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    NAAIP Newsletter 5-15-2018

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    Drunk Driver for Life Insurance

    I had our underwriter work on it. Here is where we are currently: Prudential: possible Table F Columbus Life: declined Principal: declined Nationwide: declined Protective: declined AIG: declined MN Life: declined MOO: declined Here is some other feedback: 1. Client must wait 10 years if he admits to currently drinking 2. Client can apply with the carriers on attached when it’s been 5 years AND states that he is not currently drinking 3. Client can apply for a simplified issue product Please let us know if you have any questions.
  5. NAAIP, Please tell what to sell. Male, non-smoker, 36 years of age 5’ 8” 210# No meds, no health conditions DWI 4/14 and two DWIs in 2010 What company at what rate class should I use for $300K of 20 year term?
  6. If you use the e-app on the Allianz website, it’s non-med up to 1 mil. Attached please find the info. Ameritas, ANICO, Columbus Life, AIG and several others are also non-med up to certain amounts…. https://www.naaip.org/allianz-life https://www.naaip.org/allianz-life-accelerated-underwriting-1.pdf
  7. Aetna(MAPD only) and United Healthcare require e and o but they do not need the proof of policy document. They only need the policy information included and when agents complete the contracting it asks for that info. Humana, Silverscript and the various supplement carriers dont require e and o. Humana always required the proof of EFT to contract. United Healthcare does not process EFT until after they contract and certify so they could just put in any routing number with fake information and it won’t be an issue. agent can go into the UHC portal and enter their EFT info in their profile section.
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  9. Hello {$name}, Making money is exciting and this newsletter will "cut to the chase." The bullet points: If you are in the Medicare selling biz the following is why you should switch your upline to NAAIP: Highest CMS allowed compensation on Advantage while we give you 1,000 free mailers for every 5 new Med Adv sales and 10 old Med Adv or supplement sales. It is easy to change upline for Medicare Adv - it mostly involves sending a simple email to the carrier and waiting 90 days. Tell me which carrier you need. If you desire to have a sales booth at Walmart - tell me - You must reserve early. I continue to add interesting links at the footer of www.naaip.org and its sub-pages. New link. NAAIP's footer is a must-see for any agent. PDF Long Term Care Insurance Facts - 5 pages I have become an expert at generating leads - I am here to help you. https://www.naaip.org/lead-services - Weekly workshops/seminars is a great technique. Talk to me. Last months newsletter espousing text messaging was a success. I truly thank agents for cooperating by texting me at 1-561-440-9245. Anna Shapiro, our chief programmer, (Anna's LinkedIn) did a great job in making your website upload at .6 of a second. Super fast. Anna deserves a huge "thank you." Show your appreciation at LinkedIn. Sample IUL illustrations - https://www.naaip.org/allianz-life - You see why licensed agents need to sell this product. Age 31 female pays 1,200/year till age 65 and gets $12,738 per year lifetime income at age 65 and 150K of life insurance. The alternative is to sell the 31 year old a 150K universal life policy for $700/year. IUL's are so sell-able. More information here - https://www.naaip.org/iul-information NAAIP will soon be offering health insurer contracts at great commissions. Stay tuned. Talk to me if that is your niche. I need agents to use NAAIP as their Upline/FMO/IMO. We have great technology and really do have the best contracts/service in the industry. I need you to show your appreciation. Please sell via NAAIP. I need your help! [email protected]: Illustrations/Expert advice for all situations. Don't be shy. We are here to serve you. Give every detail of your prospect. You will get expert advice as to which product to sell. www.naaip.org/oxford-life is NAAIP's sweetheart deal. Learn and sell this great FEX & MYGA annuity product. Recruiter level compensation - 125% for FEX. Your site {$link_url} should be on a domain name that you own! - If you don't feel like following the 3 minute video above, send me your GoDaddy (or other registration company) user name and pw. I will do it for you. YouTube explanation to change IP Address to NAAIP's in your DNS YouTube explanation to move Your Website up in Google Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.
  10. February, 2019 Webinars https://www.naaip.org/great-western-life-agents Great Western would like to extend our past Webinars through the month of February. If you haven't had a chance to check out our New e-App or see What's New, here is your chance. Please join in on one of the upcoming webinars this month to learn more about the improved services and new enhanced tools American Enterprise and Great Western Insurance Company will be offering. February 5, 2019, at 2:00 PM CST - "What's New?" updated February 7, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST - Replacement e-App Demo February 12, 2019, at 2:00 PM CST - "What's New?" updated February 14, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST - Replacement e-App Demo February 19, 2019, at 2:00 PM CST - "What's New?" updated February 21, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST - Replacement e-App Demo February 26, 2019, at 2:00 PM CST - "What's New?" updated February 28, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST - Replacement e-App Demo To register for any of these webinars, please click on the links above. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
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  12. Yes, Robert Barney is a real piece of work. A bully. He sounds that way when he was trying to shake me down.
