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  1. Please call my office. I would like to interview you. As well, register at www.naaip.org so get email updates.
  2. I am sure they will give you your money back. Your real damages was your time and effort calling replicated data. Once they give the lead money back ask for compensation for your time. Plus triple damages for lying.
  3. from two weeks ago. Hello , For the longest time, I have realized that video marketing is so important in today's sales world. All the while, wondering why my videos did not look so good. Here are the steps that I took. I bought a Canon camera and a good web camera. I bought a professional microphone. I learned how to edit using YouTube tools. I experimented with livestream. I subscribed to a transcription service to make the description more interesting. I subscribed to a program to edit videos, including inserting music. I started wearing a sport jacket while interviewing people. I subscribed to streamyard.com to do online interviews. The last interviewee, Ron Le Vine of Florida, tells me that he was using a simple web camera, and I noticed that his video quality was superb compared to mine. And I was using an expensive Canon camera. I realized that it was my PC that was not up to snuff. It was the old pc the entire time that affected the video quality. OOOOPs. The new PC will be set up by Sunday, and I am looking forward to producing high-quality videos for my YouTube channel. Thankfully, the subject of the videos that I have made recently was on target. Interesting content that affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of insurance agents. This whole episode of me attempting to be a YouTube star teaches us that that one must do everything well to have a chance to succeed. If you are missing one piece of the puzzle, it is not good. Insurance agents must realize that they should be expert on: The product line Closing deals Generating leads Telephonic and face-to-face communication. If you are ignoring or not skilled at one of the skill sets listed above, things probably won't work out. I am looking forward to a bright future of producing high-quality videos that are relevant to insurance agents and financial advisors. Please view my Family First Life Class Action Lawsuit Witness PlayList Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe. If you have been a victim of Family First Life, please call me to arrange an interview.
  4. Hello , Every generation has a skill-set that is mastered by the richest man/woman in the city. For marketers and salespeople, the skill that is today's King is video creation. And has never been easier to become a pro. I have been working and learning to master video. Doing this out of sense of duty to protect insurance agents from becoming the next victim of Family First Life. Please like, comment, share and subscribe to encourage me in my journey. Latest videos. "Family First Life Targets Minorities Into a Bogus System" Young & Latino at Family First Life. The First 30 Days Selling Life Insurance. First Day Calling Family First Life Leads. A teleselling trainer offers spot-on advice Leaving Family First Life Insurance, Process of Getting a "Release" Family First Life Overview: "This Borders On Shaking Down Elderly People" A big thumbs up to Douglas Massi, who makes professional quality videos for years in his Final Expense recruiting efforts. Click below for Douglas's latest creation. Family First Life Class Action Lawsuit For the longest time, I was wondering how Family First Life convinced thousands to buy their replicated old data while telling the agent that it is a "fresh and exclusive" lead. My videos give that answer. As well, I discovered that over 30 fake YouTube accounts were created to specifically make negative comments on my videos. Great technique until you get caught. I am curious who this person works for. Amanda Ames Joined YouTube Jul 30, 2022 Claudia Barillas Joined Jul 30, 2022 Lisa Wilson Joined Jul 30, 2022 Nicole Overholt Joined Jul 30, 2022 Jeanette Parker Joined Jul 30, 2022 Anel Sanchez Joined Jul 30, 2022 Casey Ferris Joined Jul 30, 2022 Christina Bilske Joined Jul 30, 2022 Derick Klingbiel Joined Jul 30, 2022 Bethany Georgas Joined Jul 30, 2022 Brian Matthew Joined Jul 30, 2022 Ashley Miller Joined Jul 30, 2022 Kathryn A Gilbert Joined Jul 30, 2022 Faith Nocera Joined Jul 30, 2022 Danae R Farias Joined Jul 30, 2022 Mary Thompson Joined Jul 30, 2022 Ruth Munson Joined Jul 30, 2022 Carrie R Stephenson Joined Jul 30, 2022 Beck F Joined Jul 29, 2022 Christine Mayea Joined Jul 30, 2022 Reuben Ralphs Joined Jul 30, 2022 Jo E Herrmann Joined Aug 1, 2022 Yasin Ertür Joined May 13, 2021 Bryant Heriberto Joined May 13, 2021 Ignacio Brody Joined May 13, 2021 Bradley Sabastian Joined May 13, 2021 Yasin Peker Joined May 13, 2021 Noah Lee Joined Aug 1, 2022 Christina Drossos Joined Aug 1, 2022 Jenna Lane Joined Aug 1, 2022 Judith Kinsey b Joined Aug 3, 2022 Jessica Kimberly Joined Aug 3, 2022. If you have been a victim of Family First Life, please call me to arrange an interview. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.
