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  1. I guess thats the problem. I have tried to do this every possible way. My domain name is with 1 and 1. We did have a problem with getting the email set up. I dont need hand holding but when Ive done everything that has been instructed and it continues to not work properly I do need some help. I guess i find it hard to believe that I'm the exception and no one has ever seen this issue. I will jump on the conference call at 38 minutes past Noon ET to hear your response.
  2. So everything was working correctly except I could not validate the site on Google. The preview was showing my information. After about a month having the "free" site then the preview is now an advertisement for NAAIP. Ive tried to resolve through the contact with NAAIP but basically was told to come to a daily conference call to get this solved. Anyone have a similar experience or suggestions on how to fix it. I about ready to look for another website provider but hate to start all over after the hours of work I put in. Help?!!?
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