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Header Image On Your NAAIP Website is Massively Important

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For the longest time I have telling NAAIP members that we will be implementing "white label" and a "free will" on all sites. The reason for the delay is as follows:

I Googled "financial advisor websites" and I have noticed that every website company listed was charging between $100 and $200 per month with a $1,500 or more setup fee. 

I said to myself: Self: Let's incorporate every good idea, every module, that I see from these companies charging $200 per month and when I feel that my programmer and I have succeeded then we make the "white label" live. In addition we will have multiple templates.

Please Note: In a few days you will have a video banner option for the header as well as an option-able slider header for up to 3 images.

Let's talk. I have that 6 day per week conference call in which you can see my face and I share my screen. www.uberconference.com/naaip. Next call is in one hour. 

I am here for you. Let's succeed together. 

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