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Great Tips on Making Money as an Agent


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  1. Live Daily Coaching Calls. I’ll teach a lesson on sales training, lead generation, or review an agent’s sales call, all with the goal of increasing your sales and marketing skill, so that you’ll get better results selling insurance.
  2. Learn Multiple Insurance Sales And Marketing Systems. In addition to my final expense sales and marketing system, you can now learn how to sell Medicare Supplements to folks turning 65 and older, in addition to learning how to sell and market for mortgage protection business, annuities, and critical illness insurance. This is great training for new agents looking to specialize in a market and wanting to know the best options, and for experienced agents looking for a product change.
  3. FREE Access To Term, Universal Life, Final Expense, Medicare and Annuity quote engines at footer of https://www.naaip.org.
  4. Learn How To Generate Insurance Leads Organically on YouTube and Through Google Search.
  5. Discover How To Create Your Own Facebook Ads And Eliminate The Lead Generation Middle Man.
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