  5. I am not surprised. All the agents have the same story. Please call my office 561 440 9245.
  6. call www.naaip.org - best to register so you will be on our email list.
  7. Hello Agent, sent on July 11 , Family First Life Agent: "They Lied To Me Three Times" Ron Le Vine of Florida was a new insurance agent and was persuaded with grand promises by a Family First Life recruiter. Ron tells us that Family First Life had no training. The training was "go make phone calls." Ron was recommended to buy from $750 to $1,500 in FFL leads per week. View video on YouTube - click here I upped my movie making skills. Added music, etc. Encourage me by like, comment, share and subscribe. Here are the three lies. "They said that they would give me training, that was a lie." "They told me that they would give me leads to help me get started, that was a lie." "They told me that I would have access to all the companies, that was a lie." Ron informs us that the FFL "A" leads that are sold for up to $75 dollars are being resold over and over, which ruins the chance for the agent to succeed. Ron states that FFL is acting in an unethical manner and is certain that FFL and similar IMOs are just "churn and burn." "Every person that I spoke to that came into Family First Life, everyone's story was the same. We were just flat out lied to. It's just not right." Ron worked at Family First Life for weeks and bought between $2,500 and $3,000 and made one $350 sale that cancelled after a few weeks. Ron consulted his upline and FFL management as to why he was not succeeding. Management was unable to answer him. Ron tells us that "he does not want anyone to go through what he went through." Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Make comments, life and share. Family First Life is being sued in a class-action lawsuit for lead fraud here: https://www.naaip.org/first-family-life-class-action-lawsuit-ffl.pdf NAAIP's forum post that has the latest developments in the FFL's legal battles https://www.naaip.org/community/topic/481-ffl-family-first-life-class-action-lawsuit/ View the playlist of FFL class action lawsuit witnesses. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJVKYiW2lCj5oHUZkuMJJEIQAZzhWQisX
  8. Hello Agent - Sent on July 5th - Subject Line: Family First Life Agents Learns How to Create Leads. Gets Terminated & Lawsuit Threatened I am doing interview after interview of Family First Life agents. The latest interview with insurance agent Mark Sias of Florida is both heart-wrenching and educational. Click here to view on YouTube Mark tells us that he joined FFL three years and was told by FFL that the proper way to earn money as an agent is to buy leads from FFL's CRM. Mark bought two batches of leads, totaling $1,000. Mark is an intelligent man who is suitable for the job of selling financial products, and he realized that he should be "branding" himself and learn how to generate leads. Being a confident and good person, Mark proceeded to spread the word on FFL's WhatsApp group chat, FFL's Facebook groups and his personal Facebook page that "it is easy to set up a Facebook ad campaign" and his results were far superior to buying FFL's CRM leads. Mark was blocked from FFL's groups, lawsuit threatened on a voice mail by Mike Killimett - Managing Partner at Integrity Marketing Group, which is the parent company of Family First Life. Mark had his appointments terminated by the carriers that Family First Life set him up with. The termination was particularly harmful, in that he could not recontract for six months from the last sale or initial contract with a main carrier. Mark tells me that he will be filing an individual lawsuit against Shawn Meaike and Family First Life. The statute of limitations in Florida is four year. Different states have varying limits. Some states are two or three years. Under Florida law, a legal or equitable action founded on fraud must be commenced within four years. See Florida Statutes Section 95.11(3)(j). The four-year statute of limitations for fraud begins to run from the time the facts giving rise to the cause of action were discovered or should have been discovered with the exercise of due diligence. I need you to like, comment, share and subscribe to videos on my YouTube channel. Particularly, the videos on the Family First Life Class Action Lawsuit Witness PlayList.
