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  1. My job is to teach you how to sell life insurance. I intend to succeed and you will benefit. 6 Facts Pertaining To Your Chosen Profession 1. 92% of New Insurance Agents Fail Before Their License Renews in the 4th Year. 2. This Explains Why IMOs that Recruit New Agents Are Lead Sellers. 3. The Average Income of Experienced Insurance Agents/Advisors is Only $52,180. 4. The Highest 10% of Agents/Advisors Will Earn More Than $125,000. 5. It is Possible to Get Rich Selling Insurance, but It Won't Happen by Buying Leads from "Shyster" IMOs. 6. NAAIP's Training Program Shows You How To Be a Top-Level Agent/Advisor Without Buying Leads. You may say that I am being "over the top" but these are factual statements. Your job is to stay in business and since commission sales is not a "fun job" you should be earning double the average salary for this job to be worth your while. The key bullet point in succeeding in life insurance sales is identifying the advantage that your product line has. Unequivocally I state: The advantage is Tax Deferred and then Tax Free Income. The second bullet point is identifying what advantage you have in this process. Your communication and networking skills, passion in helping others and seemingly trustworthiness make you the ideal financial salesperson to illustrate "retirement planning" policies in which the average commission is between $3,000 and $5,000. I am here to help you. I know that just about every IMO that recruits new agents is out there to "scam" you. I have heard the horror stories. Please join my 6-day per week video conference call by calling in or via the application - https://meetings.dialpad.com/naaip. Let me show you the way to be a top-level producer with our Top 5 Mutual Life Insurer. Request contracting by emailing [email protected] In addition, please set up your free-forever website with NAAIP. You completed the first step of registering but never chose a template which would have created your website. I am here to help you. Contact me at your convenience. In your NAAIP back office, you can see clearly the details of how you can receive advance commissions. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn money.
  2. Hello, NAAIP was terminated for "lack of" production by the Final Expense / Simple Issue insurer that we publicized for over two years. Over 2,000 agents contracted and very few sales were made. A complete waste of time. The lesson is that Final Expense / Simple Issue is geared for marketing companies that sell leads. For the most part, the agent will be poor and will stay poor while the IMO / Marketing Company gets rich and generates sales by high pressuring new agents to empty-out their bank account purchasing leads. This marketing company technique is not something that I want to do because, at its core, NAAIP is a tech company. I expect NAAIP technology to be America's and then the world's default website builder/crm for insurance agents/financial advisors. No need to "rip off" anybody. I am learning this business and have become somewhat of an expert. I can tell you with a straight face that selling Retirement Planning (permanent policies) with a Mutual Insurer or selling Medicare is how agents earn money. Furthermore, I now understand why NY Life's, Mass Mutual's, Northwest Mutual's captive agents are not allowed to offer any policies of less than 50K face value. Selling financial products to poor people will cause the agent to take his/her "eye off the ball." Your job is to generate moneys for you and the insurance company while offering the client a needed product. The advantage that insurers have is the ability to offer an investment that grows tax deferred that eventually becomes tax-free. Perfect for retirement planning for middle to upper income people. Additionally, the mutual insurer is owned by the policyholders. Profits of the insurer become dividends of the policy. Your job as a life insurance agent is to show illustrations and close deals on this type of policy. The average yearly premium for a retirement planning permanent policy is between three and five thousand dollars. This is your profession. Your job is to learn the product line of NAAIP's favored Mutual Insurer, a top five carrier that has been helping families for over 150 years. NAAIP is now partnered with a premier trainer for insurance agents. My next newsletter will go into more detail about Jeremy Nason, If you decide to avail Jeremy's services use coupon code https://ipsproshop.isrefer.com/go/naaiprs/NAAIP/ to save money on its monthly fee and seminars. On our six-day per week conference, I welcome input from agents that are participating in Jeremy's workshops. Website News Bullet Points I arbitrarily changed the header image for all agents that kept our default header image. 