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  4. Did anyone get the help they were looking for? I’m another one that had one last attempt and I’m just about in panic mode.
  5. Did anyone get the help they were looking for? I’m another one that had one last attempt and I’m just about in panic mode.
  6. I am in the same situation. Some of the questions are not covered in the materials or are vague. How do you improve if you can't find out which questions you got wrong. I think I had them all right.
  7. On last try of ahip test. First score was 43/50, next was 44/50. Looking for anyone to help so I pass as this is my 3rd and final attempt. Thanks anyone that can help
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  9. First set up your own websites well. Join our daily conference call if you need help. You can use your proficiency in setting things up to recruit other agents. NAAIP will protect you and your downline.
  10. Let's keep this simple. 1. I need you to know and sell www.naaip.org/oxford-life Oxford has three products that are superior to anything in the market-place. a. Final Expense - Super low rates - Point of Sale acceptance - simple application and then Point of Sale (POS) w/ InstaWrite - You will input the name, social security and dob (over phone or online) and get a Accept/Decline in 7 Seconds. Wow! Know this product - Oxford Life is our Flagship Product - Super High Compensation! b. Annuities - Among best payouts in industry on Fixed annuities (MYGA). Lifetime income, Indexed Annuities are superb. We offer recruiter level compensation to you. We want you to sell Oxford. c. Single Premium Whole Life (SPWL). Point of Sale (POS) w/ InstaWrite - Accept/Decline in 7 Seconds. 2. I need you to register for www.naaip.org/dental-plans (also offering discount health plans), and then place on your enrollment link on your NAAIP website. When you first signed up, this was the one product that we placed at the bottom of your site. Many of you hid via banners & hyperlinks. Others took our advice and are earning beau-coup bucks since this is virtually the only product I have seen that sells itself. Visitors will buy while you sleep. I created a Youtube video showing you the steps you need to do to make this work. https://youtu.be/ZhVXikKm_Iw 3. I see that you not properly hosting your domain name with NAAIP. It looks like you attempted to do so at the bottom of Profile Settings in your back office. - I see here - and here - As you know we placed advertisements after 50 hits, to hide the ads you can sell either oxford-life or dental-plans, or refer others to do so. The alternative is to input your credit card/paypal for 99 cents first month and 9.99 afterwards. Go to this page for instructions to properly host Scroll down and you will see step one and two and a 3 minute video. Watch it. If you still cannot figure out just send me your user name and pw from godaddy. Website News 1. We placed your office map at the bottom of every NAAIP site and on your contact page. If you see that it does not look good/showing world map please go into your back office and edit your address / hide the map. Map settings is the 19th button down on the left side. 2. Those that are using our i-frame Stand-alone Med Sup & Term Life Quoters should slightly change the code. Remove the .php - your site will upload faster. 3. We now have a i-frame Stand-alone Auto Insurance Quoter - See the code in NAAIP back office. 4. Within a week we will have a data-capture forms and stand-alone iframe for additional insurances such as homeowners, motorcycle, rental, health, business, etc. 5. We have pretty-much solved the spam issue from your contact form. Lots of brain power went into this issue. 6. Within six weeks we will have a Living Will / Last Will & Testament on every NAAIP site. It is a huge project that will make your site more valuable. 7. We are in the process of being a more traditional IMO/FMO - So I had to hide the commission grid from the online. The compensation grid will now be accessible from your NAAIP back office. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.
  11. i, tryin to access page one for the 2020 ahip qna is there something i have to do to have access?

  12. Aetna Supplemental does not require e and o. Silverscript agents are required to complete an Aetna MAPD contract now and they do not need to submit E&O through the new Aetna callidus system either.
  13. AHIP questions disappeared... What happened?

  14. Thank you for your help NAAIP
  15. I was on the Comm website for AHIP Testing, I signed off, when I tried to go back on it say that it is no longer there, can you let me know if it moved or what them problem is?

