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NAAIP Newsletter 6-11-2018 - John Hancock Life - Sweetheart Deal

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John Hancock Life - 20 Year Term - Industry Leading Rates - Unbelievable!

This is not a misprint. It is true. 

PDFs, information, videos - www.naaip.org/john-hancock-insurance.

John Hancock with Vitality    $4,645 Rates can be lowered to $4,418 in ten years 
Lincoln                                  $5,085 
Principal                                $5,130
John Hancock no Vitality      $5,140
Banner                                  $5,171
AXA                                       $5,275
Prudential                             $5,335
Brighthouse                          $5,419
Protective                             $5,433
Mutual Omaha                      $5,563
TransAmerica                       $6,830

*John Hancock Term with Vitality is #1 in 80% of cells in our Core Market! Click PDF above to see the details on this statement.

Agents should learn what Vitality is and you will understand that Vitality is the key to beating the competition every time.

  • Special Notes on John Hancock Term.
  • Offered in 50 states, dual contracting allowed.
  • Rates available on iPipeline. But JH eTicket is not linked from iPipeline. Get JH eTicket link from NAAIP back office or NAAIP's JH page.
  • JH eTicket requires active writing number. Contract via our SuranceBay Link.
  • If no writing number, paper application is good.
  • Excellent convertability options. But no 30 year term.
  • NAAIP's Brokerage Specializes in Life Insurance.

More NAAIP News:

  • The 120 FEX Club is making NAAIP a Market Leader in Final Expense.
    Oxford, TransAmerica, Assurity, United Home Life, Americo, Mutual Omaha, Assurity all paying 120%. Oxford Life, in particular, being really low rates, 120% first year and 5% residual is Super. Ask david@naaip.org for contracting. 
  • TransAmerica allows easy dual contracting. Send your next paper application to david@naaip.org. FEX - 120 & 8.5 residual, UL - 110 & 3.5 , Term LB - 105 & 4. This is level 61. See Compensation Grid at the footer for all our carriers. 
  • As NAAIP is a market disrupter due to our Super High Compensation Grid, We need your help. Bear with us in processing contracting, etc. Talk to us if you have business to submit. 

Notes on SuranceBay eContracting.

Many carriers will not give writing numbers unless you have new business. The big exception is American General GIWL - You must have a writing number to submit business. FEX carriers will always be submitted to the carrier when you request but some insurers take their time, if no pending business. If you need an application, brochures, etc, Talk to us. Tell us. 

Many agents will submit contracting in Surancebay missing items, such as void check, etc. Carol or Carol-Ann in our contracting department will look at your Surancebay account initially. The girls will not know if you subsequently uploaded missing items and that they should submit contracting to the carrier. You, the agent, have to tell us.

Look at your SuranceBay account - Existing Requests - At BGA (Broker General Agency) means the contract is sitting at Carol or Carol-Ann's desk.

At Carrier means the contract is at the carrier. This does not mean that the carrier will give you a writing number and appoint with the state. Often times, the carrier will wait for the new business before doing so. The contracting at the carrier will expire after a certain time period if no business is submitted. These specific time frames are in our Contracting Summary Excel Sheet at the footer.

Now you understand why the girls will hold on to the contracting at the BGA . Notice that John Hancock holds the contract for 2 years. 

  • To whitelist NAAIP's email. Add david@naaip.org to your contact list by emailing back. Say "Hello."
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