43 new header image options were inputted in your back-office 50 new video header videos will be inputted in your back office in three days. In four days, I will arbitrarily add three additional images to all agents that are using one still header image. You really should be using "slider header" or "video header." "My Team" functionality will be added on all sites in seven days. This feature is needed by financial advisor firms with multiple employees. Afterwards, our programmer will upload an additional four template options. Each template takes a week to implement. Our CRM/White-Label system is being worked on. Important for recruiters, especially. NAAIP is transforming itself into a high-quality website builder platform for the financial sales industry. I expect NAAIP to be the default platform for agents throughout the USA and the world. I implore you to request contracting from me for our Top 5 Mutual Insurer, Our Medicare Contracting or even Dental/Health Discount Plans. Request contracting by emailing [email protected]
  3. Hello Agent, NAAIP is no longer recommending GoDaddy for domain registration. Buy your domain through Cloudflare at industry lowest prices by clicking here for $8.03/year which is the wholesale cost. GoDaddy, for example, has a promo code for $5/year, and additional years on that contract will be $10. The next contract will be $18/year. Ouch! Certain registrars, such as GoDaddy, requires that you stay with them for at least 60 days before you can transfer your domain to Cloudflare. To be clear, the payment to Cloudflare will credit your domain when the GoDaddy expires. You won't be double paying. It is easy to transfer your domain registration company. It is worthwhile. NAAIP has been using Cloudflare for the longest time for their Content Delivery Network (CDN). Cloudflare is an industry leader with 1,800 employees and a stock market capitalization of 36 Billion Dollars. Cloudflare specializes in website security and making websites faster. It is in your best interest to open an account and transfer your domain. Additionally, NAAIP will now be hosting new personal websites using Name Servers and not IP address. This new technique is critical for NAAIP to simplify the hosting process. Currently, GoDaddy hosts one way for IP DNS and all others have a different technique. With the Name Server technique, NAAIP will control your DNS and you will input your MX Records for business email and TXT Records for domain verification in your NAAIP agent back office. More Website News: In a few weeks, we will arbitrarily change the default header image for all agents that did not make any changes to the background header. In addition, we will add three images to make the default slider header instead of just one image at the top of your site. I am waiting till our programmer gives another 50 header image and video options in your agent back office. Sincerely, www.naaip.org
  4. Hello Agent, My goal is that NAAIP should be the default platform for America's insurance agents and financial advisors. Being a high-quality website builder with multiple templates and quoters is not enough. Agents need a steady lead system. A way to earn money. Successful agents that are using our website builder as an incentive-based marketing system to offer business owners stunning websites and their expertise at SEO(moving up Google, Google Local & Maps). You should do similar if you are not currently earning over $200,000 per year. Here is the plan. Set up your website well, especially with your own 10-15 video second at the header. Realize that NAAIP's FEX at 122%, Top-Five Mutual Insurer at 100% and Medicare, health, dental, and ancillary contracts are top-of-the-line. Offer websites to business owners. Especially if you understand that the typical first year premium for a IUL/whole life sale from a mutual carrier for retirement planning purposes is between $3,000 and $5,000 per year. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to make money in this business. But you do have to learn a product line, illustrate and close. I am offering you for free an unprecedented selling system that will surely earn you $200,000 plus in yearly earnings. Good luck to you.
  5. Hello Agent, AEP 2021 Walmart/CVS/Walgreens Retail Program Medicare Annual Election Period is a great way to earn money. Retail opportunities are available for agents this AEP. I need you to reserve your store early. Tell me if you are interested. Have at least two Medicare Advantage Carriers with us. Complete the Medicare certifications for AHIP and two Medicare Advantage carriers by September 1st, 2021. Be in the store three days per week for a total of 20 hours per week between October 11th and December 7th, Daily Reporting and pharmacy check-in. Tell me if you are interested, and I will send you the contracting links and additional information. Great information about Selling Medicare over the phone.
