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  1. great video - for sample website that has the 3 videos - go to www.naaip.org/nate
  2. Question: I have a client who stopped smoking a year ago, she is 70 years old (just turned a few months ago) who is looking for 500K coverage in California. I want to show her Guaranteed Universal Life products. I have run quotes with AIG's GUL3 and Mutual of Omaha's GUL product. She has excellent height and weight, stopped smoking a year ago, and no other issues that I am aware of. I have an appt with her on Monday of next week, can you ask your underwriter to find another GUL product (not an IUL or another UL) to find the best rates. I believe AIG gave the best rates so far but I wanted to see if you have any other carriers that may have better rates. She may be able to spend $1000-$1300/month, but I will be competing with another agent, so I want to get it as cheap as possible. And her mother is still living until 97, so I want a product that will be guaranteed to age 100 or 105 at the minimum. Answer: AIG will not offer preferred on a client that only quit smoking a year ago. She would have had to quit at least three years ago to qualify for preferred. Attached please find the AIG field underwriting guide. However, AIG will offer standard non-tobacco. Those rates are attached and are $14,640.30 to age 105. A slightly better option could be Symetra. They will go standard plus non-tobacco after 12 months. That field underwriting guide is also attached. The Symetra STD Plus rates to 105, also attached, are $14,046.46. Finally, I ran MOO as well. STD: $17,416, STD Plus: $16,800, and PFD: $14,217. However, MOO won’t offer preferred on this client, see attached underwriting guidelines, so they are out. AIG: good carrier, we write a lot of business with them. They also have a couple of ROP options. I am sure you are aware of this as you ran the illustration. However, they have been a little tougher on seniors as of late and have also been on the slower side of town. That being said, nothing wrong with AIG. Symetra: also a good carrier, we write a lot of business with them also. They have a good built in chronic illness rider and the client can pay additional premiums for a fantastic rider. In addition, they are good with seniors. I will send the complete illustrations for both carriers in a separate e-mail. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Attached please find the complete illustrations for both Symetra at STD Plus and AIG at STD. The pricing is similar, however AIG is a tad more expensive. As you can see, if she spends $14,046.45 with both carriers, Symetra goes to age 105 and AIG lapses as age 99. In order to get to 105 with AIG, she would need to spend $14,640.30 annually. AIG: offers ROP at 90 and 95 Symetra: has a good built in chronic illness rider vs AIG’s terminal illness rider.
  3. A term policy on a friend that’s in her last trimester of pregnancy. Protective wanted her to take an exam and she didn’t feel like subjecting herself to that, so we switched to JH. They issued her STD Plus, no meds, no exam…
  4. Make AARP Medicare Supplement Enrollments Easier with Remote Signature! Make enrollment more hassle-free. Remote Signature via DocuSign® on LEAN™ is the latest tool for enrolling consumers in an AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company. Through DocuSign, your clients can sign applications digitally using a secure link from a convenient location. Simple instructions will guide them through the signing process, and you'll know that each signature captured is legally valid, unique and securely encrypted. For a fast, simple and secure way to enroll your clients, start using Remote Signature via DocuSign on LEAN™ today!
  5. Lots of thought and effort go into this monthly newsletter. I appreciate that many agents have expressed their gratitude for my company's good work. Latest News since last month: 1. IUL - Indexed Universal Life - www.naaip.org/iul-information Very comprehensive page that explains the IUL. Lists our favorite carriers. You notice that I love Allianz Life. This week I will write a telemarketing phone script for IUL that will compliment the phone scripts below. www.naaip.org/how-to-sell-annuities www.naaip.org/sell-final-expense-by-phone www.naaip.org/med-sup-phone-sales After spending a month researching the IUL, I have come to the conclusion that an agent that is not thoroughly comfortable explaining and selling an IUL has wasted his/her time becoming an insurance agent. The main bullet point is that an IUL is that it is the only financial vehicle in the USA that allows: Virtually unlimited deposits that grow tax-deferred and eventually become tax-free. 2. www.naaip.org/oxford-life sales are going strong. Point of Sale Issue of the policy is Huge. Lowest rates on FEX for non-smokers ages 50-85. 120% from Oxford and 5% from NAAIP. The 120 FEX Club will become the 125 Club. Talk to me. Change is sometimes good. Compensation got raised for SPWL and their fixed annuities are industry leaders. 3. Medicare Leads. NAAIP offers highest CMS allowed compensation on Medicare Advantage. Every 5 sales will get you 1,000 free mailers. Agents that desire to have a Medicare selling booth in Walmart next year, Please tell me. Reserve now! If you are selling Medicare via another up-line that does not give you free mailers. Switch to NAAIP. It is easy. As well, NAAIP makes selling Medicare Advantage over-the-phone a snap. Ask me. 4. Name Server Technique to Host Domains Will End on January 1, 2019. a. Agents that have used NAAIP's Name Servers of n3.naaip.org and ns4.naaip.org must change Name Server to default and host via the IP address technique. b. Agents with the Name Server Technique with a business domain name email need to input their MX records in DNS. c. www.whatsmydns.com shows your current NS (Name Server). As well, your MX records which allows your email to function. d. Your domain registration company (i.e GoDaddy) can do this for you or you can email me your GoDaddy user name and password. e. Fixes will be implemented during the daily conference call (now 6 days per week). f. You must attend and ask moderator to check his email. g. Your site/email will be up and running well by the end of the conference call. h. Most NAAIP sites that were hosted by NAAIP from January 1, 2016 to August 1, 2018 used Name Servers Technique. i. The elimination of the Name Server Technique is needed to increase site upload speed. YouTube explanation to change IP Address to NAAIP's in your DNS.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNfRVfGKTrY&list=PLJVKYiW2lCj4MaRqhNmhl4EkUSoOuI1hm&index=77 This video explains how to put your NAAIP website on your own domain name. It walks you thru steps for godaddy, but it is same steps for other companies.
  7. We fixed for future occurrences, but if this is the issue with your site.. try to fix yourself.. if not succeed, Please come to daily conference call and the moderator will fix for you.
  8. Hello Agent, There are a variety of options for non-citizens and citizens living abroad. However, the clients must come to the U.S. to get examined and sign the application. Pan Am and National Western offer term and permanent insurance to foreign nationals. The other carriers that play in the space only offer permanent products. I hope you find this information helpful. If you have a case in mind that you would like to discuss, I would be happy to chat with you about it.
  9. The subject of the email that you read: "NAAIP vs Compulife - NAAIP Wins! - You are Entitled to a Cash Settlement" is factually correct. https://www.naaip.org/community/topic/13-compulife-lawsuit-join-a-class-action-lawsuit-or-sue-individually/- To read Federal Judge James M. Hopkins 53 page decision and read NAAIP's explanation/timeline of what happened from April, 2015. You were contacted by Robert Barney of Compulife with a "tale" of software piracy that was designed to financially hurt you. As well, 2,100 insurance agents were listed on a website operated by Robert Barney as participating in "software piracy." These claims by Mr. Barney were false and known by Mr. Barney as being false. In fact, the federal trial that occurred in October 2017 was "all about" copy-write infringement and not about piracy. It would have gentlemanly of Mr. Barney to inform you of that "sort of" important distinction. Regardless, Judge James M. Hopkins wrote a 53 page decision that cleared NAAIP of any copy-write infringement issues. NAAIP encourages the affected parties to be made whole for their financial losses caused by Mr. Robert Barney's malicious pursuit of profit.
  10. David Gordon

