the four actions that I need from you (Please do at least one act of kindness): I am putting my money where my mouth is: 1. I am crazy about a Shampoo and Conditioner that I now use. Search Amazon for: Pure Mint Shampoo and Hair Conditioner for Women and Men> It has Maple Holistics on the bottles and is $10.95. Make purchase. Currently there are 105 ratings. 2. I bought myself an accident life insurance policy from United Home Life. If you drive a
  19. Hello Agent, Quality is the determining factor. The classic template that we have presented to agents over the years was excellent for "Moving Up Google" since it is content rich. Most website developers are not as tuned-in to SEO (search engine optimization) and make agent websites that are less wordy. Finally, our programming and design staff have given agents six templates to chose from. Login to your NAAIP back office. You can toggle between the 6 templates. I have to admit that the five new templates seem to be more appealing in that th
  20. Please join our conference call and we will have a long discussion.
  21. I am hosted by HostGator and they rock. For the domain registrar, though, I use a Canadian one so I can have .ca domains, but I think you have to be in Canada to use it.
  22. Thank you for being part of my team. 12,287 strong. NAAIP's system recruits new agents more efficiently than others in this industry. By far! My challenge is to: Keep agents in our system. Have agents sell lots through us (or give us money somehow). Let you take advantage of NAAIP's incredible recruiting capabilities. As my programmer and I solve these issues, I expect that NAAIP will grow exponentially. NAAIP News: This afternoon NAAIP websites will have 4 template options. It is so important for SEO (search engine optimization) to have original co
  23. This test drives me crazy every year, I do not know what's wrong in my answers I got 43/50, please, please, please help! [email protected]
  24. I am a new licensee and wish to sell health insurnace for ACA for this years enrollment period. Anyone have recommendations on a good company with support and training?
  25. Hello {$name}, For years I am have been studying the various marketing systems and techniques for insurance agents. Here are my conclusions: 1. Incentive based marketing works on all levels. Individual agents soliciting prospects should know the regulations concerning IBM in their state. Please understand the concept that if you give a stranger something valuable to them but of limited or no cost to you then you have created for yourself a terrific way to make new friends and clients. We discuss "incentive based marketing" 6 days per week on our conference call. 2. There
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