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  1. Question: 1. I would like to start selling Annuities and would like to start by selling myself my Annuity where I would like to start with 50K in an index annuity for highest potential return. I was born in 1979. Answer: I am happy to provide some growth annuities for you, but you will get considerably more bang for your buck by dropping the 50K into an IUL or whole life policy. Would you like to see both or just stick with the annuity? Please advise. Attached please find Allianz’s IUL using their premium deposit account so you can single pay the policy without creating a MEC (Modified Endowment Contract). It is essentially an internal side fund that earns interest and pays the premiums into the policy on an annual basis. We assumed a crediting rate of 6.9% and a blend of the three indicies that have performed the best over the last 20 years. For the annuity, we used DE Life’s Retirement Stages 7. It’s a good product for accumulation and offers a return of premium rider in the event you need your money back during the 7 year contract period. We used the S&P annual point to point with a 5.80% cap. There are other options, but lately clients want the S&P. American Equity offers a good growth annuity, the Choice 10 with no income rider using the S&P with a 54% participation rate. You are 1 year too young for the Athene Agility. Integrity offers the Indextra line of products that include a 3 year Goldman Sachs index. All of these are good choices. However, annuities are tax deferred, life insurance policy loans are tax free. Allianz offers several uncapped strategies with high participation rates. Your money also buys a nice death benefit should your heirs ever need it and it has chronic illness rider. If LTC is important, we could look at John Hancock’s new Accumulation IUL that should look similar to this, but with a true LTC rider. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with buying an annuity at your age and rolling it into new products at the end of the contract periods and eventually adding an income rider when the time is right. However, at age 39, I am confident overfunding life insurance is a better call. As a side note, the commission on this life design is almost double that of the annuity. I hope you find this helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
  2. Question: - I am looking for a first to die term policy for my client? Answer: www.naaip.org/assurity-life offers a 1st to die whole life product, but not term. https://www.naaip.org/protective-life offers a second to die term product, but they do not offer a first to die rider. I am not aware of any carriers that offer a 1st to die/joint term product.
  3. There is another round beginning on the last week of June and more stores could potentially show up on that list. I received an updated list of stores from this week as well, if someone wants stores in any counties just ask me I’ll get the available list sent right away. However there will also be another round of store selection which will be during the last week of June and stores that have been requested by other FMOs but not paid for will end up in that open pool. I believe all of these stores we requested for other agents are still available.
  4. You take a picture of a check addressed for $500 and send it in the mail. We need confirmation by Monday morning at the latest. You will be able to get half of it returned to you when you become ready to sell for three MA carriers with us. $250 will also be available to be refunded to you at the end of the program. Please send Josh the list of at least 4 stores that you want to work at - number in order of your want. We have until noon on Monday Jun 17th at Noon for this round of store selection then Round 3 will last until the 27th. Has to be paid by check or money order.
  5. Question: On a term policy, if someone dips is he considered a tobacco user for rating him or not? Answer: John Hancock, Prudential, and Lincoln Financial Group will consider STD NS JH is my favorite carrier - they only go up to 20 year term - not 30 year. but through us it is good compensation.
  6. I don’t think a business related debt would prevent you from obtaining your state resident license, you haven’t been found guilty of any crime. I found information about this and each state is different. Here is South Dakota’s law on this and according to this chart SD doesn’t run a credit check. They have a list of what would cause a refusal or suspension of someone’s license: https://www.naaip.org/state-requirements-background-checks-insurance-industry-1.pdf For your state of SD, I found this https://law.justia.com/codes/south-dakota/2015/title-58/chapter-30/section-58-30-167/ You can definitely represent companies even with bad credit history but some carriers can also be selective about their review process. You may end up getting declined by a few companies but there is definitely opportunity to do well even if a few companies decline your background. You can also appeal a decline and explain everything to the carrier if you receive a decline.
  7. Question: Is having bankruptcy and bad credit a no-go when it comes to getting an insurance license?
  8. https://www.naaip.org/nate - you can easily put on your own domain.
  9. Key Dates to Remember: Round 1 - Store lists released to FMOs 05/01/19 Round 1 — Store Selection for Round 1 Closes 05/16/19 Round 2 — Store Selection for Round 2 Begins 05/22/19 Memorial Day Holiday 05/27/19 Round 2 — Store Selection for Round 2 Closes 06/17/19 Round 3 — Store Selection for Round 3 Begins 06/24/19 Round 3 — Store Selection for Round 3 Closes 06/28/19 July 4°" Holiday 07/04/19 Agents RTS with 2 or more carriers 09/10/19 First Day in Store 10/07/19 AEP ends 12/07/19 Last Day in Store 12/13/19 https://www.naaip.org/walmart-program-agent-detail-2020-1.pdf https://www.naaip.org/walmart-medicare-selling-1.pdf
  10. If we have a confirmation that a store has been obtained for you which will come at the end of this week then we will need a check for $500. You can be refunded $250 soon after you become ready to sell with 3 MA carriers through us. At the end of the program the other $250 will be refunded to you after you participate in the program as agreed which is to clock in for minimum of 20 hours per week at Walmart.
