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NAAIP Newsletter: Dec 23 2019 - Free Vacations


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Hello Agent,

Subject Line: Free Vacation from NAAIP - Orlando, Las Vegas, Cancun, etc. 49 Cities/Resorts Available

Christmas is Coming Early!

I will incentivize you to do your job. To earn six figures. I will give you a free vacation. You have a choice of 50 cities and resorts worldwide. From 3 nights/4 days in Orlando or Las Vegas to 8 days /7 nights in Bangkok or Bali. Typically, a 4 or 5 star resort/hotel in which you only pay taxes/resort fees that average $25 per night.

I joined MarketingBoost.com right before their price increased to $197/month. I am allowed to send out unlimited vacations, unlimited $100, $200 or $300 hotel/car rental savings cards and unlimited  vouchers that includes 55,000 local and chain restaurants with discounts of up to 50% off from Dining Advantage.

Click on marketingboost above and tell me where you want to go. The location has to be at least 100 miles from your residence and 30 days from the booking. I can only give you one free vacation per year. If you want to have these incentives in your arsenal, please join with the link above which is NAAIP's affiliate link. Please be aware of state regulations as to specific dollar amount of incentives that your state allows. 

I have seen insurance agents use incentives to set appointments and encourage referrals. An insurance agent must be aware of state laws which prohibit incentivizing the actual purchase of a policy. 

Here is what I need you to do. (I can help you with each point)

1. Set up your NAAIP website properly on your domain name.

2. Properly understand "Moving up Google" by watching the 13-minute video on this page https://www.naaip.org/buy-domain 

3. Set up your website in with Google Local and Maps (then Bing Places). 

4. Join my Facebook Group  & Like my Facebook Page - Give 5 stars and make a nice comment.

5. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and make at least one comment - You can access by clicking on any NAAIP video. 

6. Refer at least one agent to sign up to NAAIP website - tell me his/her name. 

7. I need you to register for Dental Plans and link it up properly to your NAAIP website. If you want to delete it afterwards that is fine. You should be aware that NAAIP websites are very good for products that have click to buy. 

8. Be cognizant that offering prospects a Free Will is a "Winner." Consider being a Notary Public and carrying a portable printer in your car.

9. Be cognizant that Facebook Leads are huge. Especially using incentive-based marketing - I can help you set up/run the account if you work with NAAIP. 

10. Be cognizant that postcard marketing is huge. Sometimes it is best to just knock on the door, explaining that you sent the postcard already. 

11. Be cognizant of the tremendous resources at www.naaip.org/lead-services. Tell me how much time you were on this page.

NAAIP is working hot and heavy for  United Home Life and Oxford Life. NAAIP's mission statement is to get agents selling these two carriers. United Home Life has a tremendous product line that includes five different Whole Life/FEX policies (up to 150k), Term till 300k and accident that can get to 200k. 

More Website News: You can now put the FEX Quote form at the top of your site. Check out your back office and the two new buttons Quote Widgets and Quote Engine Positions.

Soon enough NAAIP will have a "Free Will" at the bottom of all sites and be able to be white labeled for recruiters. Patience, my dear. 

NAAIP is aiming to be a dominant player in the insurance. I need your help. Please join our 6-day per week conference call, and we will figure out together how to make this work.

Conference Call:
Monday to Thursday & Weekends 2pm ET
Dial (888)532-9320 - No Pin needed


Regulations regarding incentives as per Florida below. Agents should check the regulations for their state.

Per F.S. 626.9541  Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices defined.
(m) Advertising and promotional gifts and charitable contributions permitted.

1. The provisions of paragraph (f), paragraph (g), or paragraph (h) do not prohibit a licensed insurer or its agent from:
a. Giving to insureds, prospective insureds, or others any article of merchandise, goods, wares, store gift cards, gift certificates, event tickets, anti-fraud or loss mitigation services, or other items having a total value of $100 or less per insured or prospective insured in any calendar year.
b. Making charitable contributions, as defined in s. 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, on behalf of insureds or prospective insureds, of up to $100 per insured or prospective insured in any calendar year.



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