  9. Hello , I created a page on NAAIP's community forum for the latest news on FFL's class-action lawsuit regarding lead fraud. You are welcome to leave comments. Click here On this page you will see: A link to the class-action lawsuit A link to FFL's FTC cease & desist from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). A link to NAAIP's YouTube Playlist of interviews to be used in litigation against FFL. I need you to view, comment, like and share videos from this playlist. Subscribe to NAAIP's YouTube channel. Most likely, the provision on the lawsuit dealing with "releases" will be retracted. Class-action lawsuits should be narrow in focus to enjoin as many victims as possible. Class-action lawsuits are typically the legal recourse when large corporations inflict small amounts of damage on numerous people. After reading the class action and consulting attorneys, my recommendation is that victims of Family First Life should file legal actions in their state court. Federal court's minimum claim would be $75,000. State law is usually more protective of consumers than federal law. Yet, one can file in Federal Court and collect on state laws. You can claim damages for "release" issues. Attorney Chris Wellman was kind enough to write down the argument for you in his filing. You can claim damages for lost wages, time and effort. You can claim damages of false claims of offering excellent training, mentorship. You can claim emotional damages. You can claim legal fees You can claim additional damages. Most states grant treble (triple) for this type of tort. I recommend that you file pro-se. Represent yourself. Availing the legal system is easy. Go to your local courthouse. Talk to the Clerk of Court, who is there to help you. I will help you. If you refuse to protect your rights as an American in availing our justice system, I recommend that you cease working as a sole proprietor. Find a job in a big company that has a labor union. You will file the complaint, fill out the "pro se" form in which you tell the court your contact information including email address. You will print the complaint in multiple copies. Name the defendant. I Googled "Connecticut Secretary of State corporation search", inputted "family first life". Shawn Meaike is the principle and agent. A person, other than yourself, must give, "serve", the lawsuit to Mr. Meaike or his representative. After filing the lawsuit, contact me and I can supply you with the contact information of FFL's two main attorneys. Both bill at more than $1,199 per hour. The court proceeding would be in your local area since Shawn Meaike and FFL are operating a business in your area. Large corporations with potential disputes nationwide usually have written agreements that mandate that disputes be settled via arbitration in the corporate headquarters' hometown. If needed by an interested party, I downloaded Shawn Meaike's introduction 5-minute YouTube video, in which he talks about "fresh leads" and "no contracts." The class action case needs lead plaintiffs in each state. One is not allowed to double-dip. You cannot collect on both the personal and class action lawsuit on the same issue. If you were the lead plaintiff in the class-action in "Nebraska" and sued personally, then FFL would be encouraged to settle your claim in order that you would "drop out" as the lead plaintiff for Nebraska. Please reply to me if you have bought leads from FFL. Tell me the approximate amount of your purchases.
  10. Call NAAIP office any time at 561.440.9245 - To get started.
  11. Family First Life and Shawn Meaike were served in a class action lawsuit. To view the lawsuit that was filed last week in the US District Court, Southern District of California. Click here - https://www.naaip.org/first-family-life-class-action-lawsuit-ffl.pdf Chris Wellman, the attorney, requested my help to find lead plaintiffs in the various states. Each state has distinct laws that would cause additional penalties for lawbreakers, but an agent from that particular state must step forward as the leader of the class, otherwise reliance on federal law will prevail. The two issues being litigated are 1. Lead fraud - agents that have bought leads from Family First Life. The second issue is 2. Trouble getting released from carriers after wanting to leave FFL. Being involved in FFL leads is easy to prove or disprove, obviously. Trouble getting released is another story. FFL recruiting material stated, "You can come and go as you please, go work wherever you want." Yet, when agents requested to move their contract elsewhere, onerous requirements were made to obtain FFL's signature to release. I suppose, once an FFL agent knew of these "onerous requirements" most agents would have given up on the issue and waited the 6-months of no sales for his/her preferred carrier. The class action is focused on these two issues only. There is a distinct possibility that the lawsuit will be amended to only cover lead fraud. Agents are encouraged to seek justice in the state court system. Lost wages, punitive and treble (triple) damages are available in many jurisdictions. Please join NAAIP's daily video conference call, and we will walk you through the steps to attain justice. It should be noted that many agents entered the Family First Life IMO based on deceptive recruiting. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) served Family First Life a cease & desist on these deceptive practices on December 27, 2021. "The FTC determined that Family First life is unlawfully misrepresenting that consumers who become Family First Life business opportunity participants are likely to earn substantial income." I would like you to interview you to our YouTube Channel dedicated to this matter. Click here for the current interviews online - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJVKYiW2lCj5oHUZkuMJJEIQAZzhWQisX I am adding new videos every day.
