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NAAIP News Jan 9, 2020 - Final Expense Quoter at top of your site

Aaron Levy

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Hello {agent},

Website News:

I did a switch. If the term life quote engine was sitting at the top of your site and Final Expense quoter was at the bottom, then they are now reversed. The FEX is at the top. You can edit back at Quote Engine Position.

The mission statement of NAAIP has become to provide full-time employment for agents to sell Final Expense and Mortgage Protection insurance.  We have a great system and you might as well join in. 

Incentive-based marketing works. I will give you a free luxury vacation if you set up your NAAIP site well and make one sale for either of our favored carriers. Between these 2 carriers, you have 6 different Final Expense Policies. Recruiter Level Commissions are listed on the linked pages. We offer advanced commissions for those that need up-front cash. We are not playing games. 

Congrats to Emma Pinkston who edited her website with my help to highlight a free vacation to Orlando or Las Vegas for booking an appointment. Emma is a notary public and also helps her neighbors with their "Last Will & Testament." Emma and I are working on her Facebook Advertisements. Filled out forms for 3 and 4 dollars is the way to go. 

Holler If you want to put this video on your website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJI5gnDIQpw   - I am here to help you. You can use my account to offer your clients free luxury vacations. Unbelievable. 

I joined MarketingBoost.com right before their price increased to $197/month. 

These great ideas and discussions occur on my Facebook Group. A few days ago, I had to change the FB group address because of a technical issue. Please join.

The 6 day per week conference call is going on for up to two hours. There is demand for my new-found technique offering a game-changing good deal for agents selling Final Expense.  Next call is in 20 minutes.

Conference Call: Monday to Thursday Noon & Weekdays 2pm Eastern Time
Dial 1(888)532-9320


Regulations regarding incentives as per Florida below. Agents should check the regulations for their state.

Per F.S. 626.9541  Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices defined.
(m) Advertising and promotional gifts and charitable contributions permitted.

1. The provisions of paragraph (f), paragraph (g), or paragraph (h) do not prohibit a licensed insurer or its agent from:
a. Giving to insureds, prospective insureds, or others any article of merchandise, goods, wares, store gift cards, gift certificates, event tickets, anti-fraud or loss mitigation services, or other items having a total value of $100 or less per insured or prospective insured in any calendar year.
b. Making charitable contributions, as defined in s. 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, on behalf of insureds or prospective insureds, of up to $100 per insured or prospective insured in any calendar year.


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