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NAAIP Newsletter 4-17-2018 - Image Fix, To-Do List

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Major Developments at NAAIP. Please review one by one. 

1. Your personal image should be 160*160. Our upload personal image to your site system is now similar to Facebook's. Beforehand the dimensions were 150*160 and now it is 160*160. The system will stretch the existing image. All agents should re-upload their image - click here - Many agents did not insert proper dimensions previously. Re-uploading will fix those issues. See sample site at www.naaip.org/nate to see how much better the bigger image looks. 

2. Similar improvements for those that have uploaded their own header image - click here.

3. Lots of inquiries on NAAIP's Federal Lawsuit victory against Compulife. We encourage agents that were harmed to personally sue. Because of the varying damages of the affected agents, a class-action lawsuit is not likely. Click here to to our Community Forum that has the relevant documents and the Judge's decision. 

Approximately, 2,200 agents were falsely and maliciously named online as software pirates. Join our daily conference and you will be directed to where you can see that information. 

4. An excellent technique to build your business - Getting clients and referrals in the Senior Market (above 55). Get your Clients to Make a Will Online. https://www.doyourownwill.com/ is a great technique. Learn it and use it. You can be the Digital Agent and the client's trusted confidante.

Successful agents have spent the few hours and approximately $100 dollars to "become a notary public." As well as carrying a "portable printer" in the trunk of their car. This is a must-do technique for any agent that sells Medicare or Final Expense. Just do it.

5. Oxford Life (FEX rates much less than Foresters or MOO) was kind enough to give us their best contract. NAAIP is kind enough to get agents contracted for FEX at high levels. Annuities and SPWL at similar high levels. NAAIP needs agents to make Oxford their "Go To" FEX, Annuity and SPWL carrier. We need sales. 

8. Our 11 Medicare Advantage carriers will pay you highest CMS allowed compensation. Talk to us and we can move you to our system.

10. Mr. Gordon has been named as the Digital Marketing Evangelist at NAAIP and will now write monthly newsletters. Previously, our programmer was given this task due to the fact that my company had been targeted with accusations of "software piracy." That issue has passed. 

Mr. Gordon's job is to cause agents to use NAAIP websites which organically generates revenue as agents do business with NAAIP due to our "great deals." This revenue  pays for our programmers. We appreciate those agents that are contracted, making sales and generating revenue. 

Upcoming tasks on our programming "To Do" List

  • Full Life Application (will be done this week - You will see it on term life results page) DONE
  • Medicare supplement quote engine will give option to edit name of carrier on results page (i.e. Major Company #1, etc.) DONE
  • Sign-up and Log-in to NAAIP back office with a Google & Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo & Microsoft account. DONE
  • Update Term Life quote rates (life rates don't change much but it seems good to update once a year).
  • Sms capabilities for lost password, new sign-ups and filled out quote forms. It will cost us 1/2 penny per sms. 
  • Complete widgets to collect visitor information for all forms of P & C insurance such as homeowners, renters, motorcycle, etc. Currently, we only have for auto.
  • A white-label system that will allow recruiters to have a landing page to sign up agents, and a NAAIP admin back office for their business. I have a great Admin back office in which I can see everything and make notes, etc. 
  • Once this is all done, I am sure we will think of more stuff to program. 


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