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  1. Many referrers become aware of an agent’s capabilities when an agent spoke at a seminar or a conference. This is what I would recommend that you do. You can reach out to businesses that have seniors on payroll, Financial Advisors are a good resource, P & C agencies, faith-based organizations, organizations that you belong to like a gym. Do you belong to, or does someone you know belong to a service organization? Do they need someone to come talk about Medicare? Meet with the director, or manager of these businesses and organizations. Bring them donuts. Get to know them and be persistent. Build a relationship. Let the directors know that you are there to help their members. You can study more about hosting educational events, let me know if there is any additional information that you may need because the sales will come. Other Marketing Opportunities 1. Call Meals on Wheels, the director may agree to send a flyer with the meals. 2. Do T65 mailers, this will keep a steady stream of clients coming into your business. 3. Put a magnet on your car, or window clings. These are available on United Healthcare’s portal, or you can order from www.vistaprint.com. 4. Retail Venues. We work with Direct Health, CVS, and Medicare carriers to bring retail opportunities to agents during AEP. 5. Community Events, Health Fairs – most carriers have compliant signage, flyers, ads, post cards, etc. google senior expo, tradeshow and events to find the ones you want to work. 6. Senior centers, Senior housing, Senior Mobile home parks – give a seminar, do a benefits check-up (see attached documents on benefits check.org) 7. Realtors, seniors moving into the area. 8. Contact Financial advisors, P & C agencies, Group Benefit providers, most of these agencies like to refer Medicare Business. Be persistent, bring donuts, offer to do educational seminars for their clients. 9. Qualification Criteria for Extra Help: https://www.ncoa.org/wp-content/uploads/part-d-lis-eligibility-and-benefits-chart.pdf Humana Webinar Generating Medicare Referrals: https://youtu.be/nAJ8Vi1sbxY Marketing Special Election Codes: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/5424810434094211329
  2. David Gordon

    Best Life Insurance for Cigar Spokers

    https://www.naaip.org/john-hancock-insurance is your best bet as they are among the least expensive for his height and weight whether or not you choose Vitality and he can smoke as many cigars as he wants and still be considered non-smoker. in our iPipeline tool at the bottom of www.naaip.org and all subpages - There is an underwriting tools in Term and UL Quotes and submissions - iPipeline. www.naaip.org/banner-life looks good but based on client be able to smoke many cigars JH is best. With JH you would register for the eticket and login in the NAAIP back office and submit the sale. There is a decent chance it will be accelerated underwriting as well. https://www.naaip.org/john-hancock-life-expresstrack-2-pages-1.pdf
  3. He is in good health 33 years old. 6"3" 285 lbs and smokes 1 cigar a month. Looking for a 20 year $250,000 term. Can you direct me to a company and tell me how to get appointed?
  4. Hello {$name}, Subject Line: Join the Walmart Retail Program with NAAIP The Walmart Retail Program is returning for AEP 2020. The program allows NAAIP agents to reserve a Walmart store during AEP. Agents have the opportunity to interact with Walmart shoppers, answer their questions, and enroll them in Medicare plans. Stores Must Be Reserved Agent reservation is exclusive; no other agents will be allowed a presence in that Walmart. The sooner you apply for a store the better your chances of reserving it. For AEP 2020 there are more than 2,500 unclaimed stores. Must be contracted through NAAIP with at least two Medicare Advantage carriers who offer plans in the store area. Must complete Medicare certifications for AHIP and your Medicare Advantage carriers by September 10, 2019. Agent must be in store three days per week for a total of 20 hours per week between October 7 and December 13. This can be divided between multiple agents. $250 application fee per store. Agents can can be credited to cover this cost. You Must Apply and Submit their Store Selection with NAAIP by May 17, 2019 Available Stores Click to find stores in your area. May 1 to 16 - Round 1 of Store Selection For returning agents only. Renewals for agents who had stores the previous year. May 17 - NAAIP Deadline for Store Selection Agents must submit their store selection to NAAIP by May 17. May 22 to June 17 - Round 2 of Store Selection Open to any agent. Agents can apply for stores whether or not they had the store the previous year. June 24 to 28 - Round 3 of Store Selection Open to any agent. Agents can apply for stores whether or not they had the store the previous year. September 1 - Payment Deadline Deadline for agents to submit $250/store application fee. September 10 - Certification Deadline Agent must have completed Medicare certifications for AHIP and at least two carriers who offer Medicare Advantage policies in the area. October 7 to December 13 - Agent Present in the Store Agent must be in store three days per week for a total of 20 hours per week. This can be divided between multiple agents. Only via NAAIP - Every 5 Medicare sales gets you 1,000 free mailers! Your site {$link_url} should be on a domain name that you own! Talk to me and we will get this done. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.
