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  1. I was on the Comm website for AHIP Testing, I signed off, when I tried to go back on it say that it is no longer there, can you let me know if it moved or what them problem is?

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    2. mcs


      I am also looking for Q&A support to complete the AHIP test. Thank you You can email me at mcs0424@hotmail.com

    3. ruthosborn32


      I am looking for Q&A for AHIP. I've been taking this test for years and never failed, I've failed twice this year and I'm in a complete panic. Any help is greatly appreciated. ruthosborn32@yahoo.com

    4. Thomas Costner

      Thomas Costner

      yes it was very hard this year but i did pass, just remember before you all press the submit questions double check the questions is right print your modules and test questions, you can close your browser to get another 50 questions, if you have any question that any question is wrong and study study. I stress this make sure you know the question is right before submitting anything. Humana only lets you fail twice third time you gotta wait another year to give them a try.

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