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  1. OK. I am trying to add a separate page to my site for the life widget since i'm only using the quoters which are linked to from my site i had before NAAIP BUT how do I enable the life widget on another page? I don't even see where to put the HTML Code into the page to embed the widget?
  2. I already know there's life quoter & medsup quoter but I do not see auto quoter if someone could please paste the auto quoter code into the forum i would appreciate it. Please specifically look for the auto quoter before posting a reply
  3. I am looking for the AUTO Quoter Code?? Which does not appear to be in the back office??
  4. I know there's quoters for Medsup & Life but I do not see auto??
  5. Is there HTML Code for auto quote engine like life/medicare sup? What is it?
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