  5. John Hancock - Prudential - Lincoln Financial Group
  6. 1. The Favicon is now able to be changed. As default the favicon is your profile image. If you have the naaip logo there.. that is what is will be. If you upload your personal image, then that will be your Favocon. As well, you can upload something else.
  7. https://www.enomcentral.com - For step 1. here is the instructions in their help section. keep in mind to put my companies IP address of Host Records are displayed in the following format: Host Name Record Type Address www A (Address) @ A (Address) * A (Address) There are three standard Host Names that you should configure for your main website: www: Points www.example.com to the Address specified. @ (none): Points the domain with no www. (e.g., if you typed example.com instead of www.example.com). This is also known as the "naked" domain or "blank" record. * (all others): Points [anything].example.com to the address specified (e.g., uuu.domain.com or website.domain.com).
  8. Hello {$name}, The Following is the Latest News: I have spent over 1,000 hours on YouTube watching other recruiters/trainers spout off their special knowledge about insurance sales. I, personally, have 20 years in this industry. Right from the start at the very top earnings level. Face to Face & Over-the-Phone for multiple product lines. I have spoken to thousands of agents over the past few years as NAAIP has become a powerful force. Offering free technology and highest commissions. My conference call is 6 days per week. A lot of talking and listening. I respectfully request that you: Ask me a question, give me a topic that you want a detailed video explanation. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel - then click "The Bell" to be alerted to new videos. Like & Comment on individual videos. I get alerted to every comment on my NAAIP Channel. Ask the question in the comment section of my YouTube video. A few weeks ago, I bought a better microphone. You will notice that the audio sounds better on the recent videos. Very soon, I will buying video equipment - My fans will be able to see that I am reasonably handsome. lol. Every so often, I will be "Live-Streaming" our daily conference call. Those that Subscribe and be Alerted will be notified by email whenever live-streaming occurs. A few recent YouTube videos. How to Move Your NAAIP Site up Google Two Most Important Factors in Phone Selling/Appointment Setting Using a Free Will to Help You Sell Insurance Selling Final Expense over the Phone - Amazing Phone Script Your site {$link_url} should be on a domain name that you own! Talk to me and we will get this done. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money. Sincerely, David Gordon tel:(800)770-0492 direct & sms: (561)440-9245 (I Love Text Messages) www.naaip.org eContracting Portal eContracting SuranceBay Link Compensation Grid All (except annuities) - a few carriers are listed exclusively in our password protected back office. Compensation Grid Annuities Contracting Summary iPipeline iGo Term & UL Quotes/Submission (drop ticket is easiest) iPipeline Home - submit Life, Ci, Di, Acc, LTC & Annuities iPipeline Forms Search iPipeline Product Information iPipeline Underwriting Search Guaranteed Highest Compensation on Over 100 Carriers Home of The 125 FEX Club,The 123 Term Life Club & The IUL Club Free leads if contracted with: Dozens of Life, FEX, Annuity, LTCi, CI, DI & Medicare Carriers NAAIP Members Nationwide: 9,739 Conference Call: Weekdays Noon & Sundays 2pm ET Dial 1(888)532-9320 [email protected]: Illustrations/Expert advice for all situations. Don't be shy. We are here to serve you. Give every detail of your prospect. You will get expert advice as to which product to sell. www.naaip.org/oxford-life is NAAIP's greatest deal. Lowest non-smoker FEX rates - POS. Register for AgentXcelerator - This gives you access to a 100% accurate Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage & Part D Quote quote engine. To whitelist NAAIP's email. Add [email protected] to your contact list by emailing back. Say "Hello."