  6. Hello Agent, For the longest time I have been shouting from the rooftop that NAAIP offers a better website experience than others in the insurance industry. Specifically because our websites are good at collecting visitor information. That is true because of the data capture powers of a quote engine on an insurance website. Quote engines are not the only important attribute. It could be said that we were lacking in ease of editing, template options, video, slider shows, etc. I implore you to revisit your NAAIP website and back office. You will conclude that my team built a world-class system that is exceptional. We are still working on features before we turn NAAIP into an insurance agent MLM white-label juggernaut. Here is the timeline: Most aspects of your website are now editable via inline editing (which means that you edit the website when you are on your website while logged in to your back-office.) This is an ergonomically pleasing editing system which other website builders use. Our programming team is finishing up today, making all 6 template footers be editable. This is a good place to add a disclaimer, especially for financial planners. Currently, I see that template #1 has this feature. My programming team will make available hosting websites via Name Servers in addition to the current method of IP address. This is a bit technical, but it will make it simpler for agents to host websites with all domain registration companies. The end game is that insurance agents should be setting up websites for business owners. We have to make it simple. This task should take us ten business days. I really love video at the top of NAAIP websites. We will be uploading another 70 video header options to be easily uploadable to your website. Even though I believe that the best option is for you to upload your personal image to head your website. There will be another 60 header images. If you are using a slider header, then you need more good image options. The video and image task will take approximately 25 business days because every video and image needs to be compressed and sized according to the templates. There will be an "Our Team" section in which agency owners can place an image of their brokers/employees in a neat manner with descriptions of what that individual does. This task should take 10 business days since most of the programming has been done already. We will be adding another four insurance agent/agency/financial advisor templates. The total templates on NAAIP website will be ten. This task should take 20 business days since the templates are already built. Finally, we will be concurrently building a CRM (customer relationship manager) and a White-Label system. White-Label means that agents and recruiters will be able to offer NAAIP website builder/CRM to other businesses and insurance agents and those entities will have no idea that NAAIP exists. This task should take between three and six months. We can speed up the time frame of the CRM/White-Label if we hire another programmer. I appreciate all those that are subscribed to NAAIP and those that are selling via our upline. Those over 25 hits that are not subscribed to NAAIP via selling or paying, see the following message on your website. 7 Ways To Stay In Business 1. Request Contracting from [email protected] for Our Top 5 Mutual Insurer. 2. Appreciate that You Are at Highest Compensation from Day One. 3. Learn the Product Line from A to Z. 4. Know that Policyholders Own the Mutual Carrier. Profits Become Dividends. 5. Write Out a List of 200 Acquaintances to be Your Warm Market. 6. Illustrate, Get Referrals and Close. 7. Understand that NAAIP Websites are an Incentive-Based Marketing Tool for Business Owners. I am now using a more advanced camera for my YouTube Live Stream. You can see a marked uptick in video quality. Join YouTube's NAAIP Live Stream six days per week: Monday to Thursday at Noon ET and Weekends at 2pm ET. The dial-in number stays the same with uberconference at 888-532-9320. Please Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share my YouTube Channel. Please consider doing a one-on-one interview with me on NAAIP Live Stream. I am here for you. Let's succeed together. Advertisements are on - after 25 hits, to hide the adverts you can sell through NAAIP, or refer others to join us. Details at conference call. We have the $14.99/month PayPal option as well. If you sell insurance through NAAIP in the future, I will refund your payments. In your NAAIP back office, you can see clearly the details of how you can receive advance commissions. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.