  11. Dear Agent, I am excited about the helping agents earn a good livelihood by setting up a table at a Walmart and selling Medicare plans during AEP. The first step would be to be contracted with UHC, Humana and SilverScript. When that is done successfully I would have you contract with Aetna/Coventry. Three Medicare Advantage contracts will get the price of the table down to $250. More details on Walmart retail is listed on the forum link below. https://www.naaip.org/community/topic/69-naaip-newsletter-4-18-2019-walmart-retail-medicare-program/ I personally am being swamped getting agents set up at Walmart. I need your cooperation. We still need more agents and there is time. But we need to move fast. It should be noted that NAAIP's special offer on Medicare gifts agents 1,000 free mailers for every 5 Medicare sales. We really want you! My assistant Joshua is the point of contact to set up your Walmart Store and the Medicare mailer program. I have sent you link to contracting with UHC and others. Please search your emails for "NAAIP eContracting for: UHC". The link to contract will be on that email. Over 2,500 Walmart stores are available. Click here for the list. Same Walmart List that is Hosted on NAAIP's Servers I hold a six day per week conference call. All next week, including tomorrow at Sunday at 2pm ET I will be talking up getting agents set up at Walmart.
  12. Hello {$name}, My programmers are having a party. NAAIP has created a website builder for insurance agents that is far superior to anything anywhere. Here's the plan. After 5 hits, advertisements will appear on your website. I really don't want your money. The fact is that each additional user does not cost NAAIP extra expenses. It is a computer program, doggonit. Anyway, Click Ads/Sales List/Paypal in your NAAIP back office. It will be on the left side buttons or at the very top of the page you will see the click, Ads Enabled. Click Here To Disable And Subscribe. After 5 hits ads will appear on your site. Input your PayPal/credit/debit card, or associated IMO/Upline sale information to remove ads. Sales made with NAAIP IMO/UplineNAAIP upline will credit you for a free month. We will gladly revert the charges. Referred agents are appreciated. A referred agent who subscribes will get you a free month. If you pay NAAIP and make a associated IMO/Upline sale or referral sale later, I will revert the charges or send you cash via PayPal. Example: You are over 5 hits and pay $12 per month for 2 years. Suddenly, You make 24 Medicare, annuity, life, dental, health or anything sales with an associated IMO/Upline. I will send you back the cash you have paid. If you are super unsuccessful in this business, I can be even more generous, send me a sms or email and explain to me why $12 is too much for you. Talk to your IMO/Upline. Let's have the IMO/Upline pay your $12/monthly fee to hide adverts. Your site should be on a domain name that you own! Talk to me and we will get this done. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money https://www.naaip.org/buy-domain Scroll down, and you will see step one and two. Watch it. If you still cannot figure out, send me your username and PW from your domain company. I am only allowed to go in your registration back office if you have subscribed. Either by selling, paying or referring. We can discuss on daily video conference call.
  13. Good morning Agent that has no MA plans in your county, Since there are no MA carriers participating in the Walmart program available in your county you would be eligible for the $250 discount if you have three PDP carriers who also offer MA through us such as Aetna, Humana & UnitedHealthcare. We will have the confirmed list of 2020 AEP Direct Health participating carriers soon and there will be more details available at that point in time too. You can sell Medicare Supplements while in the store. Please call me at your earliest convenience as there are details I would like to discuss with you concerning the Med Supps available in your area.
  14. They confirmed the date for round 2 store selection is still beginning on May 22nd but the payment deadline is in June and not September like before.
  15. Walmart Round 2 SNEAK PEEK has been released so you can begin marketing. Attached are last year’s participating carriers and key details, keep in mind these are from last year, things CAN change but probably not by much. See below email as well. · For agents interested, please get at least 3 desired requests for better chances of getting a store. I will request all in hopes to get at least one, we could get all and give back what they don’t want. · First come first serve, so send me your agents requests as you receive them. · For those that make requests prior to Round 2 being released, they will need to send the deposit as soon as we have confirmation of the store, approximately 5/24/19. Copy of the check prior to mailing is required as proof of mailing. · Agents making requests DURING Round 2 will also need to send deposits as soon as the store is confirmed. Stores are generally confirmed day after the request is made. Copy of the check prior to mailing is required as proof of mailing. · FULL $500 will be due if they do not have 3 Active MA carriers with us. If they reach 3 carriers with us by program start, 10/7/19, they will be eligible for the $250 discount. · If check has not been received and no proof before Round 2 closes, store will be dropped.