    Medicare News

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released 2019 premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance amounts for the Medicare Part A and Part B programs. 2019 Medicare Part A and B Premiums/Deductibles Deductible and Coinsurance Amounts for Calendar Years 2018 and 2019 by Type of Cost Sharing* Description 2018 2019 Part A Inpatient hospital deductible $1,340 $1,364 Daily coinsurance for 61st-90th Day $ 335 $ 341 Daily coinsurance for lifetime reserve days $ 670 $ 682 Skilled Nursing Facility coinsurance $167.50 $170.50 Medicare Part B annual deductible $183 $185 Medicare Part B standard monthly premium $134 $135.50 High-Deductible Plan F $2,240 $2,300 Plan K out-of-pocket limit $5,240 $5,560 Plan L out-of-pocket limit $2,620 $2,780 Starting January 1, 2020, Medicare Supplement insurance plans sold to those newly enrolling in Medicare will not be allowed to cover the Part B deductible. Because of this, Plans C and F/HDF will no longer be available to people new to Medicare as of January 1, 2020. Seniors who already have either of these two plans (or the high deductible version of Plan F) before January 1, 2020 will be able to keep their plan, as long as premiums are current. They will NOT need to make any changes to their plans. If Seniors were eligible for Medicare before January 1, 2020, but not yet enrolled, they may be able to buy one of these plans. More information about changes in Medicare in 2020 are coming soon.
  11. No one allows parameds to be done overseas unless we set up an offshore corp to run the business through. However, Pan Am will write in almost any country and offers term, UL and soon IUL. The clients need to come to FL, TX, or AZ to sign the application. Underwriting will look at meds in advance, but they want the exams done in country. National Western is rolling out a similar program. met life and transamerica fly back to usa.. transamerica will allow power of attorney.. to deliver policy..
  12. I am incredibly proud of the great system that NAAIP programmers and designers have created. My business plan from a few years ago was straight forward. Free client-facing insurance agent websites that are superior in quality to anything available anywhere. Quoters that will facilitate collecting visitor name, email and phone. Teach agents to move their website up Google. Absolute highest recruiting contracts will be offered to NAAIP by the insurers because of the multitude of agents in our system. Offer agents insurance contracts with substantially higher commissions than other IMOs, FMOs and recruiters. Mission Accomplished. NAAIP is a success story. There are two big negatives. Even though NAAIP has higher payouts, many agents are still submitting business at lower commission thru other recruiting entities. NAAIP computer programmers want more money, especially considering that they have built a world-class system and the cost of living keeps on going up. The Solution: $29.99/month when your website reaches 1,000 hits for the contact forms to work. Your website will still be free-forever but the contact forms are "sort of" important. One sale via NAAIP upline waives one month of website fees. One sale via NAAIP upline by a referred agent waives one month as well. Agents will list their sale details in their NAAIP back office. In essence, self-reporting their sales in order that their contact forms will continue to work after 1,000 hits. Programming work must be implemented for agents to self-report their sales and be credited for referred agent sales. This takes time. Extraordinary circumstances. Certain carriers we be considered multiple sales (such as www.naaip.org/oxford-life). Big sales will get more credit, etc. One month I will feel generous and announce that if you join my YouTube channel and make a favorable comment it will give you a month. We can have lots of fun with this. Talk to me. This payment/"contact form continuing to work" system will commence at the earliest on February 1st, 2019. In the meantime, any sale that you make till then can be credited when payments/sales are needed.
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    Medicare Advantage - Transferring Upline

    SilverScript allows dual contracting.