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NAAIP News: Dec 5, 2020: More Template News, Video Creating Skills & My Favorite FEX Carrier.

Aaron Levy

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Subject Line: More Template News, Video Creating Skills & My Favorite FEX Carrier.

Here are the Bullet Points:

  • The wide templates that we made default on your site look great on a desktop PC. An issue is that the original header image was created for the narrower "classic" website. The header image was stretched on your website. Not all header images look good. You can easily change in "change background/header image." To upload your personal wide header image the dimensions are now 1400*616. As well, you can switch back to the "classic" narrower header images in "Templates." 
  • This new millennium requires marketers/sellers to have video creating skills. Many of you took marketing courses at university and video was never mentioned, ooops. You are welcome to demand a refund. lol.
  • I have three tasks for you.
  1. Create a video telling the world how NAAIP has helped your business. I will be choosing the best ones to be on NAAIP's home page. 
  2. Create a video telling the word how Maple Holistics' Pure Mint Shampoo and Hair Conditioner for Women and Men has helped you to maintain your beauty.
  3. Create a video telling the world how you are a trustworthy and experienced insurance agent. This video should be on your website home page and be at the footer of every email that you send out. 
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