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NAAIP Newsletter: March 1, 2021 - Video Banners & Slider Headers on your Website


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Hello ,

For the longest time I have been promising our white-label website builder which will be the ultimate team builder agent recruitment tool. The reason for the delay is that I Googled "financial advisor websites" and I am seeing that financial salespeople are paying between $100 and $200 per month for their website

My programmer and I are literally going through every feature of these various web-building companies and implementing the important features.

The header is huge, and a video looks great on a header. 5 of the 6 templates (not the classic narrow) now allow video banners.

If I was an insurance agent, I would definitely change my header image to a video of myself looking all professional, happy and inviting in a 10-second video that will repeat itself at the top of your website. It will be impressive.

The shorter the video, the better since length affects upload speed. Once you see your video one time it will be in your "cache" so you will not realize the effect on upload speed. 

Since the video will be repeating itself at the top of your site, best to have the subject be in one place. You will see how good it looks.

An Image Slideshow with up to 3 header images is live on one template already. It will be live on all templates by tomorrow. The image slideshow is nice, but nothing beats video.

Leads are on every insurance agents mind, and you have to realize that "incentive-based marketing" has been, by far, the best lead generation technique for the last few thousand years. I encourage agents to use NAAIP's website building technology to help local businesses. Plumbers, electricians, CPAs, etc. need websites and help moving up Google. You might as well be their guru.

Let's discuss these items on our next conference call which starts in a minute.

See my face and my computer screen at www.uberconference/naaip, or you can call in at the phone number listed at the footer. The link to our uberconference account is always at the header of NAAIP.org where you see the word "conference call." 

I am here for you. Let's succeed together. 

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