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  1. I was on the Comm website for AHIP Testing, I signed off, when I tried to go back on it say that it is no longer there, can you let me know if it moved or what them problem is?

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    2. David


      Does anyone know if the questions are pulled from just the tests at the end of the modules or are they also pulled from the mini quizzes within the modules as well?

    3. Juan


      I am also looking for Q&A support for the AHIP.  Took it twice and received a 44 out of 50 missed it by one question both times.  Any assistance can be sent to jreyes.libnat@gmail.com.

    4. fmtessa


      I too am looking for the AHIP Q&As that were posted. I'm on my final attempt and I'm freaking out! Can someone/anyone email me passing tests so I can compare and see what I keep getting wrong?? Why is this so stressful 😩


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