  7. Hello , I am revealing my soul. My inner being. I know it sounds crass, egotistical and weird. But I got to let it out. The reason for this technology and goodies for insurance agents/financial planners is that wanted to be a celebrity. In essence, it is an incentive based marketing system. I give you game changing good technology and super-high commissions that causes you become rich while you help me become a celebrity. Fair trade. It is true. Now that the technology is real good. You, as a financial planner or insurance agent, cannot get a better website builder for your business at any price. And NAAIP gives it to you. A pretty good offer. As an aside, sell the carriers that NAAIP recommends. A Top 5 Mutual Insurer (who won't let me publicize their name on bulk emails, YouTube or online) A Leading Final Expense/Simple Issue Carrier (United Home Life) Virtually every Medicare/Health and Hospital Indemnity in the market. Even www.naaip.org/dental-plans - for discount dental & health plans You are at high compensation levels. You are at the top. In return you will help me become a celebrity. My 6 day per week video conference call is now Live-Streamed. I have vast experience and knowledge as a: Salesman (via appointments and door to door) Call center worker and owner Website marketer (websites, SEO, etc.) Outsourcing Expert (I built NAAIP and other websites) Radio Host (My conference calls throughout the years was similar to radio) In short, I have what to talk about. I need you to make me rich and successful on YouTube. Please subscribe to my channel and join me on my 6 day per week NAAIP LIVE. To make the calls interesting I will be having long conversations with various people in this industry. You are invited to be my guest and to tell your story. Join YouTube's NAAIP Live Stream six days per week: Monday to Thursday at Noon ET and Weekends at 2pm ET. The dial-in number stays the same with uberconference at 888-532-9320. Please Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share my YouTube Channel. I appreciate your help. I am here for you. Let's succeed together. In your NAAIP back office, you can see clearly the details of how you can receive advance commissions. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money. Sincerely, David Gordon tel:(800)770-0492 direct & sms: (561)440-9245 (I Love Text Messages) www.naaip.org Featuring United Home Life - 5 different Whole/FEX Policies, Simple term and Accident NAAIP Members Nationwide: 13,108 NAAIP Live: Monday to Thursday Noon, Saturday & Sunday 2pm ET NAAIP Live Stream on YouTube & Dial (888)532-9320 to interact with the moderator. To whitelist NAAIP's email. Add [email protected] to your contact list by emailing back. Say "Hello."
  8. Hello , An Amazing Integration. NAAIP and a Top Five Mutual Life Insurer. Finally, we made the connection. Mutual insurers are easier to sell. For the most part, career insurance agents and financial advisors sell for a major mutual insurer that concentrates on retirement planning. A mutual insurer will pay between 5 and 6 percent on whole life insurance policies which is used to fund a retirement. If you understand what I am writing you will appreciate the fact that I can offer you the highest possible compensation (100%). If you don't understand that the most lucrative sector of the life insurance industry is retirement planning then I invite you to do a deep dive and start making a living. I am here for you. This newsletter is circulated to the over 13,000 plus NAAIP agents and my agreement with the Top Five Mutual Life Insurer is to not publicize their name online, on YouTube or even on this newsletter. The insurer has multiple venues recruiting at substantially lower compensation levels which is why they do not want us to publicize the affiliation. Regardless, your job is to stay in business and I know that you must be proficient in selling for retirement planning whether that be iul, whole, ul, term, annuities, pension plans for business, etc. Nothing beats a mutual insurer, in which the policyholders own the insurer and company profits are returned to the policyholders in the form of dividends. Send me an email requesting contracting, and you will be sent a contracting link. Compensation is as follows: 100% level if you can show 100K per year in income or after 10 sales. 90% for everyone else. Medicare News: We have just about all Medicare supplement, Advantage, hospital indemnity and health carriers. Email me requesting contracting. If you are contracted and certified with three Medicare Advantage carriers I can set you up with a booth at Walmart, Krogers, CVS, Publix, Walgreens, and/or others. We must act early to be set up properly. We have leads: For every 8 Medicare Advantage sales you get 1,000 free mailers. YouTube News: I am on Live Stream with Screen Sharing only on YouTube. If you want to see me, then you must view via YouTube. Join YouTube's NAAIP Live Stream six days per week: Monday to Thursday at Noon ET and Weekends at 2pm ET. The dial-in number stays the same with uberconference at 888-532-9320. I know it is a bit confusing that there will be one place to talk to me and another to see me, but NAAIP needs to go viral and YouTube helps us do that. Please Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share my YouTube Channel. I appreciate your help. Next NAAIP Live Stream is in 80 minutes.