  12. The Greg Birch whistleblower interview is jaw-dropping. Click to hear on YouTube - https://youtu.be/DJCpkNDbIDo Like, subscribe and share. I was hoping that the lead-selling IMO, who is paying their lead attorney $1,200 per hour, would drop the case against me. The plaintiff attorney told me, that the lead-selling IMO will end up spending one million dollars if this case goes to trial. Hearing these numbers, I am, like. "Lets be friends." There was an attorney's meeting (I am representing myself) earlier in the week, in which all sides get together to present to the judge the deadlines for procedures. Tentative trial date will be in April 2023. West Palm Beach Federal Court. Case No. 9:22-cv-80243-AMC. At that meeting, the plaintiff attorney tells me that the supposed defamation was a "minor" point. It is apparent to me that their goal is to "shut me down." On my six-day per week video conference calls, I state, day after day, that it is the agent's job to learn and implement the skill-set to generate leads. My existing is a threat to their business model. Greg Birch states in minute 29 of the interview: "thousands of agents spent thousands of dollars on leads and did not make any sales." What is a million dollars in legal fees, when three thousand agents spending three thousand dollars each equals $9,000,000. Plus, I will busy for the next year acting all lawyerly instead of working on building up NAAIP. I appreciate those agents that have been interviewed by me on YouTube. My job for the next year is to interview more agents. An agent a day. If the lead-selling IMO believes that I have countless friends, then they will come to their senses and drop the lawsuit.
  13. On Fri, May 27, 2022 at 2:44 PM Guido-Hernandez, Maria <Maria.Guido-Hernandez@myfloridacfo.com> wrote:
  14. Conversation with investigator Eric from Minnesota. The complaint was filed by me after Robert Taylor of MN tells me that he filed a complaint. Mr. Taylor of MN tells me that he spent $9,000 in leads and did not make one sale. Afterwards, I filed my complaint to MN with additional information, including the Greg Birch whistleblower interview. Eric listened to Greg Birch and received the Robert Taylor complaint. I don't know if MN will do the pro-active investigation, which would mean that MN requests the list of new agents for the IMO and the list of their sales, for their preferred carrier. It would be a fairly simple investigation to track what happened to these sales. End game is churning and elder abuse. Eric Lohman Investigator 651-539-1649 mn.gov/commerce eric.lohman (at) state.mn.us Minnesota Department of Commerce 85 7th Place East, Suite 280 | Saint Paul, MN 55101
  15. I filed a complaint with Washington State with lots of evidence of fraud. The main evidence sent over was the Greg Birch Whistleblower 34 minute interview. Jessica tells me that they will close this particular case after consulting her boss. Greg laid out the case as lead fraud that hypothetically should lead to churning and elder abuse. Jessica thanked me for bringing this evidence to her attention, and her department will keep an eye on this issue. Jessica suggested that it would be a Department of Labor investigation, or a class-action lawsuit, or even that the home state of the Lead Seller / Agent Recruiter should do the investigation. The current statutes of her state don't allow investigations to look into this matter unless they have a particular in-state client name and details who has specific evidence of churning or elder abuse. In essence, I would have to bring the name and details of one client who bought a high-priced policy and then later replaced it with a different policy from within the same IMO. The client does not necessarily have to file the complaint. I could do for him or her. Apparently, what, I thought, was evidence was just the outline of the technique of defrauding others, but was not specific evidence. Jessica tells me that there are current investigations of Mortgage Protection lead fraud, in which the prospect is mailed something that gives the impression that the state is mandating or encouraging the client to buy mortgage protection life insurance. After listening to the Greg Birch Whistleblower Interview. Greg is describing how the new agent becomes the victim. Apparently, Washington State investigative powers are not there to protect the agent. Moving forward, I will be encouraging agents to find me at real live clients who were victimized, so I can bring this evidence to the state. Below is the investigator's contact information Jessica Bullington, MCM Fraud Analyst Regulatory Investigations Unit Legal Affairs Division Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner Phone: 360.725.7259 Jessica.Bullington (at) oic.wa.gov
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