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  1. Hello Agent, Quality is the determining factor. The classic template that we have presented to agents over the years was excellent for "Moving Up Google" since it is content rich. Most website developers are not as tuned-in to SEO (search engine optimization) and make agent websites that are less wordy. Finally, our programming and design staff have given agents six templates to chose from. Login to your NAAIP back office. You can toggle between the 6 templates. I have to admit that the five new templates seem to be more appealing in that th
  2. Please join our conference call and we will have a long discussion.
  3. Thank you for being part of my team. 12,287 strong. NAAIP's system recruits new agents more efficiently than others in this industry. By far! My challenge is to: Keep agents in our system. Have agents sell lots through us (or give us money somehow). Let you take advantage of NAAIP's incredible recruiting capabilities. As my programmer and I solve these issues, I expect that NAAIP will grow exponentially. NAAIP News: This afternoon NAAIP websites will have 4 template options. It is so important for SEO (search engine optimization) to have original co
  4. Hello {$name}, For years I am have been studying the various marketing systems and techniques for insurance agents. Here are my conclusions: 1. Incentive based marketing works on all levels. Individual agents soliciting prospects should know the regulations concerning IBM in their state. Please understand the concept that if you give a stranger something valuable to them but of limited or no cost to you then you have created for yourself a terrific way to make new friends and clients. We discuss "incentive based marketing" 6 days per week on our conference call. 2. There
  5. Hello , This project took NAAIP a quite a few years to implement to be top level professional. Better late than never. My company built the ultimate recruiting and selling platform. We need sales and you need a top-level position in this industry. Congratulations on our partnership. Here are the steps that have been taken to create our partnership: 1. The banner advertisements that occur after 50 hits on your site got much bigger. You notice clearly that we are highlighting National Life Group. 2. NLG is t
  6. Hello Agent, At NAAIP, everything is changing. Here is the News: For all intents and purposes NAAIP's mission will be to cause agents to learn and then to sell National Life Group. NLG made us an offer that we could not refuse. Here are the bullet points. NLG is a Mutual Insurance Company (owned by the policyholders) NLG is #1 in the USA for for Fixed Indexed Annuities in Employer Sponsored Plans #2 for Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Insurance Sales #9 for indivi
  7. The entire site can easily be edited. Please join our 6 day per week conference call to discuss. In meantime, if you click around the back office you can easily figure it out.
  8. The compensation grid is in password protected back office. As well, for IUL and general life insurance NAAIP is now associated with https://www.naaip.org/national-life-group-agents - An American based Mutual (owned by policy holders) - Not so much Allianz which is a for-profit company based in Germany.
  9. Hello Agent, It sounds cliche. The subject line of "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity." Almost laughable how NAAIP is using the language of multiple "bad deals" that you have heard during your lifetime. On the other hand, NAAIP's deal is true and is truly in your best interest. Let me explain. Facebook is the one with social media. YouTube is the one for video sharing. Google is tops at search. And NAAIP is on its way to be dominant with insurance agents. The question is: What will be your position in NAAIP's corporate structure? NAAIP is seeking leaders to sell insurance, s
  10. Give us 3 months. but it will cost decent money to recruiters. The way to get it for free is to sell UHL or Oxford.
  11. Hello , I did not realize that multi-level-marketing (MLM) is a huge part of the insurance business. But it is. Here is the plan. Oxford Life and United Home Life allows contracted agents to send out invitations to other agents. It is a simple procedure that does not need my involvement. You earn monetary difference between what your sub-agent sells at and your contract level. NAAIP agents start at **% for these two carriers. Thousands of agents start in this business at 30% while experienced agents usually earn ******%. Agency building with NAAIP is
  12. Hello , Unexpected good news: Oxford Life is encouraging agents to pre-contract. For the longest time, I have been telling new agents to Oxford to print the application, sell the product, get the prospect approved via "instawrite" telephonically which takes a few minutes because you have to call in and speak to a representative. Then request the contract from me. New rules: Get contracted at high first year commission by requesting from david@naaip.org the contracting link. Once approved by Oxford you will be able to get your client approved/r
  13. Hello {$name}, Subject Line: Write & Submit Business Remotely with United Home Life's eApp! NAAIP agents are invited to United Home Life's webinar. Tune in to one of the three upcoming webinars where UHL will discuss how you can continue writing and submitting business with eApp - all from the comforts of home. UHL demonstrate how to complete an application and obtain electronic signatures without the required signors being present! If you would like to participate a password to join the webinar will be provided in the confirmation email. Friday, April 10th at 2:00 pm, EDT