  9. Starting today at 12 Noon ET, I will be living streaming my 6 day per week conference calls on YouTube. Concurrently, on www.uberconference.com/naaip I will be doing screen-sharing. You will see my incredibly interesting admin back-office. I cannot, sincerely, show the world my admin back-office with all that personal information on a recorded video call. As well, conversing with me can be done via telephone or via the Uberconference app. YouTube does not permit viewers to talk. Only to post chat messages. Please subscribe to my YouTube Chanel - NAAIP's YouTube Chanel And/download Uberconference to your phone after clicking our Uberconference.com link if you want to see video on a smartphone. On a desktop, clicking the link www.uberconference.com/naaip is all you need. I appreciate those agents that are paying us the $14.99/month to hide the advertisements on your website. Initially, we only requested $9.99/month which sadly is not enough to pay for our hosting and SSL certificates. There are a few improvements that our programmers are finishing up before I will increase the $9.99 monthly PayPal payments to $14.99/month. Those improvements are related to adding more video and image options to the header of your website. As well, we will be adding a four template options. Later on, we will have a CRM and Last Will and Testament. I promise you that we will not go over $14.99/month for the foreseeable future (at least 5 years). Those paying $9.99/month should expect their PayPal bill to rise to $14.99 after May 15th. You should know that you have the option to sell through NAAIP as the up-line and I will refund whatever payments you have paid to us. We recently added the entire Medicare Advantage, Supplement, Health, Ancillary product lines. Please tell me if you want game-changing good commissions and lead systems on this product line. We are seeing lots of success with Final Expense sales with United Home Life. Please appreciate that NAAIP is offering all agents' recruiter level contracting and has 5 different whole life polices. From GI to preferred. Recruiter level contracts is what NAAIP does. We connected with a TOP 5 Major Insurer that is allowing us to contract agents at recruiter level under the provision that we don't publish their name online or on our bulk emails. Please avail this opportunity. See my face and my computer screen at www.uberconference/naaip, or you can call in at the phone number listed at the footer. The link to our uberconference account is always at the header of NAAIP.org where you see the word "conference call." Next call is at NOON ET in 5 minutes.
  10. We are in the same boat. We want to excel in our chosen profession. A big part of my job is to appear 6 days a week on video conference call. I use Uberconference.com and not Zoom. Zoom has become the generic word for video conferences. Oh Well. Here are the bullet points: Uberconference allows me to send out voice broadcast, sms and email invitations. This is why I will stick with Uberconference. My research on video conferencing had me make the following changes. Position of the camera is now at eye level and I will concentrate in looking straight at the camera. I installed a ring light that is placed in front me that supposedly improves lighting. I will concentrate on posture, grooming. I now shave every day. Please join my next video conference call in which I also share my screen. I need your feedback. See my face and my computer screen at www.uberconference/naaip or you can call in at the phone number listed at the footer. The link to our uberconference account is always at the header of NAAIP.org where you see the word "conference call." Next call is at 12 NOON ET in 5 minutes. I am here for you. Let's succeed together.
  11. Hello , For the longest time, I have been shouting from the rooftop that agents should: Seek out the highest possible commissions. Figure out a lead system that works and then cut out the middleman/vendor. Let's talk leads. Here, I created a page that could be considered the Wikipedia of insurance agent lead generation. Join one of our six-day per week conference calls for an in-depth discussion on this topic. I have learned the following regarding insurance agent leads. Direct mail postcards and now Facebook leads are the primary lead source for a very high percentage of agents. The postcard companies will sell you 1,000 postcards for $450-$500. Obviously, if postcards are a major part of your business, you should print them yourself and send from the local post office. Facebook leads are much more complicated to set up for many agents. Facebook lead vendors are selling each FB lead from $20 to $25. Doing it yourself will have Facebook leads be between $4 and $8. This is a huge savings. To drum up business for our favorite FEX/Accident & Mortgage Term carrier. - I will personally set up your Facebook account for you with your credit card. At a certain point, I will hand over the account back to you with instructions to press On to Activate the leads and Off and Deactivate. Elementary. For me to be intimately involved in your business, I need you to sell United Home Life. Click the Link and you will see why this is my favorite carrier, notwithstanding super-high compensation. I expect to be overloaded with work setting up Facebook advertising accounts for NAAIP/UHL agents. Join our daily conference call for detailed discussion and sell lots of UHL policies, so I can put you at the top of the list. See my face and my computer screen at www.uberconference/naaip, or you can call in at the phone number listed at the footer. The link to our uberconference account is always at the header of NAAIP.org where you see the word "conference call." I am here for you. Let's succeed together.