  13. Yes both carriers require you to have an active writing number before you can obtain materials and submit business. United Healthcare requires agents to certify before a writing number is issued. They are the only carrier to require certification for Medicare Supplements. The UHC product is very unique it is not like any other because they have a community rating with a 3% per year discount if someone is younger than 77. 36% at 65 then 3% less each year going forward, I screenshotted the explanation from their materials below. After they turn age 77 their rates will not increase unless if the company as a whole takes an increase which is different from the competition with attained age rate schedules going up to age 99. They also allow people to move from plan to plan freely effective the 1st of the next month without going through underwriting.
  14. In 2017, more than 8 trillion texts were sent, according to TextRequest. Ninety-eight percent of text messages are read in less than two minutes, and almost all are read within 24 hours, according to Pew Research. In contrast, the read-rate of email is approximately 20%, and only 14% of phone calls to businesses are answered without being placed on hold. That means clients can reach out to you easily, and conversely that there’s a direct line to your clients.
  15. Hello {$name}, Subject Line: Confessions from NAAIP's Digital Marketing Guru - Interesting Information Confessing or "getting it off one's chest" has great importance in the world's great religions as well as in psychoanalysis. I Love Numbered Bullet Points - Here it goes. 1. I love text messaging (also known as sms) from 561-440-9245. During working hours I am texting from my desktop screen and off-hours from my iPhone X Plus. I use www.dialpad.com phones which rings to my iPhone when I don't pick up at my computer. Dialpad is a great business phone for $15 per month. 2. NAAIP websites were lousy when we first started was the real reason why we never contacted agents so much. If NAAIP contacted the agent there would be a likelihood that the agent would "unsubscribe" from us and the agent would never know when our technology became good. 3. NAAIP wants every agent in America to use our technology. Now that our technology is "real good", NAAIP can make demands but still must be a "great deal" for us to achieve our goal. 4. NAAIP websites will always be free-forever. Modest demands and contacts is the modus operandi. Yet, for sites over 1,000 hits (starting Feb. 1st) who do not sell via NAAIP upline or refer agents that sell through us or pay $19.99/per month charge to hide ads that will appear on the site. Discounts/Scholarships available to agents that contact me. As NAAIP technology gets better and better, I will lower the threshold to less than 1,000 before ads appear. 5. There are 9,437 Registered NAAIP users already and I would like that number to double in the next two years. Obviously, NAAIP has to be an incredibly "good deal" for the agent. 6. YouTube is the next frontier. I will be concentrating on putting interesting videos online. I beg and plead that you subscribe to NAAIP's YouTube channel. 7. LinkedIn is a great SEO/Marketing tool but I am not on LinkedIn because I am addicted to sms/texting. I don't like receiving LinkedIn emails. 8. NAAIP's Senior Programmer, Anna Shapiro Loves LinkedIn. Anna posted that she became a C++ Certified Professional Programmer. Please Friend, Like and Comment on Anna's achievement. She is a great girl. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6489467692301508608/ 9. www.naaip.org/oxford-life is NAAIP's sweetheart deal. Please, learn and sell this great FEX, MYGA annuity & SPWL product. Recruiter level compensation - 125% for FEX. Your site: {$link_url} should be on a domain name that you own! - If you don't feel like following the 3 minute video below, send me your GoDaddy (or other registration company) user name and pw. I will do it for you. YouTube explanation to change IP Address to NAAIP's in your DNS YouTube explanation to move Your Website up in Google Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.
