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NAAIP News: June 8th, 2020: Once in a Lifetime Opportunity


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Hello Agent,

It sounds cliche. The subject line of "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity." Almost laughable how NAAIP is using the language of multiple "bad deals" that you have heard during your lifetime. 

On the other hand, NAAIP's deal is true and is truly in your best interest. Let me explain. 

Facebook is the one with social media. YouTube is the one for video sharing. Google is tops at search. And NAAIP is on its way to be dominant with insurance agents. The question is: What will be your position in NAAIP's corporate structure?

NAAIP is seeking leaders to sell insurance, set up their online/offline marketing & lead generation. And to teach others in the local community to do similar. 

It is not possible that I can hold the hands/mentor thousands of agents in these endeavors. I need your help. Right now, I am heavily pushing certain insurers. I can add to this list Dental Plans. I am pushing carriers that:

  • Are top carriers that fulfill a niche.
  • Allow you to send contract invitations to others in your downline. 

NAAIP will be adding insurers to this list. We are currently interviewing insurers to be added to our exclusive list.

NAAIP is willing to use its technological prowess to boost the insurer to our 11,730 agents.

Last Month's Newsletter created lots of excitement with our upcoming white labeling of NAAIP's technology. I am looking forward to bring you on as a top-level partner.

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Guest Rich Kurtz

Interested in opportunity to send contract invites to producers.   Also, couldn't find extensive list of carriers or compensation grid ? 

Can I contract agents for companies other than the few now listed?  How do I find comp for Allianz? 

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