  12. To Compliance Department & Marketing Dept of XXX, Subject Line: Game plan for NAAIP, NAAIP and XXX to beat BUU, XYY, RY Life, DDFFDDF Marketing, et al. 1. The goal is to lessen agent appointment fees recruiting expenses from agents that sign contracts but don't learn or sell your product. 2. I appreciate the fact that XXX is properly appointing agents that fill out contracting but the fact is that my system can easily bring in 10,000 in the next two years with a staff of two and not much investment. Then 25% to 50% of all insurance agents in the USA a few years going forward with a staff of 10 marketers in my office. 3. My solution is that we give agents lots of information online describing XXX and info as to what they are expected to do. I need one page that summarizes your product line. www.naaip.org/united-home-life is example. The links to pdfs can actually be uploaded to XXX's website and NAAIP can link to those pages. but I need that agents know that XXX is our favorite company and that they are expected to request contracting, learn the product line and make XXX their main life carrier. NAAIP offers a term life quote engine similar to https://www.naaip.org/david - I would love to only show XXX rate for the 13,000 and growing registered users. I know that Robert Barney of Compulife is on a crazed mission to destroy NAAIP and threatened to sue XXX. Here is a synopsis of what happened. https://www.naaip.org/community/topic/13-compulife-lawsuit-join-a-class-action-lawsuit-or-sue-individually/ - NAAIP won a lawsuit after being sued by Mr. Barney and Robert Barney appealed the Judges decision and miraculously had the judge order a retrial on two of the trial issues. There was a retrial a few months ago. I expect NAAIP to win again. It will be a few months before we see the results. Compulife may appeal again. Robert Barney is willing to spend huge money just to continue this case so that he can intimidate insurers. If NAAIP loses this case then it "changes the internet." Breaking existing court precedent. I am not joking. Google "Compulife vs Newman." In short, the appellate court made a mistake. Here is a decent article: https://www.ipwatchdog.com/2020/07/14/improper-means-eleventh-circuits-dubious-trade-secrets-decision-compulife-software-v-newman-part-ii/id=123265/ - It should be known that XXX or XXX does not show well on Compulife's (term4sale) term life quote engine. Compulife is not XXX's friend.XXX is not competitively priced because of the living benefits. I would love to get rid of all the carriers except XXX. It would be best if your IT department gives me the rates/formula (that it gives to compulife, ipipeline, etc) in order to input accurate rates on NAAIP's quote engine. This eliminates all phony threats from Compulife as well. After NAAIP wins this lawsuit against Compulife, NAAIP can and will counter sue. NAAIP may end up owning Compulife. lol. It is in XXX's best interest that compulife and term4sale don't exist. Compulife is great for AIG, Banner and Protective Life. but not for XXX You should be encouraging NAAIP. It affects your business regardless if NAAIP sends XXX any agents or not. Here is what I need. I would put a big banner advertisement on every NAAIP agent website after 50 hits (which does not make sales thru us or pay NAAIP a nominal fee - currently $14.99/month ) - I can change that monthly fee up or down. - You can see the banner ad for United Home Life that NAAIP puts on www.naaip.org/david (we encourage agents to properly host their site - e.g. www. davidagent .com - which David is not doing) then clicking that banner image - it takes you to www.naaip.org/united-home-life - I would like the XXX banner to go to naaip.org/xxx - here is a banner advert that I would like to use. (I had to delete the banner to protect privacy of carrier) - I would like to add the sentence in small at bottom *Recruiter level contracting via NAAIP similar to the UHL one. Currently NAAIP gets about 10 signups a day. And simply invites new agents to conference call via sms/voice broadcast and email. We specifically discourage contracting with UHL etc, unless the agent sends an email to [email protected] requesting contracting ([email protected] is a catchall email that all NAAIP workers use). at the footer of all emails that [email protected] sends out we have Featuring XXX for Life, Annuities & Pensions Featuring United Home Life - 5 different Whole/FEX Policies, Simple term and Accident - As well, NAAIP's every two week email blast which gets opened by 3500-4000 agents has a footer - Right now the email blasts states UHL only, not XXX, but I would like it to mention XXX. We would like to publicize XXX to the hilt in these 2 week email blasts which are sent out to NAAIP signups (either websites or contracting requests). Just mentioning products that XXX sells would be best. Such as "I love the XXX's Benefits" and going into detail about factually information taken from XXX's website. NAAIP can make it abundantly clear thatXXX is the best carrier for agents to appoint with, learn and sell. As an aside, if you Google multiple insurance companies, with the words "agent contracting" NAAIP has a web page that appears near the top. NAAIP gets lots of requests for agent contracting. Very easily, NAAIP can get 50 signups a day. That would take money, advertising, etc. As well, we should have a real live person personally follow up with