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  1. Question:

     I am in search of a disability policy for a self-employed beautician.  She makes $75,000 per year, 26 years old,  good health and has a letter from the owner of the salon where she rents a space stating her salary.  Her problem is that her tax person is showing her net income at about $6,000 per year for the last 2 years.  She would like to have at least $2,000 per month benefit.  Is there an option available for her with any companies?



    Unfortunately, being self employed (1099) our carriers would base coverage on the client’s NET income (minus expenses) as reported on their return.  6K a year is below acceptable income. Most carriers require no less than 15K a year in net income. We only have one carrier, Illinois Mutual that may consider down to as little as 7,200 of annual income. Unfortunately based on her income at this time we don’t have a carrier that will offer coverage. Sorry I don’t have better news.




  2. Lots of thought and effort go into this monthly newsletter. I appreciate that many agents have expressed their gratitude for my company's good work. 

    Latest News since last month:

    1. IUL - Indexed Universal Life -  www.naaip.org/iul-information

    • Very comprehensive page that explains the IUL. 
    • Lists our favorite carriers. You notice that I love National Life Group.
    • This week I will write a telemarketing phone script for IUL that will compliment the phone scripts below. 


    After spending a month researching the IUL,  I have come to the conclusion that an agent that is not thoroughly comfortable explaining and selling an IUL has wasted his/her time becoming an insurance agent. 

    The main bullet point is that an IUL is that it is the only financial vehicle in the USA that allows:

    Virtually unlimited deposits that grow tax-deferred and eventually become tax-free. 

    2. www.naaip.org/oxford-life sales are going strong. Point of Sale Issue of the policy is Huge. Lowest rates on FEX for non-smokers ages 50-85.  Talk to me. Change is sometimes good. Compensation got raised for SPWL and their fixed annuities are industry leaders.

    3. Medicare Leads. NAAIP offers highest CMS allowed compensation on Medicare Advantage. Agents that desire to have a Medicare selling booth in Walmart next year, Please tell me. Reserve now!

    If you are selling Medicare via another up-line that does not give you free mailers. Switch to NAAIP. It is easy. As well, NAAIP makes selling Medicare Advantage over-the-phone a snap. Ask me. 

    4. Name Server Technique to Host Domains Will End on January 1, 2019. 

    a. Agents that have used NAAIP's Name Servers of n3.naaip.org and ns4.naaip.org must change Name Server to default and host via the IP address technique.

    b. Agents with the Name Server Technique with a business domain name email need to input their MX records in DNS. 
    c. www.whatsmydns.com shows your current NS (Name Server).  As well, your MX records which allows your email to function. 

    d. Your domain registration company (i.e GoDaddy) can do this for you or you can email me your GoDaddy user name and password. 
    e. Fixes will be implemented during the daily conference call (now 6 days per week). 

    f. You must attend and ask moderator to check his email. 
    g. Your site/email will be up and running well by the end of the conference call. 

    h. Most NAAIP sites that were hosted by NAAIP from January 1, 2016 to August 1, 2018 used Name Servers Technique. 

    i. The elimination of the Name Server Technique is needed to increase site upload speed. 

    YouTube explanation to change IP Address to NAAIP's in your DNS.

  3. Hello Agent,

    There are a variety of options for non-citizens and citizens living abroad.  However, the clients must come to the U.S. to get examined and sign the application.  Pan Am and National Western offer term and permanent insurance to foreign nationals.  The other carriers that play in the space only offer permanent products.  I hope you find this information helpful.  If you have a case in mind that you would like to discuss, I would be happy to chat with you about it.

  4. The subject of the email that you read: "NAAIP vs Compulife - NAAIP Wins! - You are Entitled to a Cash Settlement" is factually correct. 

    https://www.naaip.org/community/topic/13-compulife-lawsuit-join-a-class-action-lawsuit-or-sue-individually/- To read Federal Judge James M. Hopkins 53 page decision and read NAAIP's explanation/timeline of what happened from April, 2015.

    You were contacted by Robert Barney of Compulife with a "tale" of software piracy that was designed to financially hurt you. As well, 2,100 insurance agents were listed on a website operated by Robert Barney as participating in "software piracy."