  16. As you probably know, NAAIP is attempting to be the the Go-To place for every insurance agent. Progress is being made. 1. The footer of www.naaip.org and its sub-pages has a library of links. If you spend a weekend clicking, reading, registering and understanding. It will be as if you have received a bachelor's degree in insurance selling. Spend the time and effort, it is your livelihood. 2. I am always adding information to the NAAIP footer. This week, 11 PDFs totaling 429 pages were added that are a must read for all licensed agents/financial salespeople. 3. Insurance Leads - NAAIP has a new, improved way to help agents achieve success. www.naaip.org/lead-services - Lots of new information and links. NAAIP members will receive tutelage as to setting up lead generation. Expert advise. YouTube and other lead companies are great tool for example sales pitches. Your Lead Generator Telepro should generate 1.75 leads per hour - There are American companies that will hire the Filipino and charge you between $10 and $12 per lead. Then you would need a higher quality appointment setter that an American company will charge you $16 per appointment and schedule your day via Google Calendar/Contacts - for you to run appointments. Home Based Telemarketer Marketplace - 20,000 Phone Pros Freelancers - Software included Philippines Call Center - Minimum 4 Workers/full time/$8 per hour - Software included Worlds Largest Outsourcing Portal - Twelve Million registered freelancers Leads - FaceBook Leads are Hot in 2019 - Facebook Leads brings Local Clients 4. To expedite the selling process: [email protected]: Illustrations/Expert advice for all situations. Don't be shy. We are here to serve you. Give every detail of your prospect. You will get expert advice as to which product to sell. 5. I made a thirteen minute YouTube video that explains exactly how to move your website up Google. Please watch, then implement. An additional video will be made this week that will show you how to change the default video on your NAAIP website. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Click Alert to be Alerted when I make New Videos. 6. NAAIP increased Font Size system-wide on all websites. It looks better. If this change has not been successfully implemented on your website then edits can be made in Content Management in your Back Office. 7. At Invite a Friend Tab - We included a function in which you can see the status of your invited Agent. Credits will be given to active, referred agents. 8. YouTube explanation to change IP Address to NAAIP's in your DNS. Your site: {$link_url} should be on a domain name that you own! - If you don't feel like following the 3 minute video above, send me your GoDaddy (or other registration company) user name and password. I will do it for you.
  17. David Gordon

    FEX Quote Engine Placement

    Of course, one option is to pay fexqiotes 25/month. We have coupon codes. There are other options. Please come to daily conference call at noon ET. We'll discuss. The place to put the html iframe would be in Content management... If you just want the link - you can link it from Pop-Up over header.. Changing the wording.. Even at the bottom of the site under banners and hyperlinks.. making a banner image for that link.... It makes most sense to put in content.. with iframe html code.. so that the quoter shows on your site.. When editing your page - in Content Management - Below content - Click HTML - Place the html code there. Realize that when editing html that there is a beginning tag and an ending tag. Example. bold would be <strong> I am bold </strong> - avoid inserting any sort of code in the middle of other tags/commands.
  18. Hi, I downloaded a quote engine from Fex for final expense. Is there a way that I could place the quoting tool on the header image on site?
  19. Question: Client wants 50K to 100K 20 year term or GUL guaranteed to age 88 She will not take anything less than 50k or anything shorter than 20k. California Female DOB 12-3-1950 Has HBP takes 1 medication to control it. Has Rehumatiod arthritus diagnosed 16 years ago and takes Hydroxychloroquine. Fully functional, exercises regularly. Type 2 diabeties diagnosed 12 years ago, perscribed metformin, and has A1C reading of 5.7. Answer: Good morning Agent. Both Prudential and John Hancock will consider offering standard. However, neither company will offer 50K on term. Their minimum death benefit is 100K and the maximum term available is 15 years. As such, we ran John Hancock’s Protection UL both with and without the Vitality Rider. The death benefit is guaranteed for 24 years and carries to age 120 at 4.95%. The Vitality rider could allow her to save a few bucks and earn points towards rewards such as Caribbean Cruise Lines and Hyatt Hotel stays. Attached please find some program highlights. If you sell the Vitality rider, JH will pay you an additional 10% in compensation. However, if she doesn’t feel like dealing with it, the product looks great without the rider as well. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
  20. FYI, a term policy on a woman in her last trimester of pregnancy. Protective wanted her to take an exam and she didn’t feel like subjecting herself to that, so we switched to John Hancock. JH issued her STD Plus, no meds, no exam…
  21. Question: I have a client who stopped smoking a year ago, she is 70 years old (just turned a few months ago) who is looking for 500K coverage in California. I want to show her Guaranteed Universal Life products. I have run quotes with AIG's GUL3 and Mutual of Omaha's GUL product. She has excellent height and weight, stopped smoking a year ago, and no other issues that I am aware of. I have an appt with her on Monday of next week, can you ask your underwriter to find another GUL product (not an IUL or another UL) to find the best rates. I believe AIG gave the best rates so far but I wanted to see if you have any other carriers that may have better rates. She may be able to spend $1000-$1300/month, but I will be competing with another agent, so I want to get it as cheap as possible. And her mother is still living until 97, so I want a product that will be guaranteed to age 100 or 105 at the minimum. Answer: AIG will not offer preferred on a client that only quit smoking a year ago. She would have had to quit at least three years ago to qualify for preferred. Attached please find the AIG field underwriting guide. However, AIG will offer standard non-tobacco. Those rates are attached and are $14,640.30 to age 105. A slightly better option could be Symetra. They will go standard plus non-tobacco after 12 months. That field underwriting guide is also attached. The Symetra STD Plus rates to 105, also attached, are $14,046.46. Finally, I ran MOO as well. STD: $17,416, STD Plus: $16,800, and PFD: $14,217. However, MOO won’t offer preferred on this client, see attached underwriting guidelines, so they are out. AIG: good carrier, we write a lot of business with them. They also have a couple of ROP options. I am sure you are aware of this as you ran the illustration. However, they have been a little tougher on seniors as of late and have also been on the slower side of town. That being said, nothing wrong with AIG. Symetra: also a good carrier, we write a lot of business with them also. They have a good built in chronic illness rider and the client can pay additional premiums for a fantastic rider. In addition, they are good with seniors. I will send the complete illustrations for both carriers in a separate e-mail. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Attached please find the complete illustrations for both Symetra at STD Plus and AIG at STD. The pricing is similar, however AIG is a tad more expensive. As you can see, if she spends $14,046.45 with both carriers, Symetra goes to age 105 and AIG lapses as age 99. In order to get to 105 with AIG, she would need to spend $14,640.30 annually. AIG: offers ROP at 90 and 95 Symetra: has a good built in chronic illness rider vs AIG’s terminal illness rider.