these new agents. Walk them through the process of NAAIP and XXX. We can literally get 40 new agent contracts per day if you want us to do so. Agents get excited about NAAIP's system initially. A very high percentage will contract if we encourage it. I would love to actually solicit actual "players" in the industry. Big hitters. If you google "financial advisor websites" you see that it is common to pay $150 per month. I would love to offer the owners of these financial professionals NAAIP's superior technology, design and 100 to 120% contracts. I would love to get a list (my list broker will sell this to me for peanuts) of ABC and DEF Life agents and offer them all NAAIP's technology and a 100% contract. This would take telemarketers but if our relationship is solid. It will be good. I would love to recruit registered brokerage firms to join XXX's brokerage. Tell me what I need to do to get a management commission fee. And I will do it. I would love to get a list of all XYZ agents (which includes the list of all DFSS Life TYY agents.) TYY MLM is the fastest growing and now the largest recruiter of simple agents. They are #1 for DVF, LMN, RYU and others. Growing like gangbusters. Very easy to offer their agents high commissions and the technology. NAAIP's rapid growth will occur when we finish the "white label" website builder. This website builder will be under a different URL website address. It will not be called NAAIP. This tool will allow leader insurance agents to build a team of agents with a website builder (the same as NAAIP but different URL) with the lower tiered agent not even knowing that NAAIP exists. Just like NAAIP has recruited over 13,000 agents with minimal effort, other agents will be able to recruit and train their team. This tool will be free for those that make XXX as their main product. This is a very enticing proposition to any agent that works for FUU MLM or any multi-level marketer. This is very enticing to any top level financial-planning firm who currently sells multiple carriers. I tell them, sell XXX and you and your team get this free website system. This is very enticing to any mid-level or small FMO/IMO. I tell them, please move your XXX contract to me and start selling lots of XXX and it is all free. In the meantime, NAAIP is working very hard to make its technology better and better. The two big players in do-it-yourself website builders are Wix and SquareSpace. NAAIP is higher quality right now than those two and is geared to financial sales people. These quality issues never end. NAAIP is still working on improving the website experience. NAAIP wants to make this an over-the-top no-contest competition. NAAIP's ultimate goal is to be the default website builder for insurance agents and financial professionals in the USA and all English speaking countries. I believe that NAAIP will succeed in that endeavor. NAAIP hold a six day per week conference which they recently switched to showing the moderators face and using screen sharing. The conference call now shows the NAAIP admin back office - This is very interesting for agents, especially those interested in recruiting. Agents are interested mostly in leads, NAAIP walks the agents through this page. https://www.naaip.org/lead-services - explaining that the NY Life type system works best in that agents must develop the skill sets required to build a business. The website builder system is an excellent "incentive based marketing tool." Give a website to a CPA and the CPA will give the agent referrals. Help plumbers, electricians, etc with their website and the business owner may need an IUL or retirement planning. I realize that there are state laws on gifting and agents are encouraged to know and observe the state regulations. In a few weeks NAAIP will have a do-it-yourself "last will and testament" attached to every NAAIP website. NAAIP would like to get to a situation where it will not offer direct contracts but only help existing team leaders build their businesses. Similar to what XYY is doing. Matter of factually, NAAIP conference call moderators will state that XXX is our favorite life carrier. Facts about the carrier. and if the agent wants to contract, please email us with a request. Obviously, as NAAIP succeeds in this business plan we will be enticed to offer more life products, not just XXX. It is feasible to offer only XXX and let's say United Home Life (which specializes in FEX, mortgage term and accident insurance - no E and O required) Offering another major life carrier such as TYU or VBR would just confuse the agent. KISS. We will be at your top % level and will have multiple major IMOs under us at a shade below%. I know the consortiums pay the IMOs a shade below%. I would be happy as all heck to grab a 5-10% cut from IMOs and have XXX as our only major carrier. TT Life has done exceptionally well, with its agents only selling TT LIfe. In conclusion, NAAIP and our white label website are building a worldwide brand to compete and beat WIX and SquareSpace. And in the USA market to beat XYY, TCU Marketing, TYH and TT Life. I invite XXX to join us on our journey. I can almost guarantee that XXX will become the default insurance carrier in America within a few years. It should be known that NAAIP is but one technique to recruit agents. I am always on lookout for other methods that will lead to success. Sincerely, NAAIP and our Licenced agent partners.