    These claims by Mr. Barney were false and known by Mr. Barney as being false. In fact, the federal trial that occurred in October 2017 was "all about" copy-write infringement and not about piracy. It would have gentlemanly of Mr. Barney to inform you of that "sort of" important distinction.

    Regardless, Judge James M. Hopkins wrote a 53 page decision that cleared NAAIP of any copy-write infringement issues. 

    NAAIP encourages the affected parties to be made whole for their financial losses caused by Mr. Robert Barney's malicious pursuit of profit.

  5. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released 2019 premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance amounts for the Medicare Part A and Part B programs.  
      2019 Medicare Part A and B Premiums/Deductibles  
      Deductible and Coinsurance Amounts for Calendar Years 2018 and 2019 by Type of Cost Sharing*  
    Description 2018 2019
    Part A Inpatient hospital deductible $1,340 $1,364
    Daily coinsurance for 61st-90th Day $ 335 $ 341
    Daily coinsurance for lifetime reserve days $ 670 $ 682
    Skilled Nursing Facility coinsurance $167.50 $170.50
    Medicare Part B annual deductible $183 $185
    Medicare Part B standard monthly premium $134 $135.50
    High-Deductible Plan F $2,240 $2,300
    Plan K out-of-pocket limit $5,240 $5,560
    Plan L out-of-pocket limit $2,620 $2,780
      Starting January 1, 2020, Medicare Supplement insurance plans sold to those newly enrolling in Medicare will not be allowed to cover the Part B deductible. Because of this, Plans C and F/HDF will no longer be available to people new to Medicare as of January 1, 2020. Seniors who already have either of these two plans (or the high deductible version of Plan F) before January 1, 2020 will be able to keep their plan, as long as premiums are current. They will NOT need to make any changes to their plans. If Seniors were eligible for Medicare before January 1, 2020, but not yet enrolled, they may be able to buy one of these plans. More information about changes in Medicare in 2020 are coming soon.

  6. With Pan Am an offshore corp to run the business through is set up and the paramed is done in the USA.  However, Pan Am will write in almost any country and offers term, UL and soon IUL.  The clients need to come to FL, TX, or AZ to sign the application.  Underwriting will look at meds in advance, but they want the exams done in country.  National Western is rolling out a similar program. 

    MetLife and TransAmerica
    fly back to usa.. Transamerica will allow power of attorney.. to deliver policy..

    Global American is for high net worth individuals.



  7. I am incredibly proud of the great system that NAAIP programmers and designers have created. My business plan from a few years ago was straight forward.

    • Free client-facing insurance agent websites that are superior in quality to anything available anywhere.
    • Quoters that will facilitate collecting visitor name, email and phone.
    • Teach agents to move their website up Google.
    • Absolute highest recruiting contracts will be offered to NAAIP by the insurers because of the multitude of agents in our system.
    • Offer agents insurance contracts with substantially higher commissions than other IMOs, FMOs and recruiters. 

    Mission Accomplished. NAAIP is a success story. There are two big negatives. 

    • Even though NAAIP has higher payouts, many agents are still submitting business at lower commission thru other recruiting entities.
    • NAAIP computer programmers want more money, especially considering that they have built a world-class system and the cost of living keeps on going up.

    The Solution:

    • $19.99/month when your website reaches 1,000 hits for the contact forms to work. Your website will still be free-forever but the contact forms are "sort of" important.
    • One sale via NAAIP upline waives one month of website fees.
    • One sale via NAAIP upline by a referred agent waives one month as well.
    • Agents will list their sale details in their NAAIP back office. In essence, self-reporting their sales in order that their contact forms will continue to work after 1,000 hits. 
    • Programming work must be implemented for agents to self-report their sales and be credited for referred agent sales. This takes time. 
    • Extraordinary circumstances. Certain carriers we be considered multiple sales (such as www.naaip.org/oxford-life). Big sales will get more credit, etc. One month I will feel generous and announce that if you join my YouTube channel and make a favorable comment it will give you a month. We can have lots of fun with this. Talk to me.
    • This payment/"contact form continuing to work" system will commence at the earliest on February 1st, 2019.
    • In the meantime, any sale that you make till then can be credited when payments/sales are needed.

