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  1. Please Add My name Kelley J O'Shea to this Compulife class action lawsuit, I was served January 3,2017 and have since received mailings from my office General Liability & Commercial Property Carrier State Farm both snail mail & certified may dated January 17,2017. My Agency sells Primarily Property & Casualty, I have not sold a Life policy since working at Prudential back in the early 90's, my agency does have a outdated website but in no way does nor has it ever referenced Compulife. incident has caused nothing but unneeded stress & duress during the past year I have encounter rather disrupting medical issues, my children have been abandoned by their father (my X-husband) we have faced a major Hurricane and most recently my children's school (MSD) came under siege by a 19 year old with an assault weapon..... REALLY DO NOT THIS ADDED STRESS!!! Sign me up PLEASE!
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