  16. Question: He is in good health 33 years old. 6"3" 285 lbs and smokes 1 cigar a month. Looking for a 20 year $250,000 term. Can you direct me to a company and tell me how to get appointed? Answer: https://www.naaip.org/john-hancock-insurance is your best bet as they are among the least expensive for his height and weight whether or not you choose Vitality and he can smoke as many cigars as he wants and still be considered non-smoker. in our iPipeline tool at the bottom of www.naaip.org and all subpages - There is an underwriting tools in Term and UL Quotes and submissions - iPipeline. www.naaip.org/banner-life looks good but based on client be able to smoke many cigars JH is best. With JH you would register for the eticket and login in the NAAIP back office and submit the sale. There is a decent chance it will be accelerated underwriting as well. https://www.naaip.org/john-hancock-life-expresstrack-2-pages-1.pdf Symetra is a great company. They have a solid built in chronic illness rider and the client can pay additional funds for an even better one. AIG and ANICO have guaranteed ROP options which are nice. ANICO offers great living benefits too.
  17. Hello {$name}, Subject Line: Join the Walmart Retail Program with NAAIP The Walmart Retail Program is returning for AEP 2020. The program allows NAAIP agents to reserve a Walmart store during AEP. Agents have the opportunity to interact with Walmart shoppers, answer their questions, and enroll them in Medicare plans. Stores Must Be Reserved Agent reservation is exclusive; no other agents will be allowed a presence in that Walmart. The sooner you apply for a store the better your chances of reserving it. For AEP 2020 there are more than 2,500 unclaimed stores. Must be contracted through NAAIP with at least two Medicare Advantage carriers who offer plans in the store area. Must complete Medicare certifications for AHIP and your Medicare Advantage carriers by September 10, 2019. Agent must be in store three days per week for a total of 20 hours per week between October 7 and December 13. This can be divided between multiple agents. $250 application fee per store (if with 3 med adv carriers - 2 carriers will be $500). Agents will be credited to cover this cost at the end of the program if adhere the program guidelines. You Must Apply and Submit their Store Selection with NAAIP by May 17, 2019 Available Stores Click to find stores in your area. May 1 to 16 - Round 1 of Store Selection For returning agents only. Renewals for agents who had stores the previous year. May 17 - NAAIP Deadline for Store Selection Agents must submit their store selection to NAAIP by May 17. May 22 to June 17 - Round 2 of Store Selection Open to any agent. Agents can apply for stores whether or not they had the store the previous year. June 24 to 28 - Round 3 of Store Selection Open to any agent. Agents can apply for stores whether or not they had the store the previous year. Payment Deadline Round 2 payment deadline is June 17th. September 10 - Certification Deadline Agent must have completed Medicare certifications for AHIP and at least two carriers who offer Medicare Advantage policies in the area. October 7 to December 13 - Agent Present in the Store Agent must be in store three days per week for a total of 20 hours per week. This can be divided between multiple agents. Only via NAAIP - Every 5 Medicare sales gets you 1,000 free mailers! Your site {$link_url} should be on a domain name that you own! Talk to me and we will get this done. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.
  18. Global Atlantic - Worldwide Assets Considered – Program is designed for “High Net Worth” foreign nationals, so we require a $2 million net worth. However, the assets are not required to be in the U.S. Will consider assets anywhere in the world to meet this requirement and to justify the amount of insurance coverage sought. Translated Materials – Purchasing a policy in a second language can be challenging. We have translated certain marketing materials to Chinese and Spanish. Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) – Makes it easy for clients who need to return to their home country before the policy is issued. An LPOA form is available to facilitate delivery of the policy in the event the foreign national is no longer in the U.S.
  19. Are you struggling to successfully sell insurance? Would you like to figure out how to fix your challenges? If so, keep reading as I’m offering a limited-time opportunity to consult with me. In the interest of creating new and helpful content, where I consult with agents like you who want answers to your struggles in selling insurance. Here’s how it works: Respond here expressing your interest in a 30-minute consultation with me personally. We’ll spend 30 minutes discussing your challenges, and come up with actionable ideas on how to fix your problems. Anything you want to discuss is fine! Appointment setting, door knocking, presentation skills, handling objections, carrier questions, etc. My goal is for you to have a strategy you can put into action immediately that will increase your success in selling insurance. It doesn’t matter what you sell. Final expense, annuities, mortgage protection, Medicare Supplements, etc. No matter what you sell, I’ll be happy to help. Lastly, this is not a hidden recruiting scheme. Only free training. 😃 Here’s what to do next: I will reach out to 5 of you to schedule a call over the next week to two weeks. I may end up doing more consults long-term if reception for this type of training is strong. PS: Want a free training consultation with David to help you with any of your insurance sales questions and challenges?