  8. United American allows Agents to write Medicare Supplement insurance policies up to six months (180 days) in advance of the Medicare Part B effective date for first-time Medicare Supplement applicants age 64½ or older (except in NY and WI – see below). This six month advance window applies only to those applying for a Medicare Supplement during their Open Enrollment.  
      The purpose of the six month advance window for prospects turning 65 is to help you be “first in the door” to offer value and service to applicants aging in to Medicare, and to establish what will hopefully be a long term relationship as their insurance agent.  
      There are three exceptions to the advance rule for Open Enrollment:
    1. In NY and WI, 3 months (90 days) in advance is the maximum time frame.
    2. Current UA Medicare Supplement under age- 65 disability policyholders may apply for an overage Medicare Supplement policy up to 60 days in advance of their 65th birthday.
    3. In states with disability Open Enrollment, 60 days in advance is the maximum time frame for under age-65 disability applicants applying during their Open Enrollment period.
      For all other underwriting situations outside of Open Enrollment, the maximum allowable time frame to write a Medicare Supplement insurance policy is 90 days in advance of the effective date.  
      When submitting Medicare Supplement insurance applications, be sure to abide by the correct advance time-period for that applicant’s situation. Applications submitted with incorrect application dates risk being declined.

  9. I have a confession and a regret. NAAIP registered users stands at 9,044, but we still have not become industry standard. I am kicking myself trying to figure out that necessary next step that will take NAAIP viral. 

    Sometimes I kick so much that my shin hurts.

    NAAIP Latest News:

    • I made a YouTube video that explains in 3 minutes how to properly put your NAAIP site on your domain name with IP address. 
    • Click to view: I will be making additional YouTube videos that explain websites and the insurance industry. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Youtube videos should have been done years ago. Ooops.
    • Universal Life policies is something that all Life Insurance agents should be familiar with.
    • It is so important that any marketing entity should come accross as Uber-Professional. You will notice that Login at NAAIP is now easier. Login to your NAAIP back office with Google, MSN, Facebook, LinkedIn. Soon Yahoo. 
    • NAAIP's Sunday Conference Call at 2pm ET is a welcome addition to our Weekdays Noon ET schedule. Looking forwarding to hearing from you. 
    • At the footer of NAAIP home page I added a MIB Dispute Information Link.I am always looking for relevant information to help you sell.

  10. Join us in Jupiter, FL on September 28 for an encore training session exclusively for United American agents! Meet the UA Director team and get the knowledge, techniques, and resources you need to be able to see your sales soar this season! 

    What we'll cover:

    • Conducting a more effective and powerful Medicare review with your clients
    • The 5 Essential Steps to the Sales Process
    • Sales concepts to increase your production
    • Common underwriting situations you'll encounter during the AEP 
    • How to integrate our Ancillary products into your Med Sup business
    • Best practices for marketing and prospecting to find high quality prospects

    To register,  Contact NAAIP Agent Services

    Friday, September 28
    9am - 12pm

    Wyndham Grand Jupiter at Harbourside
    122 Soundings Ave
    Jupiter, FL 33477

    You are welcome to bring other Agents as your guests! 

  11. Question: DOB= 4/26/1969, male needs 20 or 30 year term for 200k

    Height and weight very good, no meds, is a Capt in Vol Fire Dept besides regular job in aerospace tool and die company.


    Banner Life: offers a drop ticket system via IGO.  You fill out a section and the carrier does the rest.  However, it’s fully underwritten.

    Principal Life: drop ticket is available as well as e-app via IGO.  Based on the fact your client appears to be healthy, Principal may waive the exam.

    Foresters Life: this Foresters product is fully underwritten.

    Protective Life: offers drop ticket or e-app.  The Custom Choice UL has better conversion options and it’s built on a UL chassis.  In the event he doesn’t convert by the end of the term, the premiums remain the same, but the death benefit decreases.  Protective just came out with Accelerated underwriting. But I am noticing that most apps are being denied accelerated and going full underwriting. 

