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NAAIP Newsletter 5-15-2018 - New Contracting System - Higher Commissions

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Major Developments at NAAIP. Please review one by one. 

1.  New eContracting system using SuranceBay for Life, Annuity, DI, CI and LTCi. - Ask for Direct Link. Substantially higher compensation  and more carriers being offered. Many of you are familiar with SuranceBay. Our brokerage is called NAAIP/-  After clicking the link above chose New Agent if applicable. 

2. The Club for Final Expense is an example of NAAIP's industry leading compensation model. United of Omaha, TransAmerica, Oxford, United Home Life, Assurity and others will pay real well on FEX first year. Compensation direct from the carrier, smaller residual moneys will follow. 

99% of agents are earning substantially less when selling these carriers.

John Hancock 20 year term at ***% and ANICO 20 year term at ***% are just an example of our very high compensation on Term, UL, IUL, etc. 


3. You can avail our experts to help you place your business. 

  • NAAIP Brokerage Department
  • Case managers, underwriting, sales consultants are prominently listed in your NAAIP back office.
  • David Gordon: Medicare, Final Expense & Websites:
    561-440-9228 - sms:561-440-9245 - david@naaip.org

Register with iPipeline to Submit Most Business Life, Annuity, LTC, CI, DI, Quotes & Submission (drop ticket is easiest) - Basic Forms Search - Product Information - Underwriting Search

The above links and information will always be located in your NAAIP back office.

4. Lots of NAAIP agents contracted with TransAmerica. Submit your next paper application to us with this form to get the more money.

5. Any agent with another brokerage not called NAAIP is most likely earning substantially less money on every sale. Use our tools and resources. Submit your next piece of business through us. Dual-Contracting is prevalent in the industry. Let us make it happen. 

6. Oxford Life went Just-in-Time Contracting for most states. See our FEX quoter in the NAAIP back office and you will see that Oxford has lowest rates and you will get paid well. This contract is via request - email david@naaip.org. Applications and instructions to submit your first app - ask us. 

  • Full Life Application on your life quoter is mostly done - check out this great new feature on your website
  • Hopefully all agents re-uplodaded their personal image on your NAAIP site - the new image upload system is similar to FaceBook and your image will be 160*160.
  • Those agents that have been with us since 2015 are entitled to a cash-settlement from Compulife. Join our daily conference call at Noon ET for details.
  • In celebration of our new Brokerage - Any agent that has had difficulty setting up their website on their own domain name can send david@naaip.org their GoDaddy user name and password. I will set it up - It only takes me 3 minutes. If you don't own a domain name, a coupon code via GoDaddy will get you the domain for 99 cents per year. 
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