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Better idea is to have have NAAIP do your hosting for free. You can use the A Record technique to point your IP address to NAAIP.

The two quality email providers are Google email (Gsuite) and Godaddy365 - Both charge $4-$5/month per email address. These two email providers are, by far, the best out there. You will get your email faster. 

  • Best to cancel your hosting - switch to one of these email providers - You only need to register your domain which is 99 cents first year via Godaddy and about $12/year afterwards - no need to pay for hosting. 
  • Use only one email address for your business. Forward the other emails to your main email. 
  • And have NAAIP do your hosting.
  • Keep it Simple

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Guest Google Hosting.

Well, I should have used GODaddy but I didn't and ended up with google domains..


Any guess how to get my webpage here up to there?


Oh, and I have to wait 44 more days before it will let me transfer out!



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