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  1. level 4 is the highest available level for direct producing #3 Carrier agents. There is only LOA and Level 4, we also provide incentives and co-op dollars to help you along the way since marketing dollars is the only way agents can be compensated more according to CMS rules(incentive details attached). There is another way to earn more as well, a value based enrollment(details attached) can earn you a service fee. If another FMO decides to pay a lesser amount than what Fair Market Value is then they would be contracting their agents as LOA and paying them a lesser amount-we would never do t
  2. I don’t think a business related debt would prevent you from obtaining your state resident license, you haven’t been found guilty of any crime. I found information about this and each state is different. Here is South Dakota’s law on this and according to this chart SD doesn’t run a credit check. They have a list of what would cause a refusal or suspension of someone’s license: https://www.naaip.org/state-requirements-background-checks-insurance-industry-1.pdf For your state of SD, I found this https://law.justia.com/codes/south-dakota/2015/title-58/chapter-30/section-58-30-167/
  3. Question: Is having bankruptcy and bad credit a no-go when it comes to getting an insurance license?
  4. https://www.naaip.org/nate - you can easily put on your own domain.
  5. If bad credit and want to work in Walmart. You can definitely represent companies even with bad credit history but some carriers can also be selective about their review process. You may end up getting declined by a few companies but there is definitely opportunity to do well even if a few companies decline your background. You can also appeal a decline and explain everything to the carrier if you receive a decline.
  6. Key Dates to Remember: Round 1 - Store lists released to FMOs 05/01/19 Round 1 — Store Selection for Round 1 Closes 05/16/19 Round 2 — Store Selection for Round 2 Begins 05/22/19 Memorial Day Holiday 05/27/19 Round 2 — Store Selection for Round 2 Closes 06/17/19 Round 3 — Store Selection for Round 3 Begins 06/24/19 Round 3 — Store Selection for Round 3 Closes 06/28/19 July 4°" Holiday 07/04/19 Agents RTS with 2 or more carriers 09/10/19 First Day in Store 10/07/19 AEP ends 12/07/19 Last Day in Store 12/13/19
  7. If we have a confirmation that a store has been obtained for you which will come at the end of this week then we will need a check for $500. You can be refunded $250 soon after you become ready to sell with 3 MA carriers through us. At the end of the program the other $250 will be refunded to you after you participate in the program as agreed which is to clock in for minimum of 20 hours per week at Walmart.
  8. Humana’s 2020 cert comes out June 25th, UHC’s is July 1st and Aetna is typically the first to come out with the new 2020 certification. If you wait then you will be able to sell for the rest of the year and next year with one certification and you won’t have to recertify until after the same time the following year. Aetna is transitioning to a new contracting system and they will cancel all contracts for agents who haven’t certified so we will get you that info about what you need to do when it happens.
  9. You may have read Friday's email blast which is archived on our forum. https://www.naaip.org/community/topic/72-naaip-newsletter-5-10-2019-advertisements/ The changes will be that monthly charge to hide ads will be lowered to $19.99 per month. You still get a free month for selling/referring to NAAIP. Every sale or referral sale/payment credits you a month. As well, at the daily conference call (6 days per week) I will give out the Promo Code to make the first month for $0.99. I need agents to help us in this project. Top quality programming, design and hosting costs money. Rece
  10. Hello {$name}, My programmers are having a party. NAAIP has created a website builder for insurance agents that is far superior to anything anywhere. Quite a few agents contract and sell through us and enjoy guaranteed highest commissions. The FEX Club, The Term Life Club, The IUL Club. Sadly, not enough sales are coming in to pay our bills. Here's the plan. After 25 hits, advertisements will appear on your website. I really don't want your money. The fact is that each additional user does not cost NAAIP extra expenses. It is a computer program, doggonit. Any
  11. Humana - It’s already that time of year to start preparing for AEP 2020 and Humana is here to help. We are excited to announce that we will be launching certification and recertification courses earlier than ever before this year! Both courses will launch at noon Eastern Time on June 25, 2019.
  12. for agent that contracted thru Other Upline with #1 but did not certify? He can fill out a new contract through us. He needs to write a letter that he wants to us to be his NMA instead of Other and sign it then send it to us. We can process the contract and submit the letter at the same time. He needs to wait until we confirm that the change has been made before certifying. If he certifies then the contract will stay with other for a while unless he gets released or makes that request and waits. fo
  13. Good morning Agent that has no MA plans in your county, Since there are no MA carriers participating in the Walmart program available in your county you would be eligible for the $250 discount if you have three PDP carriers who also offer MA through us such as Aetna, Humana & UnitedHealthcare. We will have the confirmed list of 2020 AEP Direct Health participating carriers soon and there will be more details available at that point in time too. You can sell Medicare Supplements while in the store. Please call me at your earliest convenience as there are details I would like
  14. They confirmed the date for round 2 store selection is still beginning on May 22nd but the payment deadline is in June and not September like before.
