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Thank you for holding. I can see that you have updated the IP address correctly . I have checked it in nslookup and it shows It’s correctly propagating DNS zone record changes such as A, MX, TXT and CNAME records can typically take 1 to 4 hours to resolve but are known to take as long as 8 hours to fully propagate. 5:25 pmMYou have done it correctly . There is no priority for the A records 5:25 pmRI operate many website  5:26 pmMYes, I will explain Actually the * will count for all the subdomains such as Www.  5:27 pmMSo you can change for domain name and *  pmRdid I need to change the @ to my new ip? 5:28 pmMYes, You have already changed it to pmRok.. so I would need to make those 2 changes.? answer Yes








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