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NAAIP News: Feb 3rd, 2020 - Fighting against the MLM - We Will Win!


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Subject Line: NAAIP is bumping heads with top-level MLMs and we intend to win!

This is serious and I need your help. 

There are about a dozen top-level MLMs/Recruiters that have partnered with a few of the largest insurers in this business to have  a gentleman's agreement to not "rock the boat."

Unfortunately for NAAIP but fortunately for you, NAAIP was not invited to this "party." 

Couple this with the new reality that Facebook has become huge. Certain MLMs/Recruiters have seen rapid rises with the help of Facebook. 

Unfortunately for that MLM/Recruiter, all their agents are on Facebook which allows NAAIP to skyrocket. 

Here is the plan. Offer recruiter-level  commissions to all agents. No questions asked. NAAIP will not be able to offer contracts for those few carriers that are extremely name-brand.  But it is preferable to sell a similar or superior policy to your client and you pocket much, much more commission. 

If you are a recruiter or top-level agent NAAIP can take care of you as well. Talk to me. Show me your production and I will take care of you. 

Regarding advanced commission, I am here for you. The whole MLM system is based on the upline guaranteeing the loans. For a top-level producer there is minimal risk but you have to show me the numbers.

The alternative is for you to make the first sale  "as-earned" and then we can move you to "advanced" at a lower commission level. After 10 sales I will move you up back up halfway and when you have 20 sales it will move you back to the original compensation with the advances. I believe this is the best way to do business. If you have the production that will allow me to assume more risk then send me the proof. 

I want to talk to you about you making this work. Join the discussion at our 6 day per week conference call. Next call is in 10 minutes. 

Monday to Thursday Noon & Weekends 2pm ET
Dial (888)532-9320 - No Pin needed

Advertisements are on  - after 25 hits, to hide the adverts you can sell through NAAIP, or refer others to do so. The alternative is to input your credit card/paypal for 99 cents first month and $9.99 afterwards. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.


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