  15. Hello {$name}, Subject Line: Join the Walmart Retail Program with NAAIP The Walmart Retail Program is returning for AEP 2020. The program allows NAAIP agents to reserve a Walmart store during AEP. Agents have the opportunity to interact with Walmart shoppers, answer their questions, and enroll them in Medicare plans. Stores Must Be Reserved Agent reservation is exclusive; no other agents will be allowed a presence in that Walmart. The sooner you apply for a store the better your chances of reserving it
  16. Walmart Round 2 SNEAK PEEK has been released so you can begin marketing. Attached are last year’s participating carriers and key details, keep in mind these are from last year, things CAN change but probably not by much. See below email as well. · For agents interested, please get at least 3 desired requests for better chances of getting a store. I will request all in hopes to get at least one, we could get all and give back what they don’t want. · First come first serve, so send me your agents requests as you receive them. · For those that make requests
  17. Our commission schedules for their General Agent or top available Agent level are attached for your review. On top of receiving the highest available commission you also are able to tap into our incentive programs and industry leading technological solutions like our telephonic MAPD / PDP enrollment tool. You can receive a free 1,000 piece mailer for writing business as you usually would as well. A release would allow you to immediately move to us but if you cannot obtain a release then #3 and #2 can be transferred in 90 days and #1 would require a six month wait but it would transfer after
  18. Many referrers become aware of an agent’s capabilities when an agent spoke at a seminar or a conference. This is what I would recommend that you do. You can reach out to businesses that have seniors on payroll, Financial Advisors are a good resource, P & C agencies, faith-based organizations, organizations that you belong to like a gym. Do you belong to, or does someone you know belong to a service organization? Do they need someone to come talk about Medicare? Meet with the director, or manager of these businesses and organizations. Bring them donuts. Get to know them and be persi
  19. Question: He is in good health 33 years old. 6"3" 285 lbs and smokes 1 cigar a month. Looking for a 20 year $250,000 term. Can you direct me to a company and tell me how to get appointed? Answer: https://www.naaip.org/john-hancock-insurance is your best bet as they are among the least expensive for his height and weight whether or not you choose Vitality and he can smoke as many cigars as he wants and still be considered non-smoker. in our iPipeline tool at the bottom of www.naaip.org and all subpages - There is an underwriting tools in Term and UL Quotes and submission
  20. Hello {$name}, Subject Line: Join the Walmart Retail Program with NAAIP The Walmart Retail Program is returning for AEP 2020. The program allows NAAIP agents to reserve a Walmart store during AEP. Agents have the opportunity to interact with Walmart shoppers, answer their questions, and enroll them in Medicare plans. Stores Must Be Reserved Agent reservation is exclusive; no other agents will be allowed a presence in that Walmart. The sooner you apply for a store the better your chances of reserving it. For AEP 2020 there are more than 2,500 unclaimed stores.
  21. 1. The Favicon is now able to be changed. As default the favicon is your profile image. If you have the naaip logo there.. that is what is will be. If you upload your personal image, then that will be your Favocon. As well, you can upload something else.
  22. https://www.enomcentral.com - For step 1. here is the instructions in their help section. keep in mind to put my companies IP address of Host Records are displayed in the following format: Host Name Record Type Address www A (Address) @ A (Address) * A (Address) There are three standard Host Names that you should configure for your main website:
  23. Hello {$name}, The Following is the Latest News: I have spent over 1,000 hours on YouTube watching other recruiters/trainers spout off their special knowledge about insurance sales. I, personally, have 20 years in this industry. Right from the start at the very top earnings level. Face to Face & Over-the-Phone for multiple product lines. I have spoken to thousands of agents over the past few years as NAAIP has become a powerful force. Offering free technology and highest commissions. My conference call is 6 days per week. A lot of talking and listening.
  24. 1and1 is the one domain registration where we have had difficulty getting the hosting right. Here are some of the fixes to the issues. 1. 1and1 needs 2 A Records that has naaip's IP address of One of the A records will have @ and the other will have www. - which is there already. Just input the IP of in the proper place. 2. Remove the AAAA Record - Delete it. ... example yourdomain.com AAAA 3599 2607:f1c0:100f:f000::26b www.yourdomain.com AAAA 3599 2607:f1c0:100f:f000::26b 3. You can verify your A record and AAAA Record at https://w
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