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  5. i, tryin to access page one for the 2020 ahip qna is there something i have to do to have access?

  6. Aetna Supplemental does not require e and o. Silverscript agents are required to complete an Aetna MAPD contract now and they do not need to submit E&O through the new Aetna callidus system either.
  7. AHIP questions disappeared... What happened?

  8. Thank you for your help NAAIP
  9. I was on the Comm website for AHIP Testing, I signed off, when I tried to go back on it say that it is no longer there, can you let me know if it moved or what them problem is?

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    2. Thomas Costner

      Thomas Costner

      yes it was very hard this year but i did pass, just remember before you all press the submit questions double check the questions is right print your modules and test questions, you can close your browser to get another 50 questions, if you have any question that any question is wrong and study study. I stress this make sure you know the question is right before submitting anything. Humana only lets you fail twice third time you gotta wait another year to give them a try.

    3. David


      Does anyone know if the questions are pulled from just the tests at the end of the modules or are they also pulled from the mini quizzes within the modules as well?

    4. Juan


      I am also looking for Q&A support for the AHIP.  Took it twice and received a 44 out of 50 missed it by one question both times.  Any assistance can be sent to jreyes.libnat@gmail.com.

  10. Question: Agent is with another upline and she is with Walmart - Can the agent move to our upline and free mailer system (1,000 free mailers for every 5 sales) and still get her Walmart the next year. Answer: If she has paid for the Walmart then it is hers. She won’t lose her Walmart by working with us next year or even this year. When next year comes up she can request that the store be released to us or she could just simply book it through the other upline again if she still has contracting with them.
  11. Medicare Supplement to individuals, who become newly eligible for Medicare as of January 1, 2020 or after, will not have the option to purchase Medicare Supplement plans which cover the Part B deductible.
  12. Question: for a 54 male on disability - in PA - He needs a medicare supplement - what is the commission. Answer: Virtually all carriers pay less or don’t pay at all for under 65 business because claims are higher when someone has disability Medicare. Shen and pays 2.25%, #3 does the same amount and they have the best plan G rates in PA. Let me know if you have any questions.
  13. Question: If states Spanish needed can "Anglo only" work at the Walmart Answer: "Spanish needed" is just a recommendation, it isn’t a requirement. Best advice is to go to the store and see if you would be able to communicate with the people.
  14. Certifications Now Open! Beginning today, Monday, July 1, you can certify to sell 2020 UnitedHealthcare®products.
  15. You would have to edit your MX records to point to your email company. Having your A record IP address has no effect on your email. You are in complete control of your DNS and MX records. You would have to update your MX records to point to your domain email address. Your email company or registration company can do this for you. I have a cheat sheet on MX records on this page for many email companies. https://www.naaip.org/website/directory but you can easily google or youtube to see this info... As well, if done well it means you can receive the email. Otherwise you dont receive anything.
  16. since migrating my site over to naaip website. I have www.smithfst.com Website is resolving properly. I have name.com as my registrar I use a different hosting company. Now I cannot use my email addresses since dns is pointing to Naaip server Any ideas? Thanks Dave
  17. Round 3 has been extended and is now closing JULY 12th! Click for - Round 3 Final List of 1,526 Available Walmart Stores Same Round 3 Walmart List that is Hosted on NAAIP's Servers It is the same list - some agents have had troubles seeing the list - so I hosting in two different places.
  18. Humana 2020 MAPD & PDP Certification & Recertification are Now Open Dear Agents, Considering selling Humana MAPD and PDP products this year? Great! Now, earlier than ever, you can certify or recertify to sell MAPD and PDP products. As of Tuesday June 25th 12:00 PM EST, your Humana certification and recertification options are open! Deadlines: Initial Certification will remain open until next summer. Recertification Deadline: 5:00 PM EST on November 30th, 2019 Not sure which to take? Check out the Certification and Recertification Launch Page.
  19. Aetna Med Advantage - Between July 11 - 21, 2019, the online contracting tool will be unavailable due to required system updates. We will also not be able to process any contracting requests received by fax during this time. Online contracting tool available July 22 Their new contracting system should be available as of July 1st we just got an update from them.
  20. HOW? I would like to recruit other agents but I am not sure how to set them up. Brilliant Business Idea: Offer your prospects a fully-functional secure website for their business for FREE. Set up your NAAIP site on your domain name, do the steps to move the site up Google, etc. You will realize that your clients can use a "stripped down" NAAIP site for their business. Multiple agents are doing this technique and earning major cash.
  21. Lots of agents are always asking me how they can change over to N.A.A.I.P.'s Medicare Selling System. Why Change to N.A.A.I.P.? Expert Tutelage in Selling Medicare by Phone. Sell Medicare at Walmart - free table at Walmart during the OEP. Contracting access to literally every Medicare Advantage and Supplement Carrier. A few supplemental carriers sign exclusive deals with us - You cannot find them anywhere else. Changing from #1 & #2 Medicare Advantage entails sending an email to the carrier (if you cannot get a written release) and waiting 90 days (#2) and 180 days (#1) before you can sign new contracting (you have a 30 day window to submit that contract when the 90 or 180 days occurs). You must request that new contract link from the upline. Changing from #3 involves filling out a new contracting and special form and waiting 90 days. Details on this page - scroll down for exact wording of the emails, links, etc. Most Medicare supplement carriers have a 6 month of no sales/release or in the case of Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement it is 12 months of no sales/release.
