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NAAIP News: May 15th. Introducing our MLM

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Hello , 

I did not realize that multi-level-marketing (MLM) is a huge part of the insurance business. But it is.

Here is the plan.  Allow contracted agents to send out invitations to other agents. It is a simple procedure that does not need my involvement. You earn monetary difference between what your sub-agent sells at and your contract level. NAAIP agents start at **% for these two carriers. Thousands of agents start in this business at 30% while experienced agents usually earn ******%.  Agency building with NAAIP is a way to live the American dream

In the very near future I will announce that our website/quote engine builder will have a white-label version. This means that you will be able to use NAAIP technology to build your agency and your agents won't know that NAAIP exists. 

I am anticipating that NAAIP websites/quoters will become industry standard soon after our white-label technology "takes off." At that point, I will stop recruiting agents at **% and will concentrate on supporting successful agencies in their recruiting and training efforts.

NAAIP is in negotiations with additional insurers to join our MLM. Our MLM puts you at the very top level (btw, we can go higher than **%). This is a do-it yourself MLM. You should be the focus of your marketing efforts, and I am here to support you. 


Starting right now, I would like you to be familiar with and to sell our two primary carriers to start this huge enterprise

Let's discuss the details of NAAIP's MLM at our 6-day per week conference call. At the call, I can give you the $19.95 coupon code for the insurance agent pre-licensing course.


In your NAAIP back office, you can see clearly the details of how you can receive advance commissions.

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