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NAAIP Newsletter 6-25-2018 - Oxford Life is Sweetheart Deal

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Lots of heat in this Industry when you offer stuff that seems "too good to be true" and it actually is true.

First year compensation and generous residuals. 

Our favorite FEX carrier is Oxford Life - www.naaip.org/oxford-life. Oxford has the lowest non-smoker rates for any client from age 50-85 (see our FEX Quoter of 37 insurers at bottom of naaip.org or in NAAIP back office).

Oxford makes it so easy. Simple application with yes or no questions and then a 5 minute health assessment in which the applicant's pharmaceutical MIB is checked. Once you have a writing number the assessment can be done online. Oxford is just-in-time applications in most states. Print out the application and sell the product. 

Oxford is NAAIP's sweetheart deal. Recruiter level compensation. 

Oxford is America's #8 MYGA (multi-year guaranteed annuity). Again, Oxford is NAAIP's sweetheart deal. Sell your next annuity with Oxford. 

  • Annuity Rates 6/1/2018: 3 year-2.7%, 4 year-3.15%, 5 year-3.2%, 6 year-3.65%, 7 year-3.45%, 8 year-3.75%, 9 year-3.6% & 10 year-3.65%.
  • Recruiter level commissions - 3.25% on the 10 year.  See our Oxford Life page for complete compensation, indexed annuities, etc.

Single Premium Whole Life - Oxford cannot be beat in this product line. Recruiter level compensation and the insurer makes it easy!

The 123 Term Life Club that features the carrier that happens to have the lowest rates on term - Pretty darn amazing!

I need every agent reading this email to:

  • Be familiar with Oxford Life product line and send me your next FEX, annuity or SPWL sale. 
  • Be cognizant that NAAIP will most likely get you much higher compensation. 
    Open the compensation grid excel sheet at the footer and smile.
  • Be familiar with iPipeline - for Term & UL online quotes/submission. 
  • iPipeline's forms library/submissions makes life easy. Register for iPipeline and click around. 
  • If a carrier is not on iPipeline forms - ask me - pick up the phone - I will get you what you need. 
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