  20. Question: NAAIP - Please tell what to sell. Male, non-smoker, 36 years of age 5’ 8” 210# No meds, no health conditions DWI 4/14 and two DWIs in 2010 What company at what rate class should I use for $300K of 20 year term? Answer: had our underwriter work on it. Here is where we are currently: Prudential: possible Table F Columbus Life: declined Principal: declined Nationwide: declined Protective: declined AIG Life: declined Minnesota Life: declined Mutual Omaha: declined Here is some other feedback: 1. Client must wait 10 years if he admits to currently drinking 2. Client can apply with the carriers on attached when it’s been 5 years AND states that he is not currently drinking 3. Client can apply for a simplified issue product Please let us know if you have any questions.
  21. If you use the e-app on the Allianz website, it’s non-med up to 1.5 mil. Attached please find the info. Ameritas, ANICO, Columbus Life, AIG and several others are also non-med up to certain amounts…. https://www.naaip.org/allianz-life https://www.naaip.org/allianz-life-accelerated-underwriting-1.pdf
  22. May Webinars Great Western Insurance Company would like to invite you to join us on the presentation topics below to find out more about how to increase your sales and do business with Great Western’s Final Expense Insurance. Product details, sales and marketing tools, administrative processes, and MyEnroller, our e-app and quoting engine, will be discussed throughout the webinars. Please join in on one of the upcoming webinars this next month to learn more about the improved services and enhanced tools Great Western Insurance Company will be offering. May 2, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST - Great Western's Final Expense 101 May 7, 2019, at 2:00 PM CST - E-App Demo May 16, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST - Great Western's Final Expense 101 May 21, 2019, at 2:00 PM CST - E-App Demo May 30, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST - Great Western's Final Expense 101 To register for any of these webinars, please click on the links above. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. February, 2019 Webinars https://www.naaip.org/great-western-life-agents Great Western would like to extend our past Webinars through the month of February. If you haven't had a chance to check out our New e-App or see What's New, here is your chance. Please join in on one of the upcoming webinars this month to learn more about the improved services and new enhanced tools American Enterprise and Great Western Insurance Company will be offering. February 5, 2019, at 2:00 PM CST - "What's New?" updated February 7, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST - Replacement e-App Demo February 12, 2019, at 2:00 PM CST - "What's New?" updated February 14, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST - Replacement e-App Demo February 19, 2019, at 2:00 PM CST - "What's New?" updated February 21, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST - Replacement e-App Demo February 26, 2019, at 2:00 PM CST - "What's New?" updated February 28, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST - Replacement e-App Demo To register for any of these webinars, please click on the links above. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
  23. In 2017, more than 8 trillion texts were sent, according to TextRequest. Ninety-eight percent of text messages are read in less than two minutes, and almost all are read within 24 hours, according to Pew Research. In contrast, the read-rate of email is approximately 20%, and only 14% of phone calls to businesses are answered without being placed on hold. That means clients can reach out to you easily, and conversely that there’s a direct line to your clients.
  24. Question: Client wants 50K to 100K 20 year term or GUL guaranteed to age 88 She will not take anything less than 50k or anything shorter than 20k. California Female DOB 12-3-1950 Has HBP takes 1 medication to control it. Has Rehumatiod arthritus diagnosed 16 years ago and takes Hydroxychloroquine. Fully functional, exercises regularly. Type 2 diabeties diagnosed 12 years ago, perscribed metformin, and has A1C reading of 5.7. Answer: Good morning Agent. Both Prudential and John Hancock will consider offering standard. However, neither company will offer 50K on term. Their minimum death benefit is 100K and the maximum term available is 15 years. As such, we ran John Hancock’s Protection UL both with and without the Vitality Rider. The death benefit is guaranteed for 24 years and carries to age 120 at 4.95%. The Vitality rider could allow her to save a few bucks and earn points towards rewards such as Caribbean Cruise Lines and Hyatt Hotel stays. Attached please find some program highlights. If you sell the Vitality rider, JH will pay you an additional 10% in compensation. However, if she doesn’t feel like dealing with it, the product looks great without the rider as well. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
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