  14. Hi Nicholas, Thank you for contacting Google Domains Support Team. I got your concern about website integration for example.com. To point your domain to your website you need to create an A record and CNAME record. To create an A and CNAME record, follow these steps: Sign in to Google Domains. Click the domain you want to update. Open the menu . Click the DNS icon . Scroll to the Custom resource records section. Set the custom resource record type your web host requires. To create a specific type of record, follo
  15. Hello , I am sure you know that NAAIP wants to change this industry. This is not news. Our two favorite carriers Oxford Life and United Home Life want more business. I am depending on you to learn and sell these products. Because of existing relationships that the carriers have with other marketers I am not allowed to publish online how high that you are allowed to receive. If you are a recruiter or top-level agent NAAIP can take care of you. Talk to me. Show me your production. Regarding advanced commission, I am here for you. Agai
  16. Thank you for holding. I can see that you have updated the IP address correctly . I have checked it in nslookup and it shows It’s correctly propagating DNS zone record changes such as A, MX, TXT and CNAME records can typically take 1 to 4 hours to resolve but are known to take as long as 8 hours to fully propagate. 5:25 pmMYou have done it correctly . There is no priority for the A records 5:25 pmRI operate many website 5:26 pmMYes, I will explain Actually the * will count for all the subdomains such as Www. 5:27 pmMSo you can change for domain name and * pmRdid I need to change the @ to my
  17. Subject Line: NAAIP is bumping heads with top-level MLMs and we intend to win! This is serious and I need your help. There are about a dozen top-level MLMs/Recruiters that have partnered with a few of the largest insurers in this business to have a gentleman's agreement to not "rock the boat." Unfortunately for NAAIP but fortunately for you, NAAIP was not invited to this "party." Couple this with the new reality that Facebook has become huge. Certain MLMs/Recruiters have seen rapid rises with the help of Facebook. Unfortunately for that MLM/Recruiter, all their age
  18. Subject Line: cancun vacation to you for inviting 10 friends to naaip's facebook group. it is true. Hello , Incentive based marketing works and I want you to enjoy a luxury 5 night luxury vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Here is my offer to you: Invite 10 Friends to NAAIP's Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/naaipagents/ Have your NAAIP website set up properly on your own domain name. I can help you on this but it really only takes 3 minutes. This offer will be a
  19. the there is a med quote engine was updated a long time ago. you are able to edit out the name of the carrier to show major company #1, etc. because the quote engine is good at collecting info. We did build a medicare quoter that only collects client info.. no rates.. that is very good.. You can access it on quote engine positions in your back office.. to make life and hide the engine. I believe we will be hiding all med sup quote engines on all site and making the quoter live. The Final expense quoter is only collecting client info.. so it is good... I call quote engine when it gi
  20. Hello {agent}, Website News: I did a switch. If the term life quote engine was sitting at the top of your site and Final Expense quoter was at the bottom then they are now reversed. The FEX is at the top. You can edit back at Quote Engine Position. The mission statement of NAAIP has become to provide full-time employment for agents to sell Final Expense and Mortgage Protection insurance. We have a great system and you might as well join in. Incentive based marketing works. I will give you a free luxury vacation if you set up your NAAIP site well and make one sale for eith
  21. this is a one that says no MLM.. just direct $34 lead for postcards 26.3% closing rate on postcards average 700-800 dollars a sale with 6 carriers..85 percent aa, rna, prosperity for gi and aig also has starts at 105% at core.. and 115% with primary carriers 110 and 120..8,000 in a month three months in a row 115 and 125 15k three months in a row 120 and 130 20k three months in a row aig is 60% average agent sells GI 4% of the time should have 3000 usd to invest in leads 300 dollars for class.. but he can get it for 80 usd. 4 and half week
  22. We discuss Promocodes on daily conference call At the footer of www.naaip.org I have a link to https://www.webce.com/naaip - I believe very shortly I will be coming up with a better discount. This one is 10% check the footer of www.naaip.org under sales tools when you are ready to order or ask at our 6 day per week conference. Conference Call: Monday to Thursday Noon & Weekends 2pm ET Dial (888)532-9320 - No Pin needed
  23. Hello Agent, Subject Line: Free Vacation from NAAIP - Orlando, Las Vegas, Cancun, etc. 49 Cities/Resorts Available Christmas is Coming Early! I will incentivise you to do your job. To earn six figures. I will give you a free vacation. You have a choice of 50 cities and resorts worldwide. From 3 nights/4 days in Orlando or Las Vegas to 8 days /7 nights in Bangkok or Bali. Typically a 4 or 5 star resort/hotel in which you only pay taxes/resort fees that average $25 per night. I joined MarketingBoost.com right before their price increased to $197/month. I am allowed to send ou
  24. NAAIP was recently tasked with making www.naaip.org/united-home-life America's #1 Final Expense/Whole Life/Mortgage Term carrier. It will be a relatively easy job for us to accomplish. Here are the bullet points: 5 different FEX/Whole Life products. Preferred, 2 Standards, Graded and GI. The Preferred FEX is called Provider Whole Life and offers from 10k to 150k in whole life and is not shown on fexquotes so you may not have known about these super-competitive rates. No E&O required. All forms, quote engines, applications are online with password protection. U
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