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  1. Received aSQLerror message whentrying to move auto quotes rather to bottom of page 47EBCDA4-F302-4686-B8C6-CDA0F368F532.MP4
  2. Hi I am trying to insert a link (See Picture) to MedigapOnly.com the instructions says to place the link right before <body> in JavaScript I can Not find the <body> to do so. https://signup.cj.com/member/4582128/publisher/links/tools/
  3. I know you prefer the conference call however when there’s a lot of folks on the call it’s just not efficient. Is there any way to completely change the website design? Are we able to rearrange the layout?
  4. How to link a new page to another website? ex: I have 123Insurance.com I also have ABCinsurance.com. I what to add a new page the “abcinsurance.com to 123insurance.com”, that when you’re at 123Insurance.com it will show up above “Contact Us” just like a new page would, and when clicked on it will take you to the ABCinsurance.com website. Thanks
  5. Hi I just uploaded a free guide to Medicare Supplements. How do I set it up to where when you want to download a copy you have to sign up with name and email address.
  6. Hi I have been paying for hosting basically for emails. How would I keep the email addresses working if I do not keep this hosting.
  7. How do I add a option for a site visitor to enlarge the text on any of my pages?
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