    John Hancock Life: prior to having a producer code, you can use an e-app on IGo.  Once you have a code, you can use their drop ticket system available on the Edison website.  JH offers accelerated underwriting, so based on the fact your client is healthy, they may waive the exam.  Includes Vitality…

    Prudential Life: offers a drop ticket via IGO.  They are fully underwritten.

    Assurity Life – offers an e-app via IGO and should waive the exam based on the fact your client appears to be healthy.


    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

  12.   Keep these points in mind when selling Medicare Supplements during the Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment Period (Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, 2018) and the new Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (Jan. 1 through Mar. 31, 2019).  
      During the enrollment periods listed above, Medicare beneficiaries with Medicare Advantage (“MA” 1) may drop their MA coverage, return to Original Medicare and be in the market for a Medicare Supplement (voluntary disenrollments).  
      Other Medicare beneficiaries may have received notice that their MA plan will be terminated or non-renewed for 2019 (involuntary terminations). They may choose another MA plan or return to Original Medicare and be in the market for a Medicare Supplement.  
      Remind all applicants to retain any disenrollment or termination notices received from their MA plan and keep in a safe place.  
      To help ensure applications are taken correctly and policies are issued in a timely manner, please read this email in its entirety.
    • Medicare Supplement insurance is available only to Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Original Medicare Parts A and B.
    • To be eligible for a Medicare Supplement, those with current Medicare Advantage coverage must be disenrolled from their MA and returned to Original Medicare prior to the effective date of their Medicare Supplement.
    • State law prohibits a Medicare Supplement policy from becoming effective prior to the end date of the MA plan.
    • Applicants replacing their MA coverage must fully complete and sign the application and replacement form(s), giving particular attention to the sections concerning MA disenrollment or termination/non-renewal. Applicants must confirm on the application that they intend to replace current MA coverage with the Medicare Supplement in order for the application to be accepted.
    • A Medicare Supplement policyholder who still has MA coverage in place on the policy effective date is subject to rescission.
      Voluntary Disenrollments  
    • MA enrollees cannot disenroll from their plan prior to the first day of the disenrollment period.
    • Applicants are responsible for disenrolling themselves from their MA plan and returning to Original Medicare during the enrollment periods listed above either by:
      • calling 800.MEDICARE, or
      • contacting their MA plan carrier, or
      • for MA-PD (RX) plans, by enrolling in a stand-alone Part D Plan. Note that an applicant cannot disenroll from most MA stand-alone plans (MA plans that do not include Part D coverage) by enrolling in Part D.
    • The pre-existing waiting period is waived for applicants age 65 and over disenrolling from a MA plan.
    • Applicants voluntarily disenrolling from a MA plan that has been in force less than 12 months are eligible to apply for a Guaranteed Issue policy if the applicant first enrolled in MA at age 65. Health questions must not be answered.
    • Applicants voluntarily disenrolling from a MA plan that has been in force longer than 12 months are not eligible for a Guaranteed Issue policy in a non-Guaranteed Issue state (GI rules vary by state).
      Involuntary Terminations  
    • A copy of the applicant’s MA plan disenrollment notice is required for applicants being involuntarily terminated or non-renewed by their MA plan.
    • Applicants involuntarily losing their MA Plan due to plan termination or non-renewal are eligible to apply for a Guaranteed Issue policy and must not answer health questions.
      Outside of the annual enrollment periods listed above, a copy of the applicant’s MA plan disenrollment or termination notice is required by the supplement carrier.

  13. You can receive $50 off the $175 cost of AHIP by following this link or by completing the AHIP through any of our carrier portals: 



    If you decide to take AHIP instead of going through United Healthcare’s core modules that cover the AHIP material then be sure to click AHIP FIRST when you log in.  If you enter their Medicare Basic certification first you will be prevented from transmitting your AHIP.

  14.   Effective January 1, 2019, the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period (MADP) that currently takes place annually from January 1st through February 14th is being replaced with a Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (OEP) that will take place from January 1st through March 31st annually.  
      The new Medicare Advantage OEP allows individuals enrolled in a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan, including newly MA-eligible individuals, to make a one-time election to go to another MA plan or Original Medicare. Individuals using the MA OEP to make a change may make a coordinating change to add or drop Part D coverage.  