  22. A term policy on a friend that’s in her last trimester of pregnancy. Protective wanted her to take an exam and she didn’t feel like subjecting herself to that, so we switched to JH. They issued her STD Plus, no meds, no exam…
  23. Make AARP Medicare Supplement Enrollments Easier with Remote Signature! Make enrollment more hassle-free. Remote Signature via DocuSign® on LEAN™ is the latest tool for enrolling consumers in an AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company. Through DocuSign, your clients can sign applications digitally using a secure link from a convenient location. Simple instructions will guide them through the signing process, and you'll know that each signature captured is legally valid, unique and securely encrypted. For a fast, simple and secure way to enroll your clients, start using Remote Signature via DocuSign on LEAN™ today!
  24. Lots of thought and effort go into this monthly newsletter. I appreciate that many agents have expressed their gratitude for my company's good work. Latest News since last month: 1. IUL - Indexed Universal Life - www.naaip.org/iul-information Very comprehensive page that explains the IUL. Lists our favorite carriers. You notice that I love Allianz Life. This week I will write a telemarketing phone script for IUL that will compliment the phone scripts below. www.naaip.org/how-to-sell-annuities www.naaip.org/sell-final-expense-by-phone www.naaip.org/med-sup-phone-sales After spending a month researching the IUL, I have come to the conclusion that an agent that is not thoroughly comfortable explaining and selling an IUL has wasted his/her time becoming an insurance agent. The main bullet point is that an IUL is that it is the only financial vehicle in the USA that allows: Virtually unlimited deposits that grow tax-deferred and eventually become tax-free. 2. www.naaip.org/oxford-life sales are going strong. Point of Sale Issue of the policy is Huge. Lowest rates on FEX for non-smokers ages 50-85. 120% from Oxford and 5% from NAAIP. The 120 FEX Club will become the 125 Club. Talk to me. Change is sometimes good. Compensation got raised for SPWL and their fixed annuities are industry leaders. 3. Medicare Leads. NAAIP offers highest CMS allowed compensation on Medicare Advantage. Every 5 sales will get you 1,000 free mailers. Agents that desire to have a Medicare selling booth in Walmart next year, Please tell me. Reserve now! If you are selling Medicare via another up-line that does not give you free mailers. Switch to NAAIP. It is easy. As well, NAAIP makes selling Medicare Advantage over-the-phone a snap. Ask me. 4. Name Server Technique to Host Domains Will End on January 1, 2019. a. Agents that have used NAAIP's Name Servers of n3.naaip.org and ns4.naaip.org must change Name Server to default and host via the IP address technique. b. Agents with the Name Server Technique with a business domain name email need to input their MX records in DNS. c. www.whatsmydns.com shows your current NS (Name Server). As well, your MX records which allows your email to function. d. Your domain registration company (i.e GoDaddy) can do this for you or you can email me your GoDaddy user name and password. e. Fixes will be implemented during the daily conference call (now 6 days per week). f. You must attend and ask moderator to check his email. g. Your site/email will be up and running well by the end of the conference call. h. Most NAAIP sites that were hosted by NAAIP from January 1, 2016 to August 1, 2018 used Name Servers Technique. i. The elimination of the Name Server Technique is needed to increase site upload speed. YouTube explanation to change IP Address to NAAIP's in your DNS.
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