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NAAIP Newsletter on July 27th: Our MLM is Starting Now


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Hello ,

This project took NAAIP a quite a few years to implement to be top level professional. Better late than never. 

My company built the ultimate recruiting and selling platform. We need sales and you need a top-level position in this industry. Congratulations on our partnership. 

Here are the steps that have been taken to create our partnership:

1.  The banner advertisements that occur after 50 hits on your site got much bigger. You notice clearly that we are highlighting a Major Insurance Company.

2. Major Insurer is the fastest growing insurance carrier in the industry the last five years. IULs, Pensions, Living Benefits, 3 million of L.I. instantaneously. Major Insurer's agreement to properly appoint any NAAIP agent is HUGE. 

3. All commission levels, grids and reference to specific commissions were hidden on NAAIP website and back office last week

4. Hiding commission levels from our platform is a necessary step to encourage you to recruit for Major Insurer and UHL while offering your agents a NAAIP website. 

5. Our programmer will be making the white-label website builder platform but we are still 3 months away. I want you to use our website builder for recruiting NOW! Not wait 3 months. 

6. In the next two weeks, NAAIP will have five different template options available for agents. I encourage NAAIP agents to use our website builder to build relationships with CPAs, business owners, etc. using websites, SEO, etc.

7. Shortly after the five templates are built then the free "last will and testament" will be live on NAAIP's 11,979 websites. This is good tool for insurance agents who understand the importance of incentive based marketing. 

8. For the longest time, NAAIP charged $9.99/month to hide banner advertisements from your website. It is now $19.99/month for new agents and will be increasing for existing agents in the near future. One alternative is to sell Major Insurer, UHL, or Dental Plans

9. The other alternative is to Purchase on Amazon: Search for: 75% alcohol sanitizer spray honeydew 4oz >  then make the purchase - It is only $8.95. the product is made by Maple Holistics. Currently there are 39 reviews. 

Or purchase on Walmart Online: Search for: Maple Holistics Shampoo > make sure "sold and shipped by Natural USA Products." There are products listed for about $10.

Join our daily conference call and we will explain how this will help you!

10. FYI: PayPal allows me to arbitrarily increase the subscription price which I will do shortly. It is in your best interest to start selling through NAAIP and/or buying via Amazon/Walmart Online. 

11. NAAIP prefers you to sell insurance and build a team/agency with our preferred carriers and technology. Whatever payments you have made to PayPal or for product purchases will be refunded to you if you sell insurance with us in the future. 

12. My six day per week conference call will be drastically changing in tone and content. I am here to support you and your team. I will not be mentioning commission levels and I will be sending new NAAIP sign-ups to various successful recruiter agents throughout the 50 states. Sitting in my office, in front of my computer I am not able to cause new agents to sell to their friends and relatives, etc. Top Level Agency Builders are needed. I am here to support you. 

13. I can give you a coupon/promo code for a $19.95 insurance license appointment course for new agents at the daily conference call. 

14. UHL and Oxford Life are primarily for FEX and you can easily send out invitations to your agents in the carrier back office. Major Insurer, our main carrier, requires me to do that step for you till you get to 20 producing agents. 

I need all agents to request from me an eContract invitation with Major Insurer, learn its product line and SELL. Please request via an email to david@naaip.org.


Last Month's Newsletter went into much detail about Major Insurer. 


Advertisements are on  - after 50 hits, to hide the adverts you can sell through NAAIP, or refer others to do so. The alternative is to make an online purchase (Amazon/Walmart). If you sell through NAAIP in the future, I will refund your payments. 

In your NAAIP back office, you can see clearly the details of how you can receive advance commissions. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.

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