    Please note: This change does not affect the Medicare Annual Election Period, which will continue to take place annually from October 15th to December 7th.


  15. NAAIP wants the majority of insurance agents in America to use our technology and brokerage services. 

    A tall order. No organization has ever come close to achieving this goal. Not Metlife, not Prudential. 

    The insurance carrier is dependant on you to solicit and sell the product.

    You are depending on Marketing Companies and Carriers to provide tools to help.

    The fact is: Only NAAIP is giving agents tools that truly helps you succeed.

    NAAIP has made some great tools, and is constantly searching for tools, information and a better way.

    Listed below are items that will help you prosper. 

    • NAAIP conference call is adding Sundays at 2pm ET to its schedule. As usual, conference calls are weekdays at Noon ET. We are here to assist agents 7 days per week. Contact us. 
    • Home based call centers do succeed. NAAIP is fully committed to training agents.  https://www.naaip.org/sell-final-expense-by-phonehttps://www.naaip.org/med-sup-phone-saleshttps://www.naaip.org/how-to-sell-annuities
    • https://listshackpro.com will sell you up 50,000 names/data for $50.
    • https://tmaxdialer.com - There are many dialers out there. This one has great agent support and offers a free trial (no credit card needed). 
    • Medicare agents should be aware that for every 5 sales you make - NAAIP will give you 1,000 free mailers. Always receive CMS highest allowed compensation. UHC, Humana, Aetna and SilverScripts, etc is a huge industry. 
    • All agents must be super-familiar with iPipeline (always located at footer of NAAIP home page). Some agents have had difficulty setting up an account with us. The issue would be that you have an existing iPipeline account and the "other user name" is automatically propagating in the user name field. Note the user name that is associated with NAAIP's Brokerage. As well, you may have to clear "cache." 
    •   I am diligently working to put valuable information at the footer of www.naaip.org - Last week I posted Life Insurance - Common Medical Questions and Life Underwriting Informal Inquiry Form.
    • Unless you are expert at insurer underwriting, get a detailed list of your prospect's medical/underwriting issues and the policy that your client wants. Get honest answers about marijuana, etc. Email that information to me and/or our underwriter who is listed in NAAIP's back office. Wait for the answer. It is simple. Your job is to upsell clients to IUL, ROP, financial planning, etc. NAAIP's job is present to you the product to sell your client. 
    • All agents should be super-aware that there are humongous differentials in commission levels among the various insurance marketing organizations. See our compensation grid at the footer of NAAIP.org and every email that I will send you. Have you noticed that no other IMO in the universe publishes its comp levels online?
    • I have been spending my days and nights uploading information on NAAIP insurer pages to make it easy for agents to sell. 
    • https://www.naaip.org/one-america is an example of my favorite asset-based (Hybrid) LTCi - using Whole Life or Annuities to cover LTC. Big money is flowing into this type of financial planning tool. OneAmerica makes it easy by utilizing eTickets, iPipeline and easy to access online proposals. Of course, NAAIP's brokerage department has LTCi experts that will send you illustrations for the dozen carriers that we work with. Call us. 
    • New feature on the term life quoter: On results page the insurer name is clickable. I can now put pdf brochure links on that page that pops up. I am in the process of putting three pdfs for each carrier. Our quoter is also displaying quote results for carriers that we do no brokering. Therefore, I am requesting from agents to email me relevant pdfs that you want to see on that results page.  
    • Annuities are Huge!  Stan the Annuity Man has an online annuity quoter that NAAIP cannot currently provide online.Our brokerage department can provide you similar information via email. NAAIP's brokerage provides contracting services to all the carriers listed in Stan's quoter. Learn from Stan, but sell via NAAIP!


    My favorite FEX, SPWL and MYGA Annuity carrier is still Oxford Life - www.naaip.org/oxford-life. Oxford has the lowest FEX non-smoker rates for any client from age 50-85 See our FEX Quoter of 37 insurers at footer of NAAIP's home page.

  16. For the last two years I have been telling agents to do proper hosting - Do not Forward & Mask.

    According to a NAAIP audit, your website - {$link_url} - is being Forward & Masked.