  22. Question: need IUL for 43 yo male felon in in VA firearm conviction which includes malicious wounding .. firing into a residential dwelling. convicted of felony...was 4 years and 8 months in jail. not on probation. was released 2015.. and had no probation.. it was domestic with brother.. wants an IUL and put between 11 and 12 thousand in there...male 43 years old .. non smoker.. good health....2 small children... ... he owns a tree company.. that knocks down trees.. and wants to put that 11-12k in every year.. he can show plenty of income on tax returns.... agent tried with North American and got declined because of felony.. and seems to want about 500k - it could be that does not need so much life insurance and needs retirement pension at age 65.. Answer: We just received this from Transamerica: TRANSAMERICA: follow-up to our d/c……… tentatively table –B- possibly standard provided single charge, no history depression, no alcohol abuse or alcohol criticism, no adverse MVR etc. Keep in mind that he could be declined as well, but certainly worth submitting an application. The following companies have declined due to felony conviction with firearm. Nationwide, Minnesota, Banner Life, Principal Financial Group and AIG Life. Banner Life may offer 2025 after 10 years have passed since released, so not until 2025. COLUMBUS, Mutual Omaha AND PROTECTIVE: declined as well Good morning Agent. Unfortunately we are not having any success finding a carrier for this client. A few have yet to respond, but it’s not looking good. If we get some interest, we will let you know.
  23. You should be able to submit Banner on iPipeline now with your code pending. Your contracting has been submitted. If you are having issues, you can contact iPipeline at 800-641-6557. You must have a writing code to submit to Lincoln. That is pending
  24. Question: Allianz Life vs Columbus Life vs North America My target market is W2 employees in CA and I will use IUL for retirement planning. I may go out to TX as well. I will need access to illustration software and I prefer the app be entirely digital. Give me the pros and cons on Allianz. For instance, are they good with rated cases? Are they good with living benefits? Do they require blood in CA? How do they compare with cash accumulation and cash out for retirement planning? Answer: Allianz has an e-app and is non-med up to 1.5 mil and age 60 provided the clients are healthy. They are not great with rated case and are not known for living benefits although they do have a decent chronic illness rider. However between the ages of 20 and 60 they are among the best, if not the best for cash accumulation and tax free income. Columbus Life has a very solid product, e-app, non-med up to 1 mil, solid living benefits and will table shave from table c to standard up to 1 mil and age 70. They accumulate very well, but they are all S&P based and come in second to Allianz for accumulation and tax free income. Question: For cash accumulation, Columbus life over North American? Answer: I think so. I also think Columbus Life has better underwriting.
  25. Question: on www.naaip.org/allianz-life you wrote about 145 percent participation uncapped.. what does that mean. Answer: Allianz offers a few different uncapped strategies with participation rates. Currently they offer a at least two uncapped strategies with 160% participation rates. So, if the index returns 10%, with a 160% par rate, the client would earn 16%. Uncapped means there is no cap placed on the client’s earning potential. Makes sense?
  26. Question: 1. I would like to start selling Annuities and would like to start by selling myself my Annuity where I would like to start with 50K in an index annuity for highest potential return. I was born in 1979. Answer: I am happy to provide some growth annuities for you, but you will get considerably more bang for your buck by dropping the 50K into an IUL or whole life policy. Would you like to see both or just stick with the annuity? Please advise. Attached please find Allianz’s IUL using their premium deposit account so you can single pay the policy without creating a MEC (Modified Endowment Contract). It is essentially an internal side fund that earns interest and pays the premiums into the policy on an annual basis. We assumed a crediting rate of 6.9% and a blend of the three indicies that have performed the best over the last 20 years. For the annuity, we used DE Life’s Retirement Stages 7. It’s a good product for accumulation and offers a return of premium rider in the event you need your money back during the 7 year contract period. We used the S&P annual point to point with a 5.80% cap. There are other options, but lately clients want the S&P. American Equity offers a good growth annuity, the Choice 10 with no income rider using the S&P with a 54% participation rate. You are 1 year too young for the Athene Agility. Integrity offers the Indextra line of products that include a 3 year Goldman Sachs index. All of these are good choices. However, annuities are tax deferred, life insurance policy loans are tax free. Allianz offers several uncapped strategies with high participation rates. Your money also buys a nice death benefit should your heirs ever need it and it has chronic illness rider. If LTC is important, we could look at John Hancock’s new Accumulation IUL that should look similar to this, but with a true LTC rider. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with buying an annuity at your age and rolling it into new products at the end of the contract periods and eventually adding an income rider when the time is right. However, at age 39, I am confident overfunding life insurance is a better call. As a side note, the commission on this life design is almost double that of the annuity. I hope you find this helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
  27. Question: - I am looking for a first to die term policy for my client? Answer: www.naaip.org/assurity-life offers a 1st to die whole life product, but not term. https://www.naaip.org/protective-life offers a second to die term product, but they do not offer a first to die rider. I am not aware of any carriers that offer a 1st to die/joint term product.
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