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    2. Thomas Costner

      Thomas Costner

      yes it was very hard this year but i did pass, just remember before you all press the submit questions double check the questions is right print your modules and test questions, you can close your browser to get another 50 questions, if you have any question that any question is wrong and study study. I stress this make sure you know the question is right before submitting anything. Humana only lets you fail twice third time you gotta wait another year to give them a try.

    3. David


      Does anyone know if the questions are pulled from just the tests at the end of the modules or are they also pulled from the mini quizzes within the modules as well?

    4. Juan


      I am also looking for Q&A support for the AHIP.  Took it twice and received a 44 out of 50 missed it by one question both times.  Any assistance can be sent to jreyes.libnat@gmail.com.

  16. Question: Agent is with another upline and she is with Walmart - Can the agent move to our upline and free mailer system (1,000 free mailers for every 5 sales) and still get her Walmart the next year. Answer: If she has paid for the Walmart then it is hers. She won’t lose her Walmart by working with us next year or even this year. When next year comes up she can request that the store be released to us or she could just simply book it through the other upline again if she still has contracting with them.
  17. Medicare Supplement to individuals, who become newly eligible for Medicare as of January 1, 2020 or after, will not have the option to purchase Medicare Supplement plans which cover the Part B deductible.
  18. Question: for a 54 male on disability - in PA - He needs a medicare supplement - what is the commission. Answer: Virtually all carriers pay less or don’t pay at all for under 65 business because claims are higher when someone has disability Medicare. Shen and pays 2.25%, #3 does the same amount and they have the best plan G rates in PA. Let me know if you have any questions.
  19. Question: If states Spanish needed can "Anglo only" work at the Walmart Answer: "Spanish needed" is just a recommendation, it isn’t a requirement. Best advice is to go to the store and see if you would be able to communicate with the people.
  20. Certifications Now Open! Beginning today, Monday, July 1, you can certify to sell 2020 UnitedHealthcare®products.
  21. You would have to edit your MX records to point to your email company. Having your A record IP address has no effect on your email. You are in complete control of your DNS and MX records. You would have to update your MX records to point to your domain email address. Your email company or registration company can do this for you. I have a cheat sheet on MX records on this page for many email companies. https://www.naaip.org/website/directory but you can easily google or youtube to see this info... As well, if done well it means you can receive the email. Otherwise you dont receive anything.
  22. since migrating my site over to naaip website. I have www.smithfst.com Website is resolving properly. I have name.com as my registrar I use a different hosting company. Now I cannot use my email addresses since dns is pointing to Naaip server Any ideas? Thanks Dave
  23. Round 3 has been extended and is now closing JULY 12th! Click for - Round 3 Final List of 1,526 Available Walmart Stores Same Round 3 Walmart List that is Hosted on NAAIP's Servers It is the same list - some agents have had troubles seeing the list - so I hosting in two different places.
  24. Humana 2020 MAPD & PDP Certification & Recertification are Now Open Dear Agents, Considering selling Humana MAPD and PDP products this year? Great! Now, earlier than ever, you can certify or recertify to sell MAPD and PDP products. As of Tuesday June 25th 12:00 PM EST, your Humana certification and recertification options are open! Deadlines: Initial Certification will remain open until next summer. Recertification Deadline: 5:00 PM EST on November 30th, 2019 Not sure which to take? Check out the Certification and Recertification Launch Page.
  25. Aetna Med Advantage - Between July 11 - 21, 2019, the online contracting tool will be unavailable due to required system updates. We will also not be able to process any contracting requests received by fax during this time. Online contracting tool available July 22 Their new contracting system should be available as of July 1st we just got an update from them.
  26. HOW? I would like to recruit other agents but I am not sure how to set them up. Brilliant Business Idea: Offer your prospects a fully-functional secure website for their business for FREE. Set up your NAAIP site on your domain name, do the steps to move the site up Google, etc. You will realize that your clients can use a "stripped down" NAAIP site for their business. Multiple agents are doing this technique and earning major cash.
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