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NAAIP News April 28, 2020: Oxford Life New Contract Rules (booming during pandemic)

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Hello ,

Unexpected good news: Oxford Life is encouraging agents to pre-contract.

For the longest time, I have been telling new agents to Oxford to print the application, sell the product, get the prospect approved via "instawrite" telephonically which takes a few minutes because you have to call in and speak to a representative. Then request the contract from me.

New rules: Get contracted at high first year commission by requesting from david@naaip.org the contracting link. Once approved by Oxford you will be able to get your client approved/rejected in 7 seconds with "instawrite" after filling out the paper or online application with your client. Insert the client's name, phone, dob and social security in your Oxford back office for "instawrite." Seven Seconds - Unbelievable. 

Pandemic News:

Oxford Life Final Expense is selling well during the pandemic. You would think that the Oxford would want to make selling by phone easy yet it is sticking to its requirement that the agent must meet the client face to face.  

The reasoning is simple: Final Expense insurance is traditionally sold to lower income, older and less sophisticated people. Phone sales for this product line would cause a higher cancellation rate, especially during the first year. The carrier would be forced to raise premiums by 20% or lower commissions by 20% which would throw away Oxford's competitive advantage. 

I love Oxford Life. Sales are booming. Smart agents are "selling" the product over the phone and meeting the client for the final step with "eApplication" and "Instawrite." Agents are "making a killing" during the pandemic with this technique. Your sales explanation will include the information that carriers that allow/encourage phone sales are forced to have higher rates. 

Oxford Life has a super-competitive product line for Single Premium Whole Life, Final Expense and Annuities. 

In certain states Christian Fidelity Life is available which pays half the compensation yet has even lower rates. When I send you the contract for Oxford make sure you check off that you want CFL as well. 

In your NAAIP back office, you can see clearly the details of how you can receive advance commissions. 


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.

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