  13. Subject Line: The Most Exciting 90 Minutes in the Insurance Industry: NAAIP Video Calls. You are in a tough business. It is imperative that you brainstorm/share ideas. I now share my screen and have a camera pointed on my face during the six-day per week Video Calls. Apparently, this technique of unfettered transparency is working. My conference calls now last well over an hour. People prefer not to leave, but I usually head out after 90 minutes. See my face and my computer screen at NAAIP's YouTube Channel or you can call in at the phone number listed at the footer. The link to our uberconference account is always at the header of NAAIP.org where you see the word "conference call." I feel good about Final Expense. Agents appreciate their five final expense policies, mortgage term and accident policies with ROP (return of premium). Every agent reading this email should, at least, purchase a ROP accident life policy for themselves. The most likely cause of death for an insurance agent during his/her working years is literally "an accident." We can discuss the details at the next conference call in 60 minutes. For the longest time, I have been pushing Dental Plans. I just came back from the dentist using "dentalplans." I paid $0 for the six-month cleaning and if there was any issue (root canal, filling, etc.) I would have paid 50% less than the regular dental procedure price. The cost of every procedure is listed online. DentalPlans is huge for discount medical plans and works well with NAAIP since you get a beautiful enrollment website that links up with your NAAIP website. For the longest time, I was hoping to get videos and multiple slider header images as the banner on your website. The video option is live for 5 of the 6 templates. Here is a sample website so you can see the quality. I am here for you. Let's succeed together.
  14. Hello , For the longest time I have been promising our white-label website builder which will be the ultimate team builder agent recruitment tool. The reason for the delay is that I Googled "financial advisor websites" and I am seeing that financial salespeople are paying between $100 and $200 per month for their website. My programmer and I are literally going through every feature of these various web-building companies and implementing the important features. The header is huge, and a video looks great on a header. 5 of the 6 templates (not the classic narrow) now allow video banners. If I was an insurance agent, I would definitely change my header image to a video of myself looking all professional, happy and inviting in a 10-second video that will repeat itself at the top of your website. It will be impressive. The shorter the video, the better since length affects upload speed. Once you see your video one time it will be in your "cache" so you will not realize the effect on upload speed. Since the video will be repeating itself at the top of your site, best to have the subject be in one place. You will see how good it looks. An Image Slideshow with up to 3 header images is live on one template already. It will be live on all templates by tomorrow. The image slideshow is nice, but nothing beats video. Leads are on every insurance agents mind, and you have to realize that "incentive-based marketing" has been, by far, the best lead generation technique for the last few thousand years. I encourage agents to use NAAIP's website building technology to help local businesses. Plumbers, electricians, CPAs, etc. need websites and help moving up Google. You might as well be their guru. Let's discuss these items on our next conference call which starts in a minute. See my face and my computer screen at www.uberconference/naaip, or you can call in at the phone number listed at the footer. The link to our uberconference account is always at the header of NAAIP.org where you see the word "conference call." I am here for you. Let's succeed together.
  15. This project is huge. I would consider it a success if over 25% of all financial sales professionals in America use NAAIP's technology, contracting or lead services. A very ambitious target to meet. Wish me luck. Currently, the NAAIP project is a two man operation. Myself and a programmer. Obviously, our programmer is brilliant. He has done a great job. Another obvious fact is that we need regional managers and team leaders to take us to the next level. I welcome you with open arms. Let's talk. I have that 6 day per week conference call in which you can see my face and I share my screen. www.uberconference.com/naaip. Next call is right now. I am here for you. Let's succeed together.
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