    Proper hosting is free forever to insurance agents - There is no cost to you. 

    The Proper Hosting technique will:

    1. Have your site look good on all smartphones.

    2. Be good for SEO because it will create new pages.

    3. Put a 'Secure' Green Bar on the address bar.

    4. Come to daily conference call at 12 Noon for extra steps you must do to make your site #1 in Google. 

    The steps to proper host is listed in your NAAIP back office but I will list the steps here. To be be thoroughly blunt, it is highly embarrassing me when one of our insurance agent websites is "ugly." Forward & Masking is ugly.

    • Instructions for putting website on your domain name with proper hosting:
    • 1. Insert your domain name at "My Website URL" the bottom of Profile Settings page 
    • 2. In DNS Settings in your domain registration account (e.g.Godaddy). Edit A Records to - host is @ and is the pointed IP address (wait 11 minutes till a few hours and the site will be secure and up).
    • Click here for a YouTube video explanation or just like everything else in life you can do a search on YouTube: "How To Change GoDaddy IP Address DNS A Record" At the daily conference call, we can walk you through the steps and have everything up and running.
    • Click Here for the 99 cent GoDaddy coupon code and great advice on choosing a good domain name.
    • Agents that use a business email associated with their domain name will have to input the MX records in DNS. Your email company can do this for you.
    • https://www.whatsmydns.net to see your A record IP address. 

  17. Hello {$name},

    My head is spinning on how good NAAIP's system is. Firstly, let me tell you about NAAIP's massive website improvements.

    1. Full Life Application is Functional - Our Term Life quoter is 99.99% accurate. After getting a quote, the visitor has the option to fill out a full-life-app. Similar info that you will find in any life application. Very good programming. When completed, you get email, client gets email and it lands in your "contacted you list."
    2. Med-sup quoter gives you the option to edit the name of the insurer to Major Company #1, Major Company #2, etc. Very similar to CSG actuarial.
    3. Your Personal Image - I have noticed that 95% of agents are doing it wrong. re-upload your image to be 160*160 minimum. Google "best linkedin profile photo" for expert advice -  Your face should be 60% of the frame. Our programmer made our upload system similar to Facebook, but, it is up to you to crop. See how much better image looks! Sample site - Face is 60%.
    4. Your NAAIP website should on your domain in the proper format. Do not Forward & Mask. A properly hosted site will be secure and look great on a smartphone. 
    5. In celebration of our massive website improvements, if you have not properly hosted and need help, send me your username and password of Godaddy and I will take care of it. - GoDaddy domain names are only 99 cents per year. 

    Submitting business at incredibly high compensation levels. 

    • The FEX Club - Oxford, MOO, TransAmerica, Assurity, Oxford and others.
    • and Just-in-Time contract. It is easy.
    •  The  Term Life Club - 
    • When contracting and selling, open our commission grid - You will appreciate our high levels. The Contracting Summary page - you will notice that many life carriers are dual contracting. This page shows all the contracting rules.
    • To save time, energy and protect your FICO credit score. It is in your best interest to contract when you have a piece of business. FYI: Any time you appoint with a carrier a credit inquiry is done and 5 points come off your FICO credit score. 
    • If you know you will be selling in the next two weeks, request contracting via our Surancebay link. Talk to us and tell us you will be making a sale. 
    • If you need an illustration for IUL, Whole Life, Annuities, LTC, etc. Talk to us. It is our pleasure to create these illustrations for you and submit contracting for that pending sale. 
    • We have done lots of work improving the footer of our home page's usefullness. At the very bottom of www.naaip.org you see lots of new links. Links that make it easy to sell and submit business. Refer to the bottom of www.naaip.org - Good information on underwiting, submission, etc. 
    • Experts in selling, contracting, underwriting are named in your NAAIP back office. Lots of flack from the insurance industry because NAAIP is publicizing its "incredibly high" compensation grid. For this reason, we had to put certain information behind password protection.

    Our favorite FEX carrier is still Oxford Life - www.naaip.org/oxford-life. Oxford has the lowest non-smoker rates for any client from age 50-85 See our FEX Quoter of 37 insurers at bottom of naaip.org.

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