  9. 1and1 is the one domain registration where we have had difficulty getting the hosting right. Here are some of the fixes to the issues. 1. 1and1 needs 2 A Records that has naaip's IP address of One of the A records will have @ and the other will have www. - which is there already. Just input the IP of in the proper place. 2. Remove the AAAA Record - Delete it. ... example yourdomain.com AAAA 3599 2607:f1c0:100f:f000::26b www.yourdomain.com AAAA 3599 2607:f1c0:100f:f000::26b 3. You can verify your A record and AAAA Record at https://www.whatsmydns.net/?utm_source=whatsmydns.com&utm_medium=redirect
  10. Global Atlantic - Worldwide Assets Considered – Program is designed for “High Net Worth” foreign nationals, so we require a $2 million net worth. However, the assets are not required to be in the U.S. Will consider assets anywhere in the world to meet this requirement and to justify the amount of insurance coverage sought. Translated Materials – Purchasing a policy in a second language can be challenging. We have translated certain marketing materials to Chinese and Spanish. Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) – Makes it easy for clients who need to return to their home country before the policy is issued. An LPOA form is available to facilitate delivery of the policy in the event the foreign national is no longer in the U.S.
  11. You see on our www.naaip.org/buy-domain we are showing exactly how to host for GoDaddy. For other services including NameSilo two A records are needed. Here is what NameSilo should look like in DNS. Existing Resource Records Listed below are the existing resource records for madisonlanegroup.com. You can modify or delete each record using the associated icons listed to the right of the record. HOSTNAME TYPE ADDRESS / VALUE DISTANCE/PRIO TTL SERVICE EDIT DELETE A NA 3603* 3rd-party www A NA 3603* 3rd-party
  12. Are you struggling to successfully sell insurance? Would you like to figure out how to fix your challenges? If so, keep reading as I’m offering a limited-time opportunity to consult with me. In the interest of creating new and helpful content, where I consult with agents like you who want answers to your struggles in selling insurance. Here’s how it works: Respond here expressing your interest in a 30-minute consultation with me personally. We’ll spend 30 minutes discussing your challenges, and come up with actionable ideas on how to fix your problems. Anything you want to discuss is fine! Appointment setting, door knocking, presentation skills, handling objections, carrier questions, etc. My goal is for you to have a strategy you can put into action immediately that will increase your success in selling insurance. It doesn’t matter what you sell. Final expense, annuities, mortgage protection, Medicare Supplements, etc. No matter what you sell, I’ll be happy to help. Lastly, this is not a hidden recruiting scheme. Only free training. 😃 Here’s what to do next: I will reach out to 5 of you to schedule a call over the next week to two weeks. I may end up doing more consults long-term if reception for this type of training is strong. PS: Want a free training consultation with David to help you with any of your insurance sales questions and challenges?
  13. David Gordon

    Drunk Driver for Life Insurance

    I had our underwriter work on it. Here is where we are currently: Prudential: possible Table F Columbus Life: declined Principal: declined Nationwide: declined Protective: declined AIG: declined MN Life: declined MOO: declined Here is some other feedback: 1. Client must wait 10 years if he admits to currently drinking 2. Client can apply with the carriers on attached when it’s been 5 years AND states that he is not currently drinking 3. Client can apply for a simplified issue product Please let us know if you have any questions.