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NAAIP News: Sept. 1, 2020: Building a Team/Agency with NAAIP


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Thank you for being part of my team. 12,287 strong. NAAIP's system recruits new agents more efficiently than others in this industry. By far!

My challenge is to:

  • Keep agents in our system.
  • Have agents sell lots through us (or give us money somehow).
  • Let you take advantage of NAAIP's incredible recruiting capabilities.

As my programmer and I solve these issues, I expect that NAAIP will grow exponentially. 


  • This afternoon NAAIP websites will have 4 template options. It is so important for SEO (search engine optimization) to have original content. 
  • Our programmers next task will be to create the "white label" version of NAAIPThis is great for Team Builders and agents to use "incentive based marketing" to offer websites and SEO expertise to CPAs, business owners, etc. Your people will have no idea that NAAIP exists. Theoretically you can recruit 12,000 agents. Aaron Levy, our programmer, says that he can do "white label" in 15 working days. Stay tuned.
  • There will be a free "last will and testament" at the bottom of all NAAIP websites. We already created the forms and just need to upload "the will" to all sites. Aaron says he can do that in 10 working days. Stay tuned. 
  • We will create a free or minimally priced CRM and Power Dialer on all NAAIP sites. Normally these systems cost between $100 to $150 per month. I have been reasonably successful offering free websites and quote engines.  Imagine, adding a free CRM and dialers to that mix. OMG


It should be known that DentalPlans make it easy for agents to recruit and build a team. 

DentalPlans - Dental Plans and Discount Health Plans


I need all agents to request from me an eContract invitation with United Home Life, Oxford Life or Dental Plans, learn its product line and SELL

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