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NAAIP Newsletter: Dec 15 2019 - Final Expense


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NAAIP was recently tasked with making a Final Expense Carrier America's #1 Final Expense/Whole Life/Mortgage Term carrier. It will be a relatively easy job for us to accomplish.

Here are the bullet points:

  • 5 different FEX/Whole Life products. Preferred, 2 Standards, Graded and GI.
    The Preferred FEX is called Provider Whole Life and offers from 10k to 150k in whole life and is not shown on fexquotes so you may not have known about these super-competitive rates. 
  • No E&O required
  • All forms, quote engines, applications are online with password protection. Use password USA to access.
  • Over the phone selling made easy. UHL FEX, Term and accident can be sold by phone.
  • UHL's term life combined with accident is perfect for mortgage protection. 
  • Commission levels: ask us.

NAAIP's mission statement is to recruit and train agents to sell FEX's product line. I encourage agents to put our final expense quoters at the top of your NAAIP website - example site. These changes can be made in your back office via "quote engine position", "Header image(big)", and "Pop-over in header image." It would be a good idea to change the content to include information on the product that you are selling by editing "Content Management." 

I have beefed up our page https://www.naaip.org/sell-final-expense-by-phone and https://www.naaip.org/lead-services with more great information and resources. I will walk you through the exact steps that you must do to make a sale a day for United Home Life.

FEX products are simple - No invasive testing. A few yes/no questions to determine eligibility.  I have a feeling that UHL is the perfect fit for NAAIP agents. 

Soon enough, NAAIP will have a "Free Will" at the bottom of all sites and be able to be white labeled for recruiters. Patience, my dear. 

Join NAAIP's Facebook Group  - FEX carrier recruited us because they were impressed. Having lots of agents in our Facebook Group helps. I need everyone who reads this email to join NAAIP's group. It is a great resource to interact with our agent services and other NAAIP users. Facebook is Huge!

New Conference Call Times. Monday to Thursday Noon & Weekends 2pm ET - I am dropping Friday and Adding Saturday at 2pm. Bring a friend, even a non-licensed person, to join. The training that will be provided on the conference call will cause any normal person to earn a decent living. 

More news: The Brokerage Company that NAAIP was referring agents is not happy with the type of agent that we have been sending. The brokerage company  is adamant that NAAIP should not refer them new agents that earn less than 100k per year. I have to respect their wishes.

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