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Website Preview for Naaip not my site

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So everything was working correctly except I could not validate the site on Google. The preview was showing my information. After about a month having the "free" site then the preview is now an advertisement for NAAIP. Ive tried to resolve through the contact with NAAIP but basically was told to come to a daily conference call to get this solved. Anyone have a similar experience or suggestions on how to fix it. I about ready to look for another website provider but hate to start all over after the hours of work I put in. Help?!!?


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As we mention to anyone who calls us. We discuss website various issues on our daily conference call at Noon ET. These calls ussually last over an hour. It is an open forum. It is fast paced at the beginning of the call. Very short questions and short answers. At approximately 30 minutes past the hour we speak for about 8-9 minutes specifically about SEO, search engines optimization. Moving up Google. After that talk about Google, the moderator has plenty of time to go into specific website issues with any individual. 

NAAIP is not charging for its website services at all. If an insurance agent is contracting through us (at very high commissions to you), and has made sales, we can provide individual hand-holding for your website. Otherwise, we are fairly helpful when you sign up and but soon afterwards, we direct discussions of website issues on this daily conference call.

Often times, we will answer a question from an agent. The agent will not understand our instructions so fast. And want us to walk him through as he clicks the various buttons. Great idea if we are getting paid - but .. that is what the daily conference call is for.

Regarding validation of websites with google.

1. "I believe" if you follow the steps of google you can easily validate via your domain registration provider (i.e Godaddy) or via your DNS. 
2. In back office, it there is a button that states Analytics, Chat, etc.  and you will See in big and bold - Add scripts such as Google Analytics, chat software, to your site. Verify your Google Webmaster Tools account via Alternative methods - Domain name provider, via Analytics or if NAAIP hosts your site it is via A Record which leaves you in complete control of your DNS which is a way to verify. 



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I guess thats the problem. I have tried to do this every possible way. My domain name is with 1 and 1. We did have a problem with getting the email set up. I dont need hand holding but when Ive done everything that has been instructed and it continues to not work properly I do need some help. I guess i find it hard to believe that I'm the exception and no one has ever seen this issue.  I will jump on the conference call at 38 minutes past Noon ET to hear your response.

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Website issues get discussed on daily conference call - 6 days per week. All are welcome to join. 

Conference Call:
Weekdays Noon & Sundays 2pm ET
Dial (